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  1. in clover 3296 and up, rehabman added?"NoEarlyProgress" boolean under Boot section.
  2. need new items: <key>RtVariables</key> <dict> <key>BooterConfig</key> <string>0x28</string> <key>CsrActiveConfig</key> <string>0x67</string> </dict>
  3. Hi Mirone, Which binary patch did you use for this ALC3234 card? I may use it for newer kext. Thanks.
  4. Great tutorial! Thank you! ? ps: any updates with Yosemite would be awesome
  5. lisai9093


    where can i find change log?
  6. i am using latest version 3.18.0. actually this problem is present for long time. your link seems working well. no problem now~ ty~
  7. Sometime, this tool will change timeout to 0, even thought the "-1" is checked. I have to uncheck and check "-1" again every time. Bug probably?
  8. It's under GUI, language, e.g. <key>Language</key><string>en:0</string>
  9. Thx a lot for adding that argument option! Much easier life now. ? Some of my friends request to add Chinese into language list, include?"zh-Hans" and?"zh-Hant", without quote and H should be capitalized. Can you do them a?favour?
  10. Need customized boot argument, not just slide=0 etc. For example, I am using GenericXHCIUSB.kext. And this kext requires argument "-gux_defer_usb2" to resolve sleeping issue. So I have to manually add this argument into config.plist every time. It will make life easier if it is integrated into Clover configurator. Thx~
  11. maybe becuz mine is U410. Not sure. And I use Clover for boot loader instead of Chimera.
  12. tried with no luck. volume icon stays same. Really wired. =S
  13. can u upload ur AppleHDA and DSDT for reference? thx
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