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  1. I'm Lazy, but Guide Soon. Lenovo.zip
  2. I'm Lazy, but Guide Soon. HP.zip
  3. I'm Lazy, but Guide Soon. MSI.zip
  4. I created a USB installer using U{censored} for 10.11 and installed to another pen drive. I completed the install. I then installed Clover Configurator and mounted both EFI partitions. I copied the EFI from the pen drive to the other pen drive. I then installed the lasted version of Clover. I rebooted. Video Works 100%! Keyboard and Mouse Work! USB to Ether Works! USB Audio Works! This works so well I don't think anyone would know the difference. This is a really bad way of doing this and I could use some help.
  5. 4 Main : Issues 1) Intel HD 515 : FrameBuffer 2) Power Management and Thermals 3) Intel HDMI Audio Dump's: DarwinDumper_3.0.3_23.10_20.29.17_iMac14,2_AMI_X64_4259_Sierra_16D32_tmslacker.zip config.plist
  6. I have the PayPal transaction ID from the 15. If there is an issue; Please let me know. I'm happy to donate again.
  7. I was out-of-line. I'm sorry. I donated as a guest; I just wanted to help. I posted the the dump because I was not sure what might be important. I'll look into CPU PM Issue. Power Managment? Low on my list, but I'm sure your right. I'm downloaded 10.10 and 10.11 on my iMac. I wiped everything last night. I have not created the Vanilla installs yet, but I was using Hackintosh Sierra Zone. I booted clover and did a clean install. Hackintosh-Sierra-Zone and Restore Sierra I know where to find config.plist in clover. I'm not sure on were to find the darwin dump. I'm sure I can just google it.
  8. MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016) Intel HD Graphics 515 4.1 1.2
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