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  1. Hi, I have an old HP xw6200 Workstation which is a Dual CPU Xeon system (3.6 Ghz Dual Core Nocona, with an Irwindale chipset) which has 8GB of memory. Now using NawcomCD I could probably get Snow Leopard upon the machine. However the machine also has in it a NVIDIA GT710 which is a Kepler based card. So Snow Leopard does not have any drivers I am aware that could work to enable OpenCL/Metal. Now given the age of the machine it has EMT64 and Hyperthreading but being its an old Xeon from 2005 it does not have VT-x. Is there anyway I could get it to a version higher than Snow Leopard which would have the appropriate Video drivers support. The reason why I am unsure is higher versions need UEFI and NX-bit (?) to run which may be an issue. Obviously a more suitable rig would be the Paxville Xeons (Itanium based) but that is not an option at this time. Ideally Sierra, could you using Clover for example edit in certain files to the EFI to get it to run the higher versions... Any ideas appreciated providing they are not put the machine in the skip
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