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  1. Hi, I need your help, I am new in "hackingtosh" and I just installed it but I can not make my graphic card work decently in it. It's a ATI RADEON 6770 1024MB. I'll post a few print's to help you help me. I injected ATI generic but it just showed my card's name no more than that. I found a few topics that maybe can help me but it did not worked.. Can someone show me what I am doing wrong ? I few topics that I've tryied: In this one, I put the kext in it's folds but I could not figure out where to put: Required settings (Latest chameleon): GraphicsEnabler=Yes ATIConfig=Vervet Should also work on Clover bootloader, haven't tested it yet. Tested on a XFX Radeon HD 677X-ZNLC 850M 1GB GDDR5 though it should work on Gigabyte, MSI and Asus models as well.
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