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  1. wow..... its been a long time since doing some hackintoshing.... its time to upgrade
  2. this is just corei3. we dont need speedstep anyway... we just have 2 scaling cpu freq.
  3. hello can you give me the patch for your gt520m driver please? because with your dsdt and kext my system wont boot.. because i can't install myhack on my laptop i have Asus k53SJ thank you!

  4. NICE! thats a good news .. i havnt got time for playing with powermanagement mysefl.. and yeah now you saved me a lot of time lol... ill try as soon as i can. Thanks.!
  5. DO NOT remove GeForce.kext. read again instruction. you only need to edit NVDAGFhal100.kext
  6. boot with -x and edit NVDAGFhal100.kext ..see above.. and good luck
  7. yeah we need proper power management. .. also if you have trouble with random KP, boot wit UseKernelCache=No.
  8. are you 10.8.2 or 10.8? just curious
  9. by patching AppleHDA + dsdt ,mic works but stop working after wake from sleep. So I stick with VoodooHDA right now. i dont really use mic anyway.
  10. about the cuda driver... its fine with me, im on 10.8.2 now.. no glitching graphic after sleep..
  11. haha lupa lol ! I actually put it in the wrong place. it should be in Device (RP04) but I put in Device (RP01).. thanks for the info!
  12. That link is for GT 520 Desktop GPU.. but this method only work for GT 520M. I dont have problem when installing. but first boot would stuck .it can only boot in safe mode,.. Oh and i finally figured it out the sleep problem... the cause is USB 3.0 driver.
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