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  1. Hi, i need some help with my Sierra Instalation. I have a MOBO Z77M D3H and a Graphic Card Nvidia GT630. I installed it with U{censored} (Clover), but at the beginning i couldn't get to the installation until i unchecked Inject Nvidia. Then, I installed the drivers with MB{censored} except for Inject Nvidia (cause I was afraid it could bring problems again). After restart, the only way to reach to Desktop is if I boot with "Set Nvidia to VESA (Nvidia-disable=1)". So my question is, should I install "Inject Nvidia" from MB{censored}? or i could have the same problem of not booting from the beginning? I've been looking for the Drivers in the web of Nvidia, but can't found it for Sierra. Can you help me?
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