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    Finally got this working on Yosemite here you go. 1. Install >>>>>>>> MT7610U_D5.0.1.22_SDK1.0.2.14_UI5.0.0.21_20141224.dmg After installation do not restart!!!! 2. Install>>>>>>>>> RT2870USBWirelessDriver.kext with kext utility then reboot. 3. Then go to System Preerences> Network. hit the + to add 802.11Wlan >Apply 4. Then restart One more time. Enjoy.
  2. this fix works perfect for fermi nvidia cards . you have no idea what your talking about.
  3. hey . i have proplem with my iatkos l2 .. when i boot it stuck in apple logo .. and when in try "-v" in the end say " still waiting for root device " .. help me

  4. @kaws use camara control app before and get camera working http://www.osx86.net/view/1693-acer_crystaleye_kext_and_application.html then open face time
  5. @kaws try this for facetime in terminal sudo -s chmod 775 /Applications/FaceTime.app/Contents/MacOS/FaceTime
  6. x3100 only every one arch=i386 and all kext provided to sys/lib/extesions full res and qe/ci lion and snow. if you have problems there user issues
  7. @mnfesq you are right, 64bit but without QE/CI, I've played with that already in 10.8 same result in lion. i rather stay on lion in 32bit.
  8. the drivers are written in 32bit, i don't know how to write drivers, especially in 64bit graphic drivers. we need apple or some genius to do it. but i doubt it it will ever be done we have lion fully accelerated, but mountain. were fudged but were still at developers preview. things might change when its released and i can't wait for the challenge.
  9. mountain lion will have no support for this card and apps will only work in 64bit. unless someone creates a 64bit extensions for x3100 lion will b as far as we go. x3100 lion was fixed by me two weeks after release . so to me this is of no use unless its 64bit http://www.osx86.net/view/1673-update_x3100_gma965_lion_10.7.0_-10.7.4__...html here is original fix x3100
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