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    delgadilloalex reacted to HackinDoge in 24bit 96kHz   

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    delgadilloalex reacted to Rene in 24bit 96kHz   
    Thanks noway, sounds good
    BTW Audacity can also play these files and is for free:
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    delgadilloalex reacted to noway in 24bit 96kHz   
    Some here may know another screen name of mine is 24bit - 24bit in this case refers to the MacII´s adress coding which was 24bit, before Apple cleaned up and switched to 32bit on the good old MC680X0.
    Over the last years some thrilling things happened regarding 24bit coding in music!
    You may know that a CD has a 16bit volume range and is sampled at 44.1kHz.
    16bit 44.1kHz was not bad when we got our hands on the first CDs, but it was a compromise in sound quality still.
    MP3 was much worse, as it squeezed down the music clips even more into levels where a skilled listener would only hear some "sound pie" in many cases.
    Good to know the days of mediocre sound files are (almost) over.
    A new Audio Hi-res standard is coming up from beneath the horizon: 24bit_96kHz.
    Thats the good news.
    The bad news is industry will resample everything in their archives and sell it to us again as hi-res.
    If you are interested in some free hi-res music samples see here:
    Best compare Over and Over Take One 16bit_44.1kHz.aiff and Over and Over Take One 24bit_96kHz.aiff from designwsound for a start. Even with a low end Mac and average headphones, you will notice the difference immediately.
    designwsound wants a registration, but you will have an account for such.
    If you are aware of some nice free hi-res audio samples (especially Jazz) please don´t hesitate to post a link here.
    Attachment is a sample from the 2L server above, an organ version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" to give you the idea. The samlpe outputs with almost 3000 kbit/s in the louder parts - bummer, aint it?
    (If you don´t have a FLAC player around, VLC is fine.)
    Bridge Over Troubled Water.flac.zip
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    delgadilloalex reacted to noname in Let's share some music!   
    Who would know! :headbang:? ??


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    delgadilloalex reacted to kyndder in Let's share some music!   
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    delgadilloalex reacted to HackinDoge in System Uptime In Nanoseconds...   
    The kernel the AIO guide links to in post #4 is the Mavericks AMD kernel. ?Make sure you're using a Yosemite kernel.
    Also, the maxmem flag is usually used to limit the RAM to 4GB, which would result in:
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    delgadilloalex got a reaction from HackinDoge in Kernel Panic   
    boot flag
    then type;
    mount -uw / ? ? ?>enter
    rm -R /System/Library/Extensions/AppleTyMCEDriver.kext ? >enter
    exit ? >enter
    ​then repair with kext utility?and reboot
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    delgadilloalex got a reaction from akamaths in Hp 550 Intel x3100 Lion 10.7.5   
    x3100 - YouTube
    i made this for you hope it helps.
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    delgadilloalex got a reaction from fpolak in Help with HD3000 on mountain lion   
    HD3000 full acceleration for 10.8 - Intel - InsanelyMac Forum
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    delgadilloalex got a reaction from dootejun in Mac OS X Mountain Lion Sneak Peek 10.8 release!   
    boot with flag
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    delgadilloalex got a reaction from josephtesta in Installed but won't boot   
    iatkos v2 s3 10.6.3 is fine but retail is always suggested
    amd and lion are in beta mode to many problems for a novice
    if you look aroud you will find 10.6.3 for pc - Google zoeken
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    delgadilloalex reacted to Seventy70 in [CONTEST] Post your workplace   
    Seventy70 workplace:

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