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  1. I quit trying high sierra what vga card would you recommend for that? I have Biostar G41D3+ ver 6.2 775 with core 2 duo E8400 and 4 GB DDR3 1333 RAM.
  2. the thing is that I don't understand these codes DDST and so. I'm using clover configurator and it's doing the job. For sierra it's working just by adding the device ID in devices without injecting cause if I inject the mouse would start to have pauses or slow moves or very tiny stops I don't know how to describe that hh anyway. I quit trying high sierra..the fixdisplay is ticked in clover
  3. I did that but didn't work on High Sierra
  4. The website has disappeared for more than a week! your way didn't work with me the thing that worked was only adding the ID in "Devices" that's all! imagine! but no way worked in high sierra
  5. .........................................
  6. Thanks for your reply but it didn't work! I tried these stuff before and all I got was instead of 1024MB 5MB VGA card!. It seems that the problem is with acceleration the system recognizes the card but it's like inactive. With El Capitan everything is working well I just downloaded the kexts from this site installed them and that was it! the same kexts contain my card's ID so when I tried to edit it as you mentioned I found no need for it..so don't you agree we need a new special kext for Sierra/High Sierra? Or is it just that this card won't work after" the captain" ?
  7. Answers people! Anybody there? is this site left alone?
  8. Hello everyone, Can we make ATI HD 5450/5000 (0x68e1) work on High Sierra? I asked this question one month ago but I got no answer! The system recognizes the card and it says 1024MB but it's like inactive. On El Capitan it worked after downloading the appropriate kext from this site. Can some professional make it work on High Sierra please? Thanks.
  9. Would you please update this same file to work on High Sierra?!!!!
  10. Thanks for that amazing file! But this one supports up to El capitan it doesn't work on Sierra or later. Is it possible to have for example v8 kext for the same video card for Sierra/High Sierra?
  11. Thanks but I'm using El capitan now no problems ..if you have a special kext for that ATI card for Sierra or High Sierra please let's download it! I read on one website that Sierra doesn't support ATI 5000
  12. Hi, I'm looking for the same thing but in vain! It seems it's not supported after El Capitan so maybe we have to change our ATI to Nvidia or something newer
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