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  1. Hello i have the Xiaomi Notebook Pro with dual boot with windows 10 and high Sierra on separate SSD. i would like to know if there any other users use this laptop with high Sierra . i have near perfect working machine that needs little bit of fixing and it will be great to know that I can use their support. my main problems are: 1. Problem updating to 10.13.4 - after I press the update button in the App Store than the restart I see the is installation screen with the Apple logo and that the process stops in the middle and the notebook reset it self and I’m in the clover boot screen with no install option and back to my desktop . 2. I use Anker USB-C Ethernet adapter that works fine but after sleep I need to unplug it and reconnect to get my internet back Aldo I’ve installed the latest driver for it. 3. WiFi and Bluetooth is working with dongles. Can’t be fixed at all.
  2. Macguruil

    Any Xiaomi Notebook Pro users here ?

    Also the trackpad isn’t working after reset and I need to put the notebook to sleep and wake it up to make it work again that’s all