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  1. So I think I have diagnosed the problem down to the graphics card since it was the only hardware change I made and I tested a clean install of MacOs and the problem still occurs. Essentially I can login like nkrmal but when I try and watch YouTube or do anything that really involves graphics my hackintosh freezes up and has to be restarted to be usable. I have tried using WhateverGreen kext, loading VBIOS, spoofing the DeviceID to a same architecture card. I think the problem may be arising since the Sapphire Card does not use the Refrence layout for ports. Does anyone have any advice on how to get this specific card working? All the info I have found is for the X model, which I don’f Have and is based off a different architecture. I would really appreciate my help since I have spent 100+ hrs trying to troubleshoot this over the past month! * I can provide pictures of all my BIOS settings and Clover Plist settings if other people have had zero issues with this card. Specs: -intel i7-3770 -Gigabyte Q77M-D2H -16gb 1600mhz Corsair LP DDR3 ram -Sapphire R9 280. -MacOS High Sierra on AFPS install.
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