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  1. Wastez

    Chameleon RC5 R1213

    If anybody have a problem with it, it would be best to get the source and compile it by himself.
  2. Hi Wastez,

    I have noticed your comment "It´s not a good idea to inject your graphics card with aty_init and the bootloader! "

    I have ATI Radeon HD 5450 Graphic card and I am trying to run it for months.

    Have you any idea or solution on this matter? And pls clarify it why is not it good idea "to inject your graphics card with aty_init and the bootloader" ?

    Thanks in advance for your kind reply.

  3. It?s not a good idea to inject your graphics card with aty_init and the bootloader!!!!!
  4. With this kernel you don?t have to patch libsystemB.dylib because it don?t use the standard dyld without special bootflag. That?s the reason why it is called "with custom dyld".
  5. Version 1.0


    All credits to Anv. I tried this Kernel too and this time the dyld is almost perfect.:cool: Anv?s description: I updated the sources so that dyld builds with Xcode 4. This fixed the issue of Finder / SystemUIServer crashing with the custom dyld. /System/Library/CoreServices/pbs still needs to be packed with upx though. Also some apps that use Auto::zone::zone (for some ObjC apps) still need packing with upx. The dyld became faster and more stable with the latest patches though. On the fly patching works fine (tested it) on any app I've tested it on. I've also added a new patched kernel with cpu model 15 patch (Atom / new Celeron specific, separate kernel).
  6. That?s not possible that everyone think there is a other kernel for lion!!!!! THERE IS NONE UNTIL APPLE RELEASE THE SOURCE!!!!
  7. Hello, Is this the new anv kernel with for use with custom dyld? Greetz
  8. @bmas It make no sense if you use vanilla that you install an other kernel. Of course you can use it and can change it without problems but i would use vanilla.
  9. Version 1.0


    10.6.5 legacy kernel for INTEL/AMD V2 (32+64bit) - Supports everything V1 supports + VMWare fix + mac model override fix (credits go to Nawcom) all credits to andyvand
  10. @ Alex Jsti I had the problem with Quick Time. You have to patch the cpuids but marvin amd utility won?t work since 10.6.5. Try maxxuss cpuid patcher with the cpuid.txt from this link: http://osx86.co/f36/10-6-5-is-avaible-via-softwareupdate-t6711/page2.html Greetz
  11. Hello, "Safari 5.0.3 crashing with this kernel. Any ideas?" Do you?ve patched libsystemB. files? If you?ve them you have to patch your cpuid?s.... Greetz
  12. Hello, What is the difference to the other kernel? Is it the same just in a pkg file? Would be really great to know. Thx & Greetz
  13. Hello, Is it possible to use this kernel with amd cpu?s too? Would be really great if it is.... Greets
  14. Hello, Does anyone which have the SB600 chipset uses the SB600_SATA_ATA kext for Snow Leopard? Would be really interessting because i want to make my system faster and more stable..... Thx for your reply. Greets
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