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Writing code since 1979.  So yes I'm old enough to have watched the information age happen from the start. Used to hang out in BBS's and then USENET, or MUDs. Saw the birth of the world wide web, and helped make it happen. Was Hostmaster for the East Timor TLD (.tp) until 2001. Managed an Internet Service provider in Dublin Ireland in the 1990's when the web really started to take off. If I'm not working I'm probably rock climbing in the Wicklow mountains, or flying a Socatta TB9 out of Weston Airport. Or on rainy days fiddling with SBC's and FPGAs in my home electronics lab. Also trying to add Jazz piano to my list of accomplishments but at the rate I'm progressing I might be dead before I win that battle. My first Apple was the Apple IIe.  with twin 5 1/4" drives. Very posh at the time :).  

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