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    SpecialCircumstances reacted to noname in macOS Mojave 10.14.5 public release now!!   
    All fine on my Thinkpad!
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    SpecialCircumstances reacted to noname in High Sierra USB Installer (the easiest way!)   
    Guide is legit, download link is legit too, I don't see any problem with Mega.nz links.
    If RockinU2 isn't satisfied with free stuff, and free guides, maybe he should buy a real Mac, then go to App Store and download for free High Sierra, or whatever OS he wants and then install that image to his future hackintosh.
    Just my 2 cents.
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    SpecialCircumstances reacted to RockinU2 in High Sierra USB Installer (the easiest way!)   
    This is the first article I clicked on and one of the links to download was mega sync cloud based storage.   The link provided opened up to inform me that Safari couldn't handle a download that large.  They advertised 50gb free cloud storage so I gave my email address and signed up.  The full file for High Sierra is 7+ gb and my download stopped at 5gb and wouldn't continue unless I subscribed to monthly fees.  Placing a graphic on the page to represent the partial file that I needed.
    Not sure about this user and how well he knows what he links to.  Wasted 1hr of my time with BS cloud storage ploy.
    NOT HAPPY seeing as this is the 1st article I read on your site.   
    I am hoping for better experiences in the future.
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