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  1. well if it loads the kext i dont see why it will not work because it's just monitor detection issue at this point. has to be a way around fishing for windows off screen. the fact that it loads the kext successfully makes me think it is capable of working
  2. Hi. I installed IAtkos S3 V2 on a Dell inspiron 537 desktop with G41 chipset, and a Pentium 2.5 ghz dual core processor. I installed kext I edited that should have gotten the integrated graphics working, but when the kext is loaded The screen is overblown, and off center. I'm using a 50" Samsung Element tv as a monitor, through vga... Also this is only half the issue, because I think that my computer thinks it has 2 monitors, because my primary monitor is also the ONLY monitor connected, and it's displaying the extended desktop instead of the primary workspace and I can't access the menu bar or the dock to change anything. Things i've tried to fix it: Placed new folder on desktop, opened it, navigated to utilities to open system preferences, but when it opens it is displaying on the ghost monitor instead and i cant see it... I have tried moving the mouse off screen in an effort to grab the window, but i can't grab the right thing. It's like playing horseshoes blindfolded... Is there a few lines of code i can use to fix this?
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