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  1. silvestr2

    Toshiba R835-P81

    Ok now it works! Anyone know how to fix internal microphone?
  2. silvestr2

    Toshiba R835-P81

    Any luck with SpeedStep ? Can you add SSDT? I tried to do mine but appleintelcpupowermanagement kernel panic ;/
  3. no improvement in boot time, when its booting to the desktop system freezes. Im reversing back to previous one.
  4. no improvement in boot time, when its booting to the desktop system freezes. Im reversing back to previous one.
  5. theres a difference between G 105M and G105M ;p hereford it might not work for u ;p
  6. I can send you give me your mail ;)

    I haven't tried install lion on x4500. I had a massive HDD failure and had to wait one month for the guarantee repair so i decided to buy other one and give that laptop with 4500 to my brother. Now i have samsung q320... the best mackintosh that i ever had!!! i recommend to buy it ;)

  7. hi all i wasnt available cause of the job ;/ it took me whole my time... ive made those drivers and my wish was to do as best drivers as its possible.... yeah some of features doesnt work but there was a dozen users that couldnt even use x4500 due to no backlight ... but yeah.... there ale always some users like 'tehnubbz' that only wait for some new driver... but with no participation in making it... hes just a scrounger... nothing else.... do something by yourself... ;] lol
  8. love you men ! :D

  9. hi, I love your "x4500 with Quartz Extreme/GL backlight fixed" post, but I can't download it from here. Maybe the slow connection. Can you send the kext to me? Thank you so much!

  10. ?????. ??? ? ????? ????, ?? ?????? ??????????? ?????? ????????, ???? ?, ???????, ????? ?? ??, ??????? ????? ??????????? ?? ?????? ???????????? cu
  11. ?????. ???????, ???? ? ??? ???? ?????? ????? ??? ????????, ??? ??? ???????? ?? ????????????? ????? "inverter", ??????? ? ?????? ??????? ???????? ?????????? ???????? ?? ????????? ????? ? ????? ???????. ?? ?????? ?????? ??????) ?????. sorry for my russian besides i hope i have not offended you mate or something see you soon
  12. i've updated my post, now you have to have what you're looking for. Take to the consideration that it can work on one machine, but doesnt in other. And hey VIKU. You should be happy that you have ability to change the resolution, because the point of making this frivers was to enable backlight. But i know that many of you prefer to have qe/qi without backlight than have backlight on with no qe/qi. ;] lol. Now my post is proper and you will have everything enabled. thanks cu
  13. http://www.emiratesmac.com/forums/hints-tips-tricks/656-hint-enable-quartz-2d-extreme-advanced-users.html
  14. sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver QuartzGLEnabled -boolean YES
  15. Hi

    The problem is maybe 10.6.7 lion ? its beta and i think its not really the same as 10.6.6 or lower versions. I have one question, how you managed to install lion ?

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