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  1. Now having a Samsung SSD, it would be awesome having a real state of the art SSD in my Hackintosh. Thanks for giving us this opportunity!
  2. It's a first I hear about this brand and I'm happy to hear about real reliability in drives. I had many normal HDD's die in the course of their life, some way to soon, even drives considered very durable and reliable. Until so far no SSD's but only have 2, have heard from friends about SSD's shutting down too and it's always a terrible thing if that happens, costing you a lot of time and heart ache... Love to have such a nice one in my Hackintosh! Thanks for the opportunity to join in the contest! P.S. I thought I was already joined with my log in James T. Kirk©, but it said it was already taken (yeah, by me!) just as the e-mailaddress, so it looks like I'm newbie, but not really...
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