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  1. @mirone thx 4 your answer. But I still don't get it. I've got 2 files in S/L/E: A. AppleHDA.kext and B.?HDAEnabler1.kext. As I think these two files are responsible for sound, right? ?Do I have to edit within these files? thx, tonne
  2. What does HDEF mean? Where do I have to edit? I don't use DSDT. ?My specs: Gigabyte GA Z77 DS3H with ALC887.
  3. Thanks, but I've no idea how to make the layout editing. I don't use DSDT. Witch file??Where located? Pls provide further installation ?details.
  4. Doesn't work for ML 10.8.5 on an ASUS P5QL Pro. I installed via "Kext Utility" and repaired permissions, still no sound. :-( ?alexkord, any suggestions?
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