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  1. Hi everyone, good to meet everyone in good health (hopefully), given the current pandemic status I and novice in the scenario, and have some doubts. I lost 7-8 days to install hackintosh (the distro, not vanilla) First I tried with a vanilla distro, which I downloaded from Yosemite's official Apple website, but it didn't work, I couldn't solve the various problems and then I went to a distro (her name is not important, given the rules of this place) and then after about 30 alternate hours during my break, I finally managed to install Mavericks first (although the video was unsuccessful, Intel 965) then I tried El Capitan, unsuccessfully (I was unable to run in MBR) and now Yosemite is running, but with the same problem as the Maverick just mentioned. is the only problem with this hackintosh. Does anyone have any tips for solving the video problem, which apparently is the only one? Thank you in advance, for your help!
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