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  1. Hello!

    I have Asus P5Q motherboard to.

    If I install voodooHDA 2.7.3 than I get kernel panic on Lion 10.7.1

    Witch kexts do you use under extra folder?

    Do you use DSDT with HDA codes?


  2. Hello!

    First, thanks for your AL1200 driver.

    Can you tell me, what did you do with the appleHDA?

    It is working for me on Asus P5Q OSX 10.7.1 , but I don't have DTS passtrought.

    I have found the hex values 8808EC10 in appleHDA, but it isn't working.

    I use DSDT too.

    Have you any idea?

  3. P5Q Lion 10.7.1 I used HDEF patch in DSDT.aml, and it is working. I have all output, but I don't have DTS passtrought. I found the hex codes of DTS in appleHDA, but it is not enough!!! Please change something.
  4. I have Asus P5Q motherboard to.

    I can't install Lion, because the installer is freezing.

    Please watch my video, and if you have any idea for me, than write me.

    ?OS X Lion installaton error?? - YouTube


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