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  1. great job! ?i used cloverconfigurator to change the GUI theme and now the recovery partition icon is hidden. ?i can't find in CloverWIki how to unhide it. thanks
  2. i have used several revisions of clover to build USB install sticks, always without problems. today i downloaded the r1654 installer from sourceforge. i erased/formatted an 8 gb usb stick as MBR/FAT for the clover partition. i ran the r1654 installer, pointed it to the usb stick, and chose the UEFI option and the drivers64UEFI selection. the install proceeded but at the end failed. the EFI folder was not written to the usb stick. i repeated the procedure, reformatting the usb and trying the installer again, with the same result. any ideas on what to try? is it just a bad version? the "dueling dev's" are creating so many revisions so quickly i believe quality control is non-existent. thanks ken
  3. what i would do is buy one of these USB 2 0 to 3D 5 1 Audio Sound Card Adapter 3 5 mm Fast SHIP from USA New | eBay they work fine. then you don't need to solve your audio problem for a while so you can focus on getting your clover install cleaned up and working perfectly. then you can do some googling for the audio chip on your motherboard and get some ideas on how to get it working.
  4. let me take a pass at this. am i right that your final goal is to UEFI boot? if so, you must first make sure that you are able to UEFI boot from your USB stick. insert your USB stick, then when you boot get into your bios boot menu (F11 or whatever key works with your bios) and make sure the first priority is UEFI USB. if clover is properly installed on your USB, in the bios boot menu you should see two entries for your USB--one for UEFI and one for normal booting. for example, on one of my hacks, in bios it shows something like UEFI: Kingston USB Kingston USB so, with the right boot choice made, let the machine boot. before you get to the clover GUI, watch the cursor on the screen. if you don't see a "7", but just see a cursor, you are booting the USB in UEFI. if you see a 7, then something is wrong with the UEFI setup on your USB. so, assuming that you didn't see the 7 during boot, when you get to the clover GUI, in the second row of icons (the small ones), one of them should be a small clover icon (same as the apple "command" key icon). use your keyboard arrow key and move to that icon, then hit the space bar. use the arrow key to highlight "add UEFI as boot option" then the enter key. this will set your HD as bootable to UEFI, as far as i understand it. anyway, then navigate back to the main clover screen, use the arrow keys to select your HD install, and hit enter. does it boot properly? if not tell us exactly what happens. if when you booted from the USB stick you saw the "7", then we need to fix your USB stick for UEFI booting. we have to get the booting correct on the USB stick. then we will copy the EFI folder to your HD and work on getting the HD to boot. but first, we need to do all the messing around on the UBS stick.
  5. fau7i-- at what revision of clover do you need to use the Boolean terms rather than yes/no? thanks
  6. this link is bad the only kext i ask clover to load is fakesmc.kext, which i place in the kexts/10.8 folder in the EFI folder. for loading other kexts, i use KextWizard, but i assume any utility designed for properly installing kexts into System/Library/Extensions will work fine. ken
  7. kyndder and fau7i: any progress with working sleep on UEFI booting? i have an Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) with an i3-3217u (Ivy bridge) that sleeps and wakes perfectly with cloverEFI booting, but under UEFI it reboots when try to wake it. the sleep bug thread at projectosx has pretty much gone dormant, with no real fixes having been found. thanks ken
  8. i have a couple of motherboards that REFUSE to boot from a usb stick UNLESS the usb is formatted MBR. now that you are able to boot from your usb and do the install of OS X and clover to your HD, you should be all right.
  9. i had the same problem when i updated to a recent version of clover. go into your appleID account, and change any of your information--phone number, credit card info (actually i think making any edit, even "changing" your credit card number to the same credit card number) and saving your changes will magically enable you to log into imessage. i had seen this advice in several places and thought it was BS, but that fixed my problem a few days ago. ken
  10. Zeitgeist: attached are the NVDANGF100Hal.kext and NVDANGK100Hal.kext with device and vendor ID for your card added. back up your current kexts before installing these, and use a utility like KextUtility so that you rebuild the kernel cache and repair permissions after installing the edited kexts. [ATTACH]4676[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4677[/ATTACH] NVDAGK100Hal.kext.zip NVDAGF100Hal.kext.zip
  11. zeitgeist--if i understand the video correctly, it looks like the first time it rebooted back to the BIOS screen, but looks like the second boot took you to your os x signin screen, where you need to enter your os x password. am i right, and if so, were you able to enter your password and get to the desktop? ken
  12. thanks. i thought i had tried that earlier to no avail, but i did it again as you instructed and all is now well. ken
  13. i have used clovergrower for the first time. i wanted to change the device ID/GPU from 0112=HD2000 to 0112=HD3000. i made the change in gma.c and created a new version of clover, 1268. now i need help with the simple part: how do i update my clover install? i thought the process was to run the new install pkg, selecting UEFI for UEFI motherboards. i did so, but upon reboot, i still show the original install version of clover (1193) on the clover GUI screen. what is the right process for updating? thanks
  14. in terminal: diskutil list this tells you the /dev/disk info you need to identify your efi partition. if you only have one HD and your usb stick, your HD is PROBABLY disk0 so your EFI partition is /dev/disk0s1 then in terminal mkdir /Volumes/EFI sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/EFI then EFI partition will show up in the finder. there may be an Apple folder in there. you can ignore it. it is used on real macs for firmware updates. then as fau7i said, drag and drop the EFI folder from your usb stick into the root of your EFI partition.
  15. sorry for giving you bad info. i haven't used MB{censored} for a while. used to be that the install option for no dsdt did install nullcpupowermanagement but now i see they have retitled that option "easybeast". i won't take sides on the chameleon vs clover debate. others may want to comment.
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