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  1. @avcoura just disable the graphics enabler in your chameleon that it ;D
  2. just accept my friend request macos665.
  3. sorry for wrong comment to boom 1.4, i add you on facebook.
  4. its integrated in my hp notebook, ok i add you tomorrow.
  5. why you not include in your app the boom 1.4 to equalized the sound of voodohda, i used that before it help a lot.
  6. @macos665 can u help me to my webcam and mic to work, my webcam can work in facetime but when used it on skype, skype not detect it?
  7. @freshmint your kext is from manor?
  8. @macos665 i try again with your kext and apps, your are great, thank you very much for doing this ;D
  9. i can help you i have the model hp g60 but its 630us, one thing is not work in hp g60 the mic and webcam.
  10. @macos665 can you change the vram 144mb in 64it to 1gb?
  11. @macos665 when i close the lid of my notebook when i open after 30 mins its hung, can i use sleepenabler for this problem?
  12. my voodoo hda is not working i have no sounds?
  13. there one prob again bro i cannot watch youtube?
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