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  1. Fix all issues after updating to OS X 10.6.8 http://3rr0rists.net/guides/fix-all-issues-after-updating-to-os-x-10-6-8.html
  2. @Djuri: this kexts that you want http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=95755
  3. @Djuri: try to replace IOPCIFamily.kext and IOACPIPlatform.kext 10.6.7 into / Extra / Extensions, don't forget use kext wizard or kext utility to repair permissions/rebuilt kext to fix your problem @Husaber: i have you have notebook try this http://prasys.info/2011/06/howto-macos-x-10-6-8-and-intel-atoms/
  4. use MAC OS Snow Leopard retail is good choices
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