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  1. 3doardo

    Gma 3150

    qe dont work
  2. 3doardo

    Gma 3150

    some news? some kexts? bye bye
  3. 3doardo

    Gma 3150

    hello, QE is working with this kext? best regards 3do
  4. i try to make something of new, but nothing. Only kernel panic... You now,the first place to buy an ipad2 on NYC's apple store was sold at 900$!!! I payed an hp mini at 160$ I'm happy also without display driver :-) 3doardo
  5. con Ideneb NON ho riscontato problemi sulle USB. è una release con tanti kext, ma la versione di macOs è la 10.5.8 3do
  6. hack-it did U find some news? many tnks
  7. good thread! i'm w u... i hope to have a good kext for this gfx card :-) i try to create one but the only result is a lot of K.panic ad maiora 3doardo
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