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  1. @ Crusher, Thanks for the Ozmosis BIO-modded Z-97 Extreme6 with DSDT. This is one easy way to have native OSX install. I was testing modding vanilla Z97 Extreme BIOS, to add Ozmosis and perhaps add kexts like LAN so that app store that links to LAN MAC address be recognized to work OOB. When I try to insert Ozmosis compressed into the bios, there was a strange error message saying the same UUID already exists. Back to your modded BIOS, maybe I want to add Atheros Ethernet kext to it only. Is yours have any Ethernet kext added. Aside from DSDT, may I know what is in yopur attached modded BIOS?
  2. sofatiger51

    Z97 Extreme 6

    @z97sniper, Ozmosis bootloader is for advanced user only. I am still learning what Ozmosis versus Clover bootloader. It is extremely dangerous to flash modded BIOS and you need to have knowledge of what to do if flashing failed and how to recover. Ozmosis is not a no-brainer bootloader. You need to know what you are doing. Having saying all what I need to say, the answer to your question is yes you can install W7 & OS X SN in 2 separate SSD which is a much preferred set-up. @crusher Thank you kindly to give me BIOS set-up for Extreme6 MB. I have one more question to ask you. I read that Asrock BIOS has CAP which means it has source check and may reject modified BIOS flashing. I came across below: http://www.win-raid.com/t455f16-Guide-How-to-flash-a-modded-ASUS-ASRock-Gigabyte-AMI-UEFI-BIOS.html The Ozmosis modded BIOS of Extreme6, is that good for Asrock instant flash BIOS or traditional DOS flashing?
  3. Hi I just put my rig together this is my first attempt for a hackintosh I don't have a mac so I'm a bit lost I done some research so far I know I need a bootloader , software to make a USB bootloader and I do have a osx snow leopard install disc this will be done on a ASrock Z97 extreme 6 mobo Help!!!!:(

  4. sofatiger51

    Z97 Extreme 6

    Thanks for the modded Ozmosis BIOS for Asrock Z97 Extreme6. What's included (CPU microcode update?). I'm getting my new board next week. I am very new to Ozmosis and therefore will not try anything until I fully undersaant Ozmosis boot loader. Can you point me to some websites that I can learn more about Ozmosis before I wet my feet into it? Thanks again.
  5. Thank you very much. i just wanted you to know that it works in my Asus X53E Core i5-2450M laptop.
  6. @cvad, ? Thanks for this wonderful utility/kexts installer tool. I have been using this the last 6 years. Recently, successfully install OS X Mavericks GM and the kext utility appeared to not work with Mavericks. When complete with last line message enjpying the day or night, I have to wait for a few minutes before the quit button shows up. Wll there be an updated one soon to also work in Mavericks.?
  7. Hi Janek, ? Thank you very much. Please ignored my email request. This should work in Mavericks. Cheers!
  8. @k2ute, ? In addition to installing your modified Apple HDA kext, I have to edit DSDT for it work? Kindly confirm.?
  9. @Jiri, Sleep fix can be found in the following URL link. http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=2958&page=4 You need to edit DSDT to fix the sleep.
  10. @myldinesh, Thanks for your USB3.0 Asmedia Caldigit kexts. USB3.0 works after installing. I have Asus X53E which is really the sasme K53E. After installing Caldigit texts, shut down becomes restart. In short it would not shut down and it would not sleep either because I could not fix the DSDT. In K53E, under IOregistryexplore app, the hi-speed USB 3.o is located in PCIo>Rpo4 under XHCI not the same as K53SC. When I extract the DSDT, attempt to compile it there were no errors but 2 warnings. Save it as DSDT.aml in EXtra folder, reboot, I was not able to boot back into ML10.8.2 ever. Luckily, I backed up a copy of the fully working 10.8.2, I just simply re-install working copy of 10.8.2 without Asmedia kexts. This happened to me once before using {censored} USB 3.0 Caldigit kexts. Any suggestion how to fix my problem so that I ca use USB 3.0?
  11. (1) DMOS has arrived stuck issue can be numerous. I assume you are booting verbose. Is there a message referring to graphic verification failed? If it is grpahic, try booting with the following: platform=ACPI -v or ncpi=0x2000 -v. If it does not work, {censored} is very good and follow his site advice. FYI, all my video cards are Nvidia which is supposed to be easier for Mac. It very often showed NVenabler failed!!! (2) I can not advise you regarding restoring back up from time machine because I have no direct first hand knowledge to offer you that may help you. If I were you and to try it, I will use external hard drive.
  12. I researched and found out that to avoid kp, you need to install legacy kernel package before you re-start. If you can boot back into your Mac, find legacy_kernel-10.6.8.pkg in this site and run the package. Restart your Mac and hope you have no kp. Running MB{censored} provides you all the neccessary tools to boot into your Mac but it does not solve your kp or prevent kp from happening. If you use hackintosh long enough, you should know by now Mac could be troublesome when you update the OS. Good luck and let me know your result.
  13. Muchas gracias amigo! Your NV enabler works on Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT 1GB.
  14. Hi Guys, New to forum and new to Mac OSx. I just successfully iPC 10.5.6 Mac OSx 2 days ago. USB wireless LAN is working (Ralink RT2870), wireless printers are working, email is working. But I have no sound. Mac OSx AC97 kexts from iPC 10.5.6 patch package. When checking the sound, device showed AC97. Input showed green but Output showed unsupported. Any one has a suggestion how I can fix my sound problem? I also have another problem. When you click on Apple icon on the top left corner, and click on about this mac, Mac version window shows up with info on processor, memory, start-up disk. when i click on more info, the window briefly opens up and closes in 5 seconds. I cannot read my Mac software info. Any suggestion to fix it would also be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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