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  1. Sapphire HD 6870 4 Port 10.9 (Duckweed)

    Thanks works Great!!!! Mavericks Final
  2. Sapphire HD 6870 4 Port 10.9 (Duckweed)

    Thank very much!!!
  3. For ALC888 - VoodooHDaA2.8.0

    By the way dont understand what the VoodooHdaSettingsLoader.app is for could u explain please?
  4. For ALC888 - VoodooHDaA2.8.0

    OMG It works Maverick DP2 ALC 892 Thankx so much been searching everywhere The ONLY one that worked for me!!!
  5. Download program Kext Utilite. Delete in this kext extension .avi than drag this kext on kext utility icon. And after restart you will have installed kext.

  6. N53SV-SX054V

    what is this
  7. Chameleon 2.0 RC5 r1150 Full Options

    kernel panic lion
  8. x4500 with Quartz Extreme/GL backlight fixed

    what do you mean by type Quartz Debug into finder? nothing comes up for me
  9. Mach Kernel 10.8.0 INTEL

    Yes, have pep!
  10. Conexant Legacy

    how do I use this?
  11. i5 alc272

    What do you mean replace modified kext.. I did this and I got an error explain please how to install exactly thankx