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  1. This would increase my productivity, so sign me up
  2. Sadly this stopped working me again in the latest update, 10.9.4 ? EDIT: My mistake, it works fine in 10.9.4, just forgot to enable the 10.9.X checkbox in the installer. Thanks so much for your awesome work!
  3. Sadly I could also not get it to work Version 1.4 of your pack worked great in 10.9.1, but 1.5 does not work in 10.9.2 (and neither does 1.4). The graphics device is identified as an ATI device, but has only 5MB VRAM. ? I have copied most of the boot log (dmesg) here: http://pastebin.com/VFjYjae3 ? If you need any other info, let me know! Your work is awesome, I hope you're willing to continue to do so.? ? EDIT: I have an ASUS DirectCU II OC R9 270 (2GB)
  4. This driver pack does not work in 10.9.2 anymore I have an ATI 270
  5. Thank you for this. My ASUS R9 270 DirectCU II OC did not work OOTB at all. Tried many things but this is the only thing that got it working properly. Card is now finally recognised as 7xxx and all is well. Thanks again! ? At the moment I can not connect a second monitor or everything freezes (both at boot or after boot). I will see if I can investigate this further.
  6. Premium Support (Kexts.com) Title dual NVIDIA videocard PCI/PCI-E Description There are many posts around for dual videocards, but none seem to handle 2 videocards in different slot types (one pci-e, one regular pci). I've happily been using my hackintosh with a GA-EP45UD3LR, and an EVGA 8800 GT 512mb using Kakewalk to install Snow Leopard 10.6. This machine has been working great across multiple OS updates. My 8800GT worked out of the box with Chameleon graphics enabler, so I never really had to mess around with videocards. Now, I would like to go from dual screens to 4 screens. My motherboard does not have a second PCI-E slot. I do however have an 8400 GS (256mb) via regular PCI. I tried a lot of stuff to make it work, but I'm all out of ideas. I would be forever grateful if someone could walk me through this. This is some stuff I have tried: - the 8400GS in the PCI slot, with no other cards installed, works out of the box in OSX - When both cards are inserted , everything works as expected in WINDOWS7 out of the box (4 monitors, hardware accelerated) - When both cards are inserted in OSX with default BIOS setting I got a black screen after the gray loading screen. This was resolved by setting the default graphics slot to PEG (the pci-e slot) in the BIOS. OSX now boots fine, but only the monitors on the 8800 work. System Profiler detects the 8400 but shows 2 empty "Display Connector" places. - When using the Chameleon graphics enabler, and with an EFI string (see below), all monitors stay black after the grey loading screen, but the OS seems to have booted, just no video on either cards. - When disabling the Chameleon graphics enabler, and using NVEnabler with an EFI string, I am able to inject card info (Profiler shows injected strings and such). This is the string I'm using (afterwards encrypted to hex of course): http://pastebin.com/zjCf18Ne The 8800 works fine, the monitors on the 8400 don't. The 8400 is still detected in Profiler, but shows 0MB VRAM even though I specified 256mb in the string. The device paths were gathered with gfxutil. It also thinks the 8400 is connected via PCI-E instead of PCI. With a modified NVinject and the same EFI string, I am able to make it show 256mb, but still no video. Is there anyone that can help me with this? The fact that it works great in Windows, that that both cards propably use the same driver, and that the 8400 works fine by itself makes me believe that it's possible. Please advise. $50 for the person that can make my EVGA 8800GT PCI-e and CLUB-3D 8400 GS PCI work together. Reinout Mac OS X version 10.6.2 Support via E-Mail or MSN Reward 50 Payment PayPal Bank Transfer
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