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    Hackboot V7

    Use this to boot to retail mac osx dvd. This gets past [pci configuration begin] bug on dvd boot and also for hard drive boot. If you get error about missing kernel, make sure to use this disc properly: 1. Boot to hackboot disc 2. eject disc while at boot menu 3. insert retail lion dvd 4. press f5 5. select lion dvd to begin booting If you do not press f5, you get kernel not found errors and such as it looks for kernel on hackboot or something (my assumption) and cannot find it due to it being swapped out. As of now, this disc is my only wya of booting to mac osx lion, chameleon 2 rc6 make my install reboot, and previous chameleon versions leave me at pci configuration begin.
  2. I am stuck here as well. I get one line past pci configuration begin by using pci=off and it shows "console 1024 x 768@0xe1000000" but hangs there. I wish i could tell the bootloader to tell me everything thats goes on. If i had lion installed i could look at the kernel log that is output, but since its a DVD i cant. Anyway i could get more info to figure out whats going on? PS: I have used "-v -x npci=0x2000 pci=off" to no avail....
  3. ------------------------------ I have made small progress. If i use the boot flag pci=off, then it passes the [PCI configuration begin] section and shows "console 1024 x 768 @ 0xe1000000" then hangs as it did before. I believe the hang has to do with pci stuff as it did previously but i don't know. Anybody have any insight? ive tried lots of boot flags and no result :/
  4. I installed lion using this dvd previously with few issues (but had to use hackboot to boot to disc otherwise it hung at pci configuration begin phase) and my trackpad and keyboard worked fine then. Now when i boot, my trackpad doesn't work and my keyboard still works. When i boot to my lion install it complains about no USB keyboard, luckily i had one but it doesn't recognize trackpad. I tried installing a kext to system/library/extensions for trackpad (ps/2) support and i fixed permissions using disc utility, but to no avail. I used these kexts: updated Trackpad+Keyboard PS2 32/64 - Downloads - OSx86.net How can i get lion to recognize my trackpad in install dvd like it once did (what boot flags could i use) and how can i get trackpad support on the os installed on hdd?
  5. This kext makes the baseline for the audio too high. No sound is being played, but it has a faint hissing noise. How would i change this? Could you update this/ tell how others would update this? I am curious how to modify kexts for custom devices. Is this patched with just the device id and names?
  6. I also am getting fan overuse issues aswell. What kext can i disbale, i remember redaing somehwere, that you can disable if you have this issue. I think it is like CPUPowerManagement or somehting similar.
  7. Why wont the yukon 2 work? it recognizes it but just wont load or send data with it. and its a lptop so i cnat really get a new wifi card unless its an express card. I have tried graphics enabler but i dont have the "kexts" or support to use the card so it just detects it as a "gpu and 32 mb vram" in system profiler. And what do you mean a "usb adapter" form apple? they make usb network cards (well does apple)? What kinds are garaunteed to work if i choose to get one. And what express cards work (wifi) that would work with mac osx sl? And why wont these cards work? Can't somebody port a driver for them from linux? Mac is based off of unix and should use similar procedure calls but just a different kernel. Is there ay way to "trick" mac into treating this card like the old yukons? Or a emulator or something from chamelion (dsdt or otherwise)?
  8. I have the hazard distro of Snow leop[ard 10.6.6i installed. I got it to boot, and got my ALC275 audio working, but it doesnt recognize my ethernet network card. i used a modified kext i found online to make it see a ethernet card, but it says cable is unplugged. I have a Sony Vaio VPCF13YFX with an intel i7 740QM and an nvidia geforce 425 m graphics card. The board seems to be custom as it has intel high def audio and realtek hi def audio, but people have said it is just ALC275 audio and not very custom. I have mac osx booting froma 40 GB partiton using chamelion rc5 and win7. Is there any way i can make thse devices work: ----------------------------------------- Network Adapter Intel? Centrino? Advanced-N 6250 AGN Hardware ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0087&SUBSYS_13018086&REV_5E Network Adapter Marvell Yukon 88E8057 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Hardware ID PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_4380&SUBSYS_907A104D&REV_10 Video: Driver Description NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M Hardware ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0DF0&SUBSYS_907A104D&REV_A1 --------------------------------------------------------------- I have installed mac osx cuda drivers but i am not sure how i know it recognizes my card, it doesnt really show in system profiler. I have also tried to change vender and model id's in the yukon2 kext (hope ity would use a similar architecture for networking) but to no avail. I had to use a kext somebody suggested online and am still unsure what they did to get it to "see" me having an ethernet card. I cannot get it to recognize that it has a cable plugged into it. Do you think a DSDT patch would help? And how would i go about doing that without flashing my bios?
  9. I am looking for the kext for Marvell Yukon 2 88E8057 that you said you had in an old forum thread. Do you have any information about this particular card?

  10. Can you explain what your solution to the Marvell Yukon 2 88E8057 ethernet adapter? I also have this card and would like to know....
  11. Well the best option is to try and install mac and see what it DOESNT recognize. Use a dual boot with Easy BCD (a free program for windows) to set up the right boot entry. Then i would suggest hazard's build 10.6.6 (im assuming you want snow leopard). When you install mac make sure you have a copy of a windows vista/win7 disc to perform a startup recovery to restore the original windows partition as active. I can almost guarantee these hardwares will work 100%: Intel® Core™2 Duo T9400 DVD Super Multi drive NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT(512 mb dedicated) basic audio I cannot guarantee these will work: HDMI out Audio out Keyboard controls webcam modem tv antenna (tuner?) bluetooth Wireless LAN (802.11a/g/Draft-N) These devices probably will NEVER work: HDMI out webcam modem tv antenna I do not know of the EXACT product vender and model ID's of your hardware so i cannot tell for certain. These cannot/will work lists are not for certain because i cannot know for sure if they will/will not work, but to my best guess this is what i group them as. The wifi might work if i new model and maker of it, and also for the audio. Not going to lie, but you might have to edit a few system files to get devices to work if a "driver" (kext) is not made for your devices. You will have to add your model and vender ID's into those files. For the graphics card you could try NVEnabler or other graphics card injectors to try and get mac to recognize it. Another option is to apli a EFI string, or a DSDT patch to make your computer give mac the right information about your hardware so it can load the right drivers for them. I am unsure if a DSDT patch is made for your motherboard and model, so you might have to make the dsdt.aml file yourself. If you have questions just ask and i cna provide URL links to tutuorials or information that could help explain these better.
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