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  1. Found my error! Needed to rebuild kernel extension caches or use -f flag. Works great. Cinebench now 2.81 pts about the same as with Windows 7. HP dv7 4191nr core i7 720QM. Now I just need to get QE/CI graphics. Thank You great software.
  2. No different than vanilla kernel for HP dv7 4191nr. Still only one core and have to use busratio=12 and cpus=1 to boot. With vanilla kernel cinebench .52, with lapic_fix kernel cinebench .53, and with Windows 7 cinebench 2.84. Has core i7 720QM. Using Mountain Lion 10.8 version. Does the Mountain Lion version not work with 1st gen core i7 cpu?
  3. removed voodoo PS/2, and Voodoo trackpad perf, installed with kext installer, installed trackpad perf to proper location and repaired permissions. Still get only the Apple trackpad perf with errors (no trackpad). Had to go back to Voodoo PS/2. I would like to get this working 64-bit.
  4. Did not work for HP dv7 4191nr either
  5. Works great with HP dv7 4191nr notebook!!
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