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  1. Here To Help, Sorry for being late in my reply, was away for a bit. Thank You again, for the latest update, making the edits in the AGPM kext has definetely made a difference, it has not out right solved the issue, but at the very least the frquency of me landing in the GUI has gone up a few folds. If you can think of something else I may try, do let know. Hamood
  2. Here To Help, I just for the very first time looked in to system logs and it seems the last line before the ML crashes reads - apsd[77]: CGSLookupServerRootPort: Failed to look up the port for "com.apple.windowserver.active" (1102) - I cannot make much sense out of it perhaps you would be able to, googling for it brings up chrome related topics. I am attaching the log file in its entirety incase it gives a better picture. Thank You system.log.zip
  3. Here to Help, Tried the 8,1 SMbios, tried making changes as in your guide, but the section under 8,1 does not look anything like in your guide, could you possibly make the changes for me to try, please. Thank You Here to Help, Tried the 8,1 SMbios, tried making changes as in your guide, but the section under 8,1 does not look anything like in your guide, could you possibly make the changes for me to try, please. Thank You
  4. Here to Help, Tried following your guide, easier said then done for a noob. Used SmBios 6,1 ( instead of 8,1) description matches my laptop better, but I don't think I did it right, now its extremely embarrassing to ask you for another favor, yet again if you would be kind enough to change the settings so that the card is always in the highest power state no matter how much the load, I just want conclude that the GPU power state is the issue here and once establish will tinker with the values later. Is there anyway possible to know exactly what is going on in the background when the system crashes/hangsup verbose mode doesn't tell much as in the picture, booting without the verbose mode ends with a grey screen with a black box stating to press the power down button in a few different languages. Sorry to be fragmented here but I have tried using legacyagpm aswell with my dev id (0cb0) should I be using that, using it takes care of the Unknown AGPM platform line at boot . Anyways as always I can only Thank You for all the tremendous support and help you have provided !!!
  5. Here To Help, So should I just use the values in your guide and make the edits in the 8,1 section of agpm kext?
  6. Here To Help, I don't want to sound like I know what I am talking about, but its like the GPU is not in the right power state (if thats even possible). Do GPU's have different power states, if so how would I set it to be at max at boot time ?
  7. Rene, I got the following line from console - 8/5/12 11:16:25.000 PM kernel: NVClockX: Card: 0, Device ID: cb0, Architecture: 800000, GT215 [GeForce GTS 350M] So I think NVDANV50HAL is the right one. Alas nothing so far seems to be working for me, it almost seems like the Graphics want to kick in but just don't get the push, I am not technically inclined but perhaps some power state issue -AGPM related perhaps, although I am using LegacyAGPM with proper edits. Anyways will keep trying, may need to bug you some more. I have tried 6,1 for smbios did not make a difference.
  8. Rene, Thanks yet again. Actually I am not sure at all, I was working under the assumption that in my 10.7.4 (Lion) install which works flawless, I have seen it load the NVDANV50HAL.kext, even in ML thats what gets loaded by default.
  9. Rene, If you would be so kind, you had already sent me the kext from DP1, so if you can do the same for DP2,3,4 I would definitely want to give them a shot. Thank You Again.
  10. Imtiaz Ali Rao, I have used Multi Beast 4.6.1 for a number of things, how would you suggest I use it in this case ? Thank You Rene, Cassio was very kind to help as have you been, unfortunately it did not quite work for me, as far as boot loaders are concerned I have tried a ton ! will keep trying tough. Thanks
  11. Here To Help, First of thank you for all your help and effort. Sadly the behavior is still the same, keep rebooting and eventually it boots in with proper graphics resolution and acceleration. I am attaching ioReg from the time it actually did boot in with proper Graphics. Attached is also a pic from the verbose of the times when it gets stuck (where it gets stuck) Thank You ioregML.zip
  12. Here To Help, Thank you for your quick reply. I am fairly new to hackintosh and so failed miserably trying DSDT edits, I attaching my IOReg + Raw DSDT file, would you be kind enough to do the insert for me. I tried copy pasting the code but could not figure out where to do the insert, also there was mention on some forums that in order to do video edits in DSDT one has to insert the "DTGP" code aswell, tried both with/without but could not compile my DSDT over 201 errors. I generally dont ask for hand outs and try to figure things out my self but this is beyond my limited understanding, so if you would be kind enough, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank YouRawDSDT-IOReg.zip
  13. Rene, Thank you so very much. Did not quite work the way I had hoped, but still thank you for your help
  14. Hello Every One, I would like to request a hand out for the NVDAResman & NVDAN50HAL kexts from Mountain Lion DP 1. I currently have Mountain Lion official release installed but having a ton of issues with my GTS 350M Graphics Card, A possible solution pointed to replacing these two kexts from DP1. I am downloading DP1, but its way too slow, not many seeders. So be kind and if you still have DP1 stored away somewhere on hard drive please let me have these kexts. Thank You in Advance.
  15. Hello JanJouf, would this work for nVidia GTS 350M in Mountain Lion ?
  16. Hello Everyone, I am currently trying to get the nVidia GTS 350M video card going in my ML installation. Even as I was starting with the installation the card was a hit or miss, but if I rebooted enough times it would boot into the graphics screen (Installer/Login). My current setup is ML on a Toshiba A665 laptop with a nvidia Geforce 350M card. So far I have tried and failed with GraphicsEnabler=Y, NVEnabler64, and a rather poor attempt at working out a EFI string (did not even get close to DSDT solution, way to many errors). Your help, anyones help in the matter would be greatly appreciated. Pleeeeaaassseee I am really way over my league with this one, so help a brother out. I was not sure as to what additional information you may require so please ask and I will have it posted, I would welcome if some one wants to remote on to my computer if that helps. My DEV ID for the card 0x0cb0 Vendor ID 0x10de Also while booting I do see a line that reads - AGPM Controller Unknown I currently have a fairly stable Lion 10.7.4 install running. Also if I delete the NVdan50HAL & NVDResman Kext, I am able to boot into ML but with low resolution - 1024x 768. Thank You PS -Hello again - I am attaching my ioreg output from a running Lion install if it helps. I am running chameleon for my boot loader. Thank You again GPU-ioreg.txt
  17. @cj73 - I have a GTS 350m in my laptop, and I just cannot get it to work in ML, I have only gotten as far as having it run in low res (1024x768) using efi string. If you could kindly share how you got it working in ML Please ?
  18. Dolence, Any chance of you being able to help with getting the BCM4313 wifi running under Lion ?
  19. Dolence, Thaaaaank You So Very Much. I was trying to get all the cores firing with no success for almost a year, until I ran into your solution and it worked like a charm. I am now running all cores in Lion 10.7.4. The last thing remaining is the BCM4313 Wifi Card. Thank you once again.
  20. For all those who cannot get the Trackpad Preference to load (Track Pad not found), I had the same scenario, to fix I deleted the ApplePs2Mouse.kext from within the included (in the package) ApplePS2Controller.kext. Right click on the ApplePS2Controller.kext -> Show Package Contents -> go into Contents -> then into the Plugin directory -> delete ApplePS2Mouse.kext (do all this while the ApplePS2Controller.kext is still on the desktop, install using Kext Wizard in S/L/E, repair permissions and update cache using Kext Wizard. Reboot, that should do it.
  21. hey Kynnder, Thank you for your response, I have looked in the activity monitor utility and it does show the 8 CPU's (Threads), but only one of them (The top one) shows any activity. I have tried some very CPU intensive appliations simultaneously to see if the other cores would kick in, but still only the one shows any activity. Surprisinglt if I look in the System information utility, it correctly identifies my CPU as i7 740qm and even shows the number of cores to be 4. Thanks
  22. Hello every one, I need your help in getting all cores on my i7 740 qm going. I have a Toshiba laptop with, well you guessed it, an i7 740 QM processor, am running OSX (retail) Lion, kernel 10.7.0. when I start up using cpus=4, or 8 I do see message say something about UNSynchronized TSC on CPU1,3,5 (it changes depending on how many cpus I specify in the boot argument), to find a fix I have tried VoodooTscSync - including the changes they recommended, did not do anything for me. Please if anyone can help me figure out this one, I just was not sure which all information may help you guys fix my problem, just ask and I will post it. Thanks
  23. "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" as a boot argument (minus the ""). Hope this helps. BTW do you have all cores working?
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