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  1. NOT booting missing mach_kernel this is a very old Version based on Chameleon.? Actuel booting is with Clover 3252 for El Capitan and backward compatible with Yosemite.
  2. Thank you John and all another Admins und Mods here. I think this is good Place for us Hackintoshler.
  3. on DP3 ,i use GraphicsEnabler=Yes ,and it does work BUT not perfect

  4. Hello Friend

    I have the same Graficcard GT9500 (1GB Ram) PCI-Express.

    I have a problem with Mountain lion DP3 (19.4.2012 is out).

    not work QE/Ci and Resolution only 1280x1024 more not.

    In DP2 work all fine. I think Apple have changes many NVidia-ketxs ?

    Hav you a Idea for work QE/Ci and Resolution 1920x1080 this work

    in DP2 without Error.

    Thank you Friend Greetings from germany.

  5. Hello can you config a Pin for 5.1 with Green is front left and right and

    Black is Rear left and right and Gray is for Middle and Subwoofer for ALC 889

    is a MSI-7583 Motherboard.

    I will not Orange Side-Speaker use. Orange is not connectet.

    The Microfon with Pink not work, maby Blue for Audio In work (not testet is not importet).

    With Your AppleHDA.kext here works 4 Speakers by me.

    Front Left and Right and Rear Left and Right. NOT Middle and Subwoofer.

    I dont no, we patch for my MSI-7583 Motherboard. Can you help me please for a full

    5.1 Sound ?

    Thank You.

  6. Thank you, woks again with my special Themes !!!!
  7. mistudio... i not ungratefull, the fact is, this version is longer as a half year overall in many Boards to find !!! All interesst Hackintosh-User hav this !!
  8. is it only kosmetik for System Profiler. see you this 2 Lines in your Hack-Mac's ? ** Trimming unused blocks. ** The volume SSD appears to be OK. Not.. is only from a Original Mac (MPB 2010 late) or another. Here is the Command: fsck_hfs-fy /dev/rdisk0s1 and by a orig. Mac see this: fsck hfs -fy /dev//rdisk0s2 Executing fsck_hfs (version diskdev_cmds-491.6~1). ** Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume. ** Checking extents overflow file. ** Checking catalog file. ** Checking multi-linked files. ** Checking catalog hierarchy. ** Checking extended attributes file. ** Checking volume bitmap. ** Checking volume information. ** Trimming unused blocks. ** The volume SSD appears to be OK. I hav test in MacOSX 10.6.7 and Lion DP1 and DP2 on my Hackintosh, NOT see this 2 importend Lines !! All what think TRIMM works is all Fake.
  9. Hav anyone a Idea we can insert the "smbios.plist" in iB{censored}1.2 ? is a importend File this smbios.plist. Thanks for answer.
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