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Found 62 results

  1. Preparazione USB bootable per installare Maverick? ? Materiale occorrente : ? OS X Maverick 10.9 USB 8GB ShowAllfiles? Kext Wizard? Chameleon Wizard Pacifist ? Preparazione USB: Utility Disco selezionare la pendrive Tabelle (GUID) formato Mac OS esteso (journaled) nome Kingston (nel mio caso) "applica" Copiate OS X Maverick sulla scrivania Aprite?ShowAllfiles per visualizzare i file nascosti. Dall'immagine di Maverick? ? ? tasto destro - Mostra contenuto pacchetto - Contenuti - Shared Support -?InstallESD.dmg Doppio click su?InstallESD.dmg? ? ? Doppio click su BaseSystem.dmg ? ? ? Aprite Utily Disco, OS X Base System?su Sorgente su Destinazione la penna USB : Ripristina ? ? terminato la procedura di ripristino andate nella USB (si chiamerà OS X BaseSystem) andate in?System-Installation e cancellate il collegamento alla cartella Packages e?copiate la cartella "Packages" che si trova nella root di?InstallESD.dmg. ? Aprire?OSinstall.mpkg?con Pacifist?estrarre il file mach_kernel e copiarlo nella root della USB ? ? ? Installate i kext?FakeSMC.kext?e il?NullCpuPowerManagement.kext?nella cartella System/Library/Extensions della vostra USB Aprite l'installer del bootloader di Chameleon ? ? ed installatelo nella vostra USB, al termine dell'installazione copiate in Extra della USB i files?org.chameleon.boot.plist?e?SMBIOS.plist che vi dovete creare con ChameleonWizard Create una cartella rinominatela "Extensions" e copiatela nella cartella Extra della USB e copiate al suo interno?FakeSMC.kext?e il?NullCpuPowerManagement.kext Kext wizard riparate permessi e cache della usb. ? Bootloader Chameleon ? Kext Wizard ? Chameleon wizard ? Pacifist ? Fabio kext x installazione.zip ShowAllFiles.zip
  2. Hi, I have Maverick and Yosemite Public BETA 4 but my sound is slow. I have over tested boom but the song is shift, I have over tested equalizer (Sound Flowers+AU Lab). ? I want to know if there is a easy way like DSDT edit to increase volume ? Thank you. Sans titre.tiff
  3. Version 10_9_0


    Version 10.9.0 Ladies and Gentlemen ... Finally the ati 5550 works on hackintosh! :cool: ASUS radeon 5550 chipset .. Tested on ASUS EAH 5550 Silent Full acceleration and resolution .. (on my system: double monitor desktop!) DVI : WORKING HDMI :WORKING AUDIO ON HDMI : NOT TESTED 2 files: AMD5000Controller.kext & AMDRadeonX3000.kext to install via kext utilities (/System/Library/Extensions). GraphicsEnabler=NO Ati config =NO ( but... try yourself)
  4. Hello All. ? As what i said in the title, i was installed Mavericks 10.9 on my lenovo z560 core i5, ram 4gb, HDD 500, nVidia gf 310m with windows 7,everything was SO Great !, after some months when i wanna open Mavericks, cant do it! appear loading bar under apple's logo and nothing! i deleted Mavericks and win7, and install win8.1 and try to install Mavericks again but cant! it's say FAILED INSTALL? ? any help pls! sorry for my bad english
  5. Hi experts, ? I have tried to install Mavericks (version downloaded on June 28th from App Store) on my XPS M1530 but no success. Mountain Lion was working perfect. ? XPS M1530 CORE 2 DUO T9300 2.50GHZ, 800, 6 Nvidia Geforce? Sigmatel 9205 soundcard Intel wireless ? I have created the USB disk but installer is not starting. During the first boot I am getting the famous "system uptime nanoseconds" error.?Do I have to renew the kext in Extra? Please advice. ? Thanks. Kenan ?
  6. Bom dia pessoal. ? Passando para deixar um guia rápido sobre como habilitar a aceleração 3D pra quem usa a placa de vídeo AMD Radeon R9 270 como eu, sem mais delongas sigamos: ? 1º - Baixe o pacote deste parceiro do fórum: http://www.hackintoshosx.com/files/file/3711-amd-radeon-r9-270-series/ 2º - Faça uma instalação limpa do OS X10.8/10.9 (se for 10.8 tive problemas com a maldita tela branca, 10.9 é perfeito). 3º - Faça update (combo) do 10.9.0 >> 10.9.4 (last version). 4º - Patcheie sua DSDT como está descrito no download dos arquivos. 5º - Instale o .pkg que acompanha o download e selecione 10.9.x >> Mac Pro 6,1 (opcional), Repair Permissions. 6º - Reinicie seu hack e, vua la, aceleração perfeitamente funcional. ? Obs: Obeserva-se que o OS X10.9 reconhece sua R9 270 como da serie 7000 (7xxx), detalhe somente, isso é solucionado no Yosemite, pois ele já tem suporte as novas placas da AMD R9 (algumas, 270 acima pelo que sei). ? Abraços. ? Edit-1: Não me esqueçam do bendito rollback quando fizerem tanto a instalação limpa quanto o update, façam isso quando reiniciarem e reiniciem e "-x" pra não pensarem que perderam a instalação pq não subiu. ? Edit-2: Uma maneira mais fácil, porém não sendo tão garantida, seria você editar as kexts AMD7000Controller e AMD4000XController (não me lembro se é 4000X mesmo, depois confirmo) colocando então sua ID que se for a mesma que tenho seria 0x68111002 alocando então a ID no IOPCIMatch localizado na Info.plist das duas kexts em questão. Fiz uma tentativa com o Mavericks 10.9.4 e correu tudo bem, mas no 10.9.5 não consegui de jeito nenhum ativar o QE/CI, e nem mesmo no 10.10.5, no mais fiz o sistema apenas reconhecer o nome da Placa de Vídeo, mas nada de QE/CI.
  7. 1,868 downloads

    This is myhack Tools usb installer maker for osx with chameleon boot loader. Make usb installer with this tool and enjoy.. osx.. Credits to : http://myhack.sojugarden.com http://www.osxlatitude.com and to Chameleon team,Developer`s and tester who make this happened.
  8. Hi! I Install Mavericks 10.9 on Asus Z54C and I have problems with graphics card... The graphics are: Intel HD Graphics of 2011 and CPU is Intel Pentium B960... How find the kext of that graphics or what? Please help me.. The graphics now is ugly and mavericks run good... Remember my card graphics is "INTEL HD GRAPHICS" NOT i3, i5 or i7 is only intel hd graphics... Thanks for attentions and Help Me Please... **sorry for my English, I speak Spanish but I can't understand the English... Thanks**
  9. janyo

    Asus Z54C

    Hi! I Install Mavericks 10.9 on Asus Z54C and I have problems with graphics card... The graphics are: Intel HD Graphics of 2011 and CPU is Intel Pentium B960... How find the kext of that graphics or what? Please help me.. The graphics now is ugly and mavericks run good... Remember my card graphics is "INTEL HD GRAPHICS" NOT i3, i5 or i7 is only intel hd graphics... Thanks for attentions and Help Me Please... **sorry for my English, I speak Spanish but I can't understand the English... Thanks**
  10. 10.9.3 is out. ?Anyone update a N{censored} or other build with it yet?
  11. Version 8.24.11


    Use Kext Utility to install the kext files to extension folder then reboot system. (Working with OSX Mavericks 10.9.2 GeForce GT 610 GPU.)
  12. Hi, I have full P-State and C-State in my cpu i5-3230m with ssdtPRGen 13.2. But I feel my laptop hot (40-50 °C) when I use it ( browser, read & edit pdf, play movie ) There is a way or trick to get better colling temp, please? ? PS: I get temp with the last HWMonitor.
  13. Hi, I installed Mavericks (10.9) with Windows 8.1 Update1. I followed N{censored}12495?tuto for installation: After successful installation, the Mavericks still frozen in the grey boot screen. I tried all boot flags from here:?http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/01/list-of-common-hackintosh-boot-flags_29.html but always not working, these are some pictures that I took when using the verbose mode (-v). Screen using boot flag: -v -x Screen after using boot flag: -v -f Please help me to resolve this issue, I spent 4 hours debugging without any solution
  14. Hi, I remarked a process "ocspd" overload my cpu and cause high frequency and temp. I have over search on internet and I didn't find how to fix it. How can I stop it, please ?
  15. Hi, ? I'm kinda new in all this, but I've been trying to hackitosh (dualboot) my laptop for a the past week (10.9 Mavericks), but havent been successfull. ? I was able to install it, made the Ethernet work, Wifi also, but I couldn't boot it up without the USB. I reinstalled it, and after I managed to boot it up without USB (from HDD), my laptop froze at the Apple logo, but it booted normaly with GraphicsEnable = No. The only problem was that it had only 64MB of graphics card memory and a very poor resolution. ? Eventually I have messed that up too, so I need again a reinstall it again. ? Now I want to know, what is the best and esiest way to hackitosh my laptop with 10.9 Mavericks. ? My specs: Asus N75SF Intel® Core™ i7 2670QM 8GB?DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM 17.3" 16:9 HD+ Full HD (1920x1080) LED Backlight NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 555M 2GB DDR3 VRAM (integrated Intel HD3000) 2x 500GB?2.5" SATA Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Qualcomm Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter ? ? Thanks for your help.
  16. Dear, ? I have installed Mac OS X Mavericks on my hackintosh laptop (BTO S97V). My screen worked very good in Snow leopard (10.6.8), but in Mavericks, my PC crashes all the time. ? The specifications (are not quite right at the processor speed etc.): MacBook Pro (4,1) ? These are a couple of things the screen is showing, when it is going crazy: ? When I start my PC, and login to Mavericks, the screen right away is doing and showing strange things. First of all I can work on the PC, but I see well, a kind of 'color snow'. That 'color snow' is showing everywhere on the screen. ? After that snow, the screen starts showing things as above in the picture and then completely freezes. I can move the mouse for a couple of seconds, but after that, I can't do a thing and I am forced to shut the laptop down (hard reset). ? Does anybody have similar problems with this videocard in combination with Mavericks? Or can somebody tell me if I can do anything about it? ? Thanks in advance, ? Kind regards, ? EvilID
  17. Version ATHEROS PACK 10.7 - 10.9


    Hola aqui les dejo una solucion que encontre despues de tanto hurgar en internet para poder configurar la tarjeta wi fi de mi laptop en Maverick funciona correctamente espero que sea de ayuda para muchos.
  18. Can enyone help me turn Asus 5742G into a 10.9 hackintosh? NVidia ge force gt 540m intel i3 370m Broadcom gigabit Ethernet and broadcom?wifi 802.11 b/g/n I tried a 10.9 U{censored} but get stuck at a Bluetooth line.
  19. Hi, after lots of test, I finally got my speed fan on my laptop with this code: ? ? ? Device (SMCD)? ? {? ? ? ? Name (_HID, "FAN00000")? ? ? ? Name (TACH, Package (0x02)? ? ? ? {? ? ? ? ? ? "System Fan",?? ? ? ? ? ? "FAN0"? ? ? ? })? ? ? ? Method (FAN0, 1, Serialized)? ? ? ? {? ? ? ? ? ? Store (\_TZ.RFAN (Arg0), Local0)? ? ? ? ? ? Return (Local0)? ? ? ? }?but the problem is it show value arround 26 to 32 rpm, how can I fix it?
  20. Clover Successful Builds Hi to all, If you have succeeded to build with Clover.Then post your Hardware Spec,Patches,Bios settings & Config.plist here.Post pictures if you like(Only clover config & installation settings) Sample: OSX version: Mac osx you are using. Clover version:Clover version you are using. Theme: Theme using for Clover GUI. Clover installations:The options you click for installation.(Like UEFI boot only or ESP or Lagecy Bios ) CPU:Model,GHz etc. RAM:Brand,MHz Motherboard:Brand & Model Number(Laptop Model). Audio-Onboard: Chip Name.if used Clover layout injector & patched( if not just put chip name). GPU 1:Onboard or PCI-E(injector,EDID,Properties Add,Activation method) GPU 2:Onboard or PCI-E(injector,EDID,Properties Add,Activation method) HDMI Audio 1:Onboard or PCI-E(using-Yes/No,Working status) HDMI Audio 2:Onboard or PCI-E(using-Yes/No,Working status) Mac Model(Smbios):The smbios you are using. Boot flags(Arguments): Your boot flags under Arguments. Patches:Custom DSDT,Custom SSDT.AICPUPM & Others Patches.(Post DSDT & SSDT if you like ) Config.plist:Post your complete clover config.plist( Zip,spoiler or copy/paste,)and without Serial Number. Sample plist: Just give you idea,so do not?copy into your post. if you like to post more detail please do. Please don't bump post? in here or Ask for help. Thanks
  21. Hi, I have an hd4000 ivy bridge and I get full qe/ci. But I want to know if I can get my GPU HD 4000 frequency in mac, to test power consumption ?
  22. Hello, ? I have an iMac (20'', End 2006), with normally OS X 10.7.5 installed. But a few days ago I installed OS X Mavericks(10.9.2)?on this Mac. The installation with that modified USB-Bootstick wasn't complete successfully. The graphics card only reaches 6MB but normally the ATI Radeon X1600 Pro have 512MB. So I think the system is missing driver / kexts for graphic etc... ? Are there any Kextloaders or AutoDriverInstaller for MAC ?? (And I don't mean Software like "KextWizard" etc... I need an "Auto-find-download-install-Tool") ? ? Thanks for your possible answers!
  23. Version Patched VoodooHDA kext


    ALC888 and ALC888s enabler for MSI motherboards
  24. Hey Friends, I've installed OS X Mavericks 10.9 on my Lenovo Z510 (used "xpcm-free" flag). Now it's stuck on Apple Loading Screen. I've tried booting it into safe mode and it's working in safe mode. Somebody help me to boot it in normal way, i don't want to use it in safe mode.. I used -v Flag and the loading stops after DSMOS has arrived. Here are the Specs of the Laptop: ? Intel i7-4702MQ 2.20Ghz 8 GB Ram Intel HD Graphics 4600 nVidia geForce GT 740M [2GB] ? Thanks in advance ! and sorry for my bad English!
  25. Hi, after have used paragon hfs on windows I get this error Incorrect number of thread record, but I solved it with fsck_hfs -y -Rc -d because fsck -fy didn't work. But now my laptop become hot, cpu is 50° (normally 40°), and hdd 42° (normally 35° average). How can I solved it, please ? ? PS:I uninstall paragon hfs after this problem.
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