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Found 154 results

  1. Hi guys, it's my first install of mac osx onto pc but what I managed to do is get Lion to work well onto ASUS M50VN. Usb mouse/keyboard needed during install process. They're not needed after installation has been completed. - Used N{censored}12495 burned onto DVD to do a standard installation onto hard disk formatted HFS+. I installed onto an external hard disk, it works, the only thing is that I have to select USB from the bios as boot partition everytime (press esc at bios screen). This means I have windows untouched on the internal drive and lion on usb external. - Reboot again using N{censored}12495 but now select the new installed OS as boot partition (always select -v flag, without I get problems... it's strange but real!) - You should now be into your new OS and create account and so on... - Don't reboot! - Copy included Kexts with the N{censored}12495 dvd into the Extra folder as usual and use KextsWizard to rebuild cache. Be careful, VoodooHDA.kext has to be copied into the System/Library/Extensions folder because it needs some dependencies to work. - Download "Driver Ethernet Realtek 8168b" from kexts.com and install it to enable ethernet card - Install Chameleon, I used rev. 1452 and it works well. - For the org.chameleon.Boot.plist use this flags: -v (else it hangs at boot), UseKernelCache=No (else it hangs at boot), EthernetBuiltIn, Graphics Mode=1680x1050x32, GraphicsEnabler, USBBusFix. - For the battery display I installed "Battery Lion" fix When everything is working download combo update 10.7.2. I installed and rebooted without problems. If you have problems with login into iCloud just update Chameleon to latest release that has fixes for it. ******************* ISSUES TO BE SOLVED ******************* 1- WIFI card not supported, replace card 2- No exit from standby and pc remains powered after shutdown 3- Touchpad buttons work but not the finger press on the touchpad 4- With some USB devices attached boot could hang or give kernel panic Anyone has any idea on how to solve point 2 and 3? Best regards
  2. Hi Guys, Can anyone help me with the installation of Mac OSX Lion on my laptop? I have an ASUS K50IJ. I have tried to install it but the installer displayed that it cannot be installed on this machine and the displayed cause was: "K50IJ". Thank you a lot! Best Regards, Andrei
  3. Hey everybody. I am new here. My issue is the roadblock with motherboard compatibility, the lack of an AHCI option in BIOS, even after flashing it with the latest version. I was going for a Snow Leopard install from a patched USB drive on a 20 GB partition on a SSD Drive which is also running W7 (dual boot hopefully). It was patched under VirtualBox with MyHack installer having the chocolate kernel?? option checked. After booting from removable, i got to the instalation location for SL, and it showed no drives i could format besides the USB Drive. I also found that 10.6 should work on my M2N-E mobo here Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. help i lost all my usb in asus p5sd2 with the last update of osx i can only upload files on my desktop by the dvd player...what can I do? i cannot find some kexts for my motherboard, by now i work with the p6t kext
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