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Found 154 results

  1. Hello. ? i have not much experience with OSx86 .. okay .. i know nothing? xD ? ? Thats why i need your help: ? My System: ? Asus P5Q Deluxe Mainboard LG DVD Burner SATA Seagate 250 GB SATA HDD Creative Sound Card Model : SB0410 Nvidia GTX 260 GraphicCard Apple Pro KeyBoard Logitec MX518 Mouse ? ? ML3U OSx 10.8.3 succesful installed. booted with Clover CD. Installed Bootloader with MB{censored}. ? OSx Update to OSx 10.8.5 ? DSDT. Autopatcher used to make an DSDT.aml and moved this to? "Extras" ? ? ? I have following problems, and im not able to solve this, tried several DSDT and kext on database but no one works : ? USB onBoard doesnt work. It works only with my Mouse and Keyboard, i can only connect Sticks via Apple keyboard. DVD drive does all 30 Seconds an "read" noise I cannot find correct drivers for my GTX 260. (full support) Drivers ive tried Crashed my System completly (i had to reinstall it 2 times? -.- ) Also cannot find or install correct drivers for my Creative Soundcard ( tried it with kXAudio Drivers but takes no effect ) My HDD also shuts down after 5 Minutes not in use....... but starts after 1 Minute again ? ? ? ? Can you please help me? ? ? ? I seacrhed all over the web but im to stupid or there are no good drivers, DSDT´s and kexkt .........
  2. Version 1.0


    Archivo DSDT, para placas ASUS P5B-SE con gráfica Nvidia GTX 260. Modificado gracias a Kali2000. DSDT file for ASUS P5B-SE boards with Nvidia GTX 260.
  3. Version 1.0


    all kext for ASUS P5QL PRO tested on 10.9 DP to DP6 © MIKE 2013
  4. Hey all, im new to this Hackintosh world and im totally excited about the hackintosh project. So, i wanted to try one for myself. Currently, im a running a Windows 7 64 bit system with the below specs. Intel Core i5 3450 3.1 Ghz Asus P8H77 V-LE Motherboard Asus Geforce GTX 560 1 GB GDDR5 ( non-ti ) Cooler Matser eXtreme Power Plus 600W PSU Western Digital Cavier Green 1TB HDD 2 X 4 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Ram 1600 MHz I would like to install the Mountain Lion to my PC with the iAtkos ML3 method, to an existing hardrive. i'll be creating a seperate partition for ML, but will installing ML delete my existing Windows 7 OS and the data on other partitions..? for example if im installing ML on " Z drive " the installion process will only affects the " Z Drive " rite..? Also, is the H77 chip compatible for a hackintosh ? If so, do i need to patch the bios ? where can i find a patched bios/dsdt for my Board ? Please help me as soon as possible, because i really want to install Mountain Lion on my PC. Thanks.
  5. Hello, SilverM here. As you see this is my very first post or thread in general on this community and I'm quite new into this whole Hackintoshing or installing Mac OS to Windows devices. The thing is that I own ASUS K53U as I've specified in the title. I took the effort to screenshot the specifications I've currently got running on it. For the record I'm about to upgrade to 8Gigs of RAM and hopefully will apply another HDD or getting an external one to it which could hold up to few TB's. I am attending to run Logic Pro on this since I'm tired of crappy producing programs and I cannot bring my studio computers to my house since my wife would kill me totally... I hope I get some advice from an experienced member about this situation and I'd really love to know whether to start trying to install the OS right now or should I wait for the upgrading day to come. Regards, Silver M.
  6. Do to some problems that ppl are bringing up ill be doing a updated ver of this Build with latest bios and with a video? ? ? ASUS P9X79 bios 3009 INTEL I7 3820 Fully Installed Step By step Items Needed for the install a working mac 2 USB Drives and a copy of ML and a lot of time Getting the USB drive ready Step 1. Get a USB drive that is 8GB or over Step 2. Download or buy a copy of Osx ML Here Step 3. Download U{censored} here You will need a account to download Step 4. plug the usb into a working Mac or HAckintsoh Step 5. Open /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility Step 6. Click on the usb drive and click on partition Step 7. Click current and choose 1 partition Step 8. Click Options and choose Master boot Record and click ok Step 9. Name the Drive (Hackintosh ML) Without () Step 10. Under Format chosse (Mac OS Extended Journaled ) Step 11. Click Apply this can take up to 5 min Step 12. If using the Install Mac OS X Lion Application, it must be in Applications folder and if you are using the USB from apple plug it into a usb port and mount it Step 13. Run U{censored} and Click Continue, Continue, Continue, Agree Step 14. when it ask you the Destination Choose the USB Drive called (Hackintosh ML) Step 15. Click Contiune Step 16. Now if it popups Installation Type Choose the one you are using USB or app then click continue Step 17. Enter Your password and install this can take up to 30 min. depends on the USB drive Getting the Asus P9X79 Ready Go into the bios and set SATA to AHCI F10 and save Time To boot into the USB Drive (If you get a boot0 error off the USB redo Steps Above) Step 1. restart the computer and Press F8 till you get the boot menu Step 2. Choose the USB Drive (note it will come up as the brand not the Name we gave it) Step 3. once the boot screen shows up press F8 again Step 4. Type this in " -v -x Cpus=1 Npci=0x2000" type without "" If you get a PCI config lockup Try PCIRootUID=0 instead of Npci=0x2000 If you get Still waiting on Root Device Type in the drive like this ( rd=diskYsZ ) Y being the port Z being the Sector Time to install Step 1. click on the Lang you want and click the arrow Step 2. go to utilities and open disk Utility Step 3. Format the HD that the Hackintosh will be installed on make sure its (Mac OS Extended Journaled ) Step 4. Close Disk Utility Step 5. Click next choose your drive and then click customize Step 6. find the Audio Driver -audio --realtekalc8XX ---Without DSDT ----check mark alc898 Step 7. network drivers -network --hnak's appleintele1000e Ethernet Step 8. Click next and install Getting it to boot Step 1. boot off the USB again and when the bootloader loads find the HD with Hackintosh installed on it (NOT THE USB DRIVE) Step 2. Type this in " -v Cpus=1 Npci=0x2000" or whatever codes you used for the install Now let it load and boot into the setup screen and choose user pass you know the drill Getting the Cpus=1 error fixed Step 1. Download VoodooTSCsync.kext Here Step 2. you have to edit it heres a video i made on the how to Step 3. Now install the VoodooTSCsync with ur fav Kext installer I used Kext Wizard (if your USB drivers stop working use KEXT Utility Step 4. Restart Step 5. boot off the USB again and when the bootloader loads find the HD with Hackintosh installed on it Step 6. Type this in " -v Npci=0x2000" or whatever codes you used for the install Without Cpus=1 Time to Fix the Bootloader so that we no longer need the USB Drive Step 1. boot into the hackintosh and install Chimera 1.11.1 from here Step 2. now extract the Chimera .pgk and under /usr/standalone/ you will find a file called Boot1h Step 3. Copy that to the Desktop and find a NEW USB DRIVE. yes you will need a 2nd one for this. copy that Boot1h to the new usb drive and thats it Step 4. reboot and boot the usb drive with Hackintosh ML from U{censored} on it Step 5. now type in what you did to install it and yes with the Cpus=1 Step 6. when you get to he install screen open disk utility and unmound the Hackintosh HD that you just installed Step 7. now open the terminal AKA CMD lol Step 8. Now type in diskutil list Step 9. Now find the HD with the Hackintsoh installed on it. in my case it was Disk0s2 Step 10. close the terminal and reopen it and type this in cd /Volumes/"USB Drive "USB Drive" being the name of the Usb drive that the Boot1h is on Then hit enter and then type in dd if=boot1h of=/dev/identifier -Idenitier being the Disk so it would look like this dd if=boot1h of=/dev/disk0s2 Now it will install - Reboot now and boot off the HD and now type in -v Npci=0x2000 or whatever worked to install Time to fix the Npci=0x2000 Error Step 1. go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and copy the Com.apple.boot.plist to the desktop Step 2. now open it and edit the <key>Kernel Flags</key> to look like this <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>Npci=0x2000</string> now save and close Step 3. now copy the file to the same place you found it and hit yes when you want to replace it step 4. reboot now the os should load without any problems This was a Team effort Thank you for all your help kyndder , christ1111
  7. Hello everyone! I'm tried to install ML 10.8.2 to my ASUS X55VD. During loading of installer i get 2 warning: "this is unknown CPU model 0x3a" and "[AGPM Controller] unkownPlatform". After installation i can start OS X only with -x key. After loading OS X i can't apply kext's and install Clover 2, because my touchpad and wifi don't working. Which kext's i need to install to get working touchpad and wifi? Here some information about my notebook: Intel Chief River Chipset HM76, NVIDIA GeForce 610M(1Gb), Intel Core i3-3110M @ 2.4GhZ, 8 Gb RAM DDR 1600 MhZ
  8. Hello there! Since I didnt find any tutorial dedicated to this mobo ( ASUS P5K ), I'm here just to post a quick how-to and attach everything needed to be successful. Steps: Here, the link to the needed files: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10439800/Lion%2010.7.3%20Asus%20P5K.zip I really hope this could be useful to someone! Greets!
  9. So i just installed OSX Mountain Lion on my P8Z68-V LX Mobo w/ Intel Core i7 2700k @ 4GHz. everything is running fine except my internet. the ethernet works but my wireless doesnt. i have this here. ASUS PCE-N15 Wireless Adapter IEEE 802.11b/g/n PCI Express 300/300Mbps Transfer/Receive Rate 64-bit WEP, 128-bit WEP, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WPS support - Newegg.com Can someone help me. im new to this and can someone explain to me what is Kext is and what a DSDT is?
  10. Hey Guys! Has anyone yet to make a guide on installing 10.8.2 on a Windows 8 certified laptop? (Or more specifically, if possible, a guide on the K56CM Series of ASUS laptops) I've installed Hackintosh on my PC, but I have a Windows 8 certified K56CM laptop and I'm not so sure on what the installation process is, as there is obviously different bios and that sort of thing. From reading a couple posts on other threads, it would seem that the WiFi controller that comes with a K56CM Laptop is not supported (yet) and people wanting WiFi would need to replace their WiFi with a AR9285 WiFi card. Apparently the GT635 is not compatible with 10.8.2 because Macs don't support dual GPU systems. (Two different kinds, in this case, HD4000 and GT635) So a kext (or something) is required so that only the HD4000 GPU is used. Also, regarding partitioning, I'd like to dual-boot Windows 8/Mountain Lion if possible, just in case the ML OS screws up in anyway. Would that mean re-sizing the hard drive so that there is about 20-30 GB of unused space? (K56CM laptops being ultra thin, only comes available with one hard drive slot, so it is impossible to add another) Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated not only for me, but for other users of similar laptops! Thanks! [Edit] If anyone is willing to make a guide, hope I'm not asking much, but can you make it as detailed as possible? (from including things like boot commands, kexts installed, that sort of things)
  11. i have got an asus n53sm with full HD 15.6 monitor, intel i7 2670QM, 16gb RAM (4x4GB), intel 3000HD+nvidia 630GT (2GB DDR3) 204bios version and samsung 830 256GB SSD. I have tried many relases (iAtkos L1, L2, U{censored}, N{censored}, iDeneb, etc) but i can't boot OS X, in the case of iAtkos L2 i can't boot the dvd for start the installation, with other releases i can install lion but can't boot it, with N{censored} version i can boot lion but when i install kext for the intel 3000HD or the DSDT OS X can't boot anymore, all other hardware works! i want OS X with the hardware acceleration of the intel 3000HD if you can tell me how i can obtain it that would be grateful. But with your new Mountain Lion release both the video cards should work (like in the new macbook pro) or not?
  12. Hi I follow this Tutorial from iamdh4: http://www.osx86.net/guides-tutorials/21221-tutorial-how-install-os-x-lion-10-7-3-amd-am3-fx-bulldozer-full-64bit.html to Install OSX on my PC, i can normally boot into the N{censored} CD and type in the Boot Flags, after i press enter some text comes up then the PC restarts and nothing happends. I try more and more boot flags less boot flags i also try to boot the N{censored} CD with the OSX86 mod cd but it doesn´t work Pls help, i know i´m a noob but i want to learn o: My PC: CPU: Amd FX 8120 Mainboard: Asus M5A99x evo Ram:4gb Graphic: XFX Radeon HD 6870 with original nirech CD with OSX86 mod CD btw, sorry for bad english thx, Benzinbleifrei
  13. i tried both installing with usb or dvd with iAtkos ML , after the installation finishes, it gives an error saying that installation failed. an unknown error occured. please help me. ASUS N56VZ - s4283H
  14. Hello everyone, I own a laptop asus I try to install from plusieure week os x mountain lion 10.8.2 but it was impossible to enter the installer .... When booting from Iaktos ml2 or N{censored} 10.8.2 ... the computer freezes on the apple or restarts immediately ... I boot with "-v" and I get: "No interval found for. Using 8000000 Still waiting for root device " How to solve this error? thank you Intel® Core™ i5 3317U Intel® HM76 Express DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM, 4096 Mo 15.6" 16:9 Résolution 1366 x 768 (HD) , rétroéclairage LED Intel HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 635M 2 Go DDR3 VRAM 750 Go tpm Cache SSD 24 Go
  15. Hello to all, I possess now Asus Vivobook S550CM. Finding no answer to my question anywhere, I ask to you for it in the hope of an answer: is it possible to install OS X MOUNTAIN LION on this computer? If yes, how? Thank you Configuration : Intel Core I5 1.70 GHz Intel HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 wireless Network Adapter Realtek High Definition Audio ( ALC270 ) USB 2.0 UVC HD Webcam
  16. Hello, I have just installed iAtkos L2 onto my Asus K73E, and I can't seem to find the right kext for the graphics. I can only get the 1024x768 screen resolution, while my native resolution is 1600x900. On top of that I can't get the Wireless to work, although I have ethernet working. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Arron Taylor PS. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I have the Intel i3 processor in case someone was looking it up on Asus's website.
  17. Hi everyone Dunno why but now, after trying to fix my sleep and speedstep i see this in my apple menu obviously i've tried pressing the power button and clicking stop but nothing happens... this is the mess: i'm using a 10.8.3 on an Asus N53JL i5 460m Arrandale Cpu i don't have any sleep enabler, but i'm using a patched aicpupm and got speedstep Fixed DSDT Hope someone knows what happened and can help thx P.s. i'm attaching a full darwindumper report so you can check the big mess XD [ATTACH]4611[/ATTACH] DarwinDumper_2.4.9_Chameleon_2.2_ML_Asus 2.zip
  18. Hi I have finally been able to get everything working (except sleep) on my Asus UL50VT from several guides. I have one more minor problem though. I know for a fact that my screen is capable of showing 1680x1050 resolution, but in settings I do not have that option to choose. No higher than 1366x768 is shown. Is there a file I can edit to change these variables or another trick to work around this? I am common to browsing basic codes from linux, but I don't know where to search without a guide :/ Thanks in advance /Lars PS: I have used the a kext from a guide for my laptop to get the graphics working, but didn't solve this particular problem
  19. hi , i want to install mac in my asus n56vz but i am only able to enter bios through windows 8 efi. and there i dont see any option for dvd in boot device priority. i only see windows 8 efi in the boot device priority. i want to see my dvd , please help me and sorry for my english i cant enter bios with f2 , windows 8 forces me to use efi boot to reach bios settings
  20. i tried both installing with usb or dvd with iAtkos ML , after the installation finishes, it gives an error saying that installation failed. an unknown error occured. please help me. ASUS N56VZ - s4283H
  21. Hi, I have an asus sabertoothe motherboard p67 with intel core i7 2600 processor. I have a bootable usb with chameleon installed. I booted with that usb but giving kernal panic error. I used this link to install [GUIDE] HackinTosh ? Install MacOS Mountain Lion 10.8 to 10.8.2 on Asus SaberTooth P67 in 3 STEPS « Thireus' Bl0g but not able to boot it. please provide more information on that..
  22. Can someone help how to install macOS X on my laptop? What should I do? Thanks..
  23. hi , i want to install mac in my asus n56vz but i am only able to enter bios through windows 8 efi. and there i dont see any option for dvd in boot device priority. i only see windows 8 efi in the boot device priority. i want to see my dvd , please help me and sorry for my english
  24. Hello guys! Didn't know where to post exactly so..decided to write here. Well, I've got an Asus N76v and after different tries I managed to install a modded version of Mountain Lion. Problem is about video card first (intel hd4000 and geforce gt630m) since I can't configure it properly and then not working usb ports (already tried with usb bus fix). Can someone help me? Thank you in advance!
  25. I have installed Itkos ML on my Asus K43Sd and it installed like a charm. Every thing works from the box except USB. Found some kext to work only USB 3, Usb 2 still doesn't work. USb 3 works only with flashdrives and it works with ipod nano 3 gen. but i need it to work with my iPad 2. Iphoto seas the photos and i can import them from iPad, but iTunes doesn't see it maybe their is s problem with the voltage or the power that the USB is giving to ipad and it is not enough. any solution? please help sorry for english/
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