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Found 144 results

  1. crusher

    MSI-Z97-Gaming 7

    MSI-Z97-Gaming 7
  2. crusher


    H97-Gaming3 Version 1.8
  3. Recently a bunch of files vanished from this website for reasons not given (at least I didn't see anything). I am not too sure what is missing in total, but I do know that several builds of Chameleon dating back to last year are gone; Literally overnight. ? So what gives? What are they gone? ? ?
  4. crusher


  5. Version r3185


    Credits: apianti, asava, blusseau, dmazar, slice2009,download-fritz,brockbackups
  6. Version r3156


    Credits: apianti, asava, blusseau, dmazar, slice2009,download-fritz,brockbackups Eliminate memory leak in BlockIoDxe Sync Shell with edk2-16685 Intel Quirks for XhciDxe XhciDxe Don't execute LegacyOff for Xhci because this is a task for XhciDxe.efi Correct clovergui-revision bug fixes
  7. Version v2.2


    The Extreme Post-Installation Utility It features a collection of drivers and very popular Hackintosh tools for most systems. This tool has patches and kexts for CPU Power Management, Patched ACPI Kexts, Graphics Kexts, Ethernet, WIFI Injectors, A lot of Touchpad Support, USB 3.0 and a lot more. This Utility is Specially for Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite . All feedback are welcome, and please post your suggestion (kexts, patches).
  8. Helló! ? Olyan kérdéssel/kéréssel fordulnék felétek, hogy hogyan tudnám azt megoldani, hogy működőképessé tegyem a frissen telepített Yosemite 10.10-en: - Hangot (ALC887): Próbáltam már minden féle kexttel, MB{censored} kextekkel is próbáltam megoldani, sikertelenül ? - Bootloader és Facetime&Messages: Clover-t használtam eddig, de lövésem nincs, hogy hogyan lehet megcsinálni vele?Facetime és Messages alkalmazást, mert eléggé szükséges lenne számomra. Chimera, Chameleont valami oknál fogva nem tudom, hogyan kell feltenni és üzembe helyezni. :/ ? Hackintosh konfigurációm: Gigabyte Z77-DS3HIntel i5 3570KGigabyte HD7850 1GB OCCorsair Vengeance 8GBSamsung EVO 120GB SSDWD 500GB HDDEgyéb elérhetőségem: Skype: juveee04 FB: Bianconero17 ? Várom az ötletek, tippeket! Előre is köszönöm a segítséget! ?
  9. Version 3142


    Clover v2k r3142
  10. Version r3142


    Credits: apianti, asava, blusseau, dmazar, slice2009,download-fritz,brockbackups Fixes since r3128: http://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiB{censored}/code/commit_browser
  11. Please read the Guide Here Kynnder has made Great starting Guide,this is just updated over older one. If you have issue free to post here. Hi to all, Chameleon is an open-source EFI bootloader project for BIOS-based x86 systems. It is designed to replace Darwin and PC_EFI bootloaders with new features.This is just Updated Guide for "Chameleon boot loader".You can find boot loader Plist in HDD or USB Root System >Extra .The boot flags content in Org.chameleon.Boot.plist & you can Edit it as you need. A. Boot loader Plist looks like This. To edit Org.chameleon.boot.plist ,There are many tools you can use....with is Osx TextEdit. <key>Your-flag</key> <string>flag-values</string> Or Also can use: Chameleon Wizard Lizard Champlist PlistEdit pro B. Details you need to know 1. Some useful? Flags: -xcpm (XCPM only works on Ivy and Haswell cpus and the CPUs ivy Bridger use by default the power management given by AICPUPM kext to use the power management provided by the kernel XCPM you must enable this flag(Chameleon)) HDAEnabler (Automatic device-properties generation for audio controllers) HDEFLayoutID (use (HEX value ) Inject alternate value of layout-id for HDEF) HDAULayoutID (use (HEX value ) Inject alternate value of layout-id for HDEF) EnableHDMIAudio (Use Hex value, Inject value of HDMI audio for NVIDIA/ATI) npci=0x2000 or 0x3000 (For PCI configuration began Fix) PciRoot=1 (Default is 0 .some mobo uses id 1) USBBusFix=Yes or No (To fix use related error.Like Ownershipfix,sleep error) arch=X86_64 (Used in? AMD kernels on 10.9, arch=i386 mean 32bit mode Osx.After 10.6 all Osx runes 64bit mode) Usekernelcache=Yes|No (Enable/Disable? load pre-Linked kernel."Yes" will ignore from E/E or S/L/E/ Extensions.mkext and also make boot time faster) ForceWake=Yes (Force using the sleepimage (disabled by default). Sometimes helps wake from sleep,if you have error) ForceHPET=Yes|No (Force Enable HPET.Osx uses 64 bit.If you have No HPET error) DropSSDT= Yes (Skip the SSDT tables while relocating the ACPI table, Drop Bios SSDT table and use custom SSDT) dart=0 (If you can’t boot with OS X and VT-x/VT-d enabled in Bios, use this flag UEFI Bios & fix VTd[0] error) darkwake=0|1 (Disable/Enable? wake up of certain parts of your Mac from sleep, while leaving other parts in sleep mode) CSTUsingSystemIO=Yes (New C-State _CST generation method using SystemIO registers instead of FixedHW) Ethernetbuiltin=Yes|No ("built-in"=yes device-properties generation for Ethernet interfaces.Most of time "Yes" fix Apps-Store login error) Kext-dev-mode=1 (For 10.10 OSX.Its helps to load Un-sign kext to in system) GraphicsEnabler=Yes|No ("Yes" is used for patched supported like GT 2,4.5.6 or GTX 2,4,5 for nvidia and? 4,5,6 serise AMD cards?"No" is for native supported cards like GTX 6, 7 and 7.R series cards) <key>Kernel</key> <string>/System/Library/Kernels/kernel </string> { For use in 10.10 cause kernel now not in root ,Apple has change in? to /System/Library/kernels/kernel } AtiConfig=framebuffername (Use to enable full QE/CI support for AMD/ATI cards) Atiports= (Number of output ports you have in your card and specify it e.g. 2 ,3 ,4 ) VBIOS=Yes (Injects Nvidia VBIOS into device properties) 2. AMD Framebuffer Name (AtiConfig) 3. For Ivy Bridge Intel HD-4k Inject AAPL,ig-platform-id <key>IntelCapriFB</key> <string>a</string> 3.For Haswell Intel HD-5K Inject AAPL,ig-platform-id <key>IntelAzulFB</key> <string>a</string> 5. New? Broadwell HD the key name is IntelBdwFB? Example: IntelBdwFB=a_value from 0 to 18 <key>IntelBdwFB</key> <string>a</string> 6. For (Haswell & Ivy) Intel HD Custom Inject AAPL,ig-platform-id <key>InjectIntel-ig</key> <string>a</string> 7. HD-4000Layout IDs 8. IntelHD4600 Ig-platfrom-id clover and chameleon For more info on Intel-HD injector look here. There are many more settings you can add.For that use links below.............. Download latest version of Chameleon: Here For more info: here For more News: here & here For updates about chameleon: Here Credits: kyndder,pjalm,SJ,Micky1979,bcc9,Ermac & To all Chameleon Dev Team`s
  12. Version r3065


    Credits: apianti, asava, blusseau, dmazar, slice2009 With Christmas and New Year Themes ! from the Developer team
  13. Arobasefr


    Version r3050


    Credits: apianti, asava, blusseau, dmazar, slice2009
  14. Version 3021


    Clover EFI v2k 3021 + Clover Configurator 4.19.1 NEW!!! Clover Configurator 4.19.2 NEW!!!
  15. Version r 2939


    Credts: Slice apianti, asava, blusseau, dmazar This is EFI-based bootloader for BIOS-based computers created as a replacement to EDK2/Duet bootloader http://www.tianocore.org. To compile it needs to place Clover sources into edk2/ folder. Please visit http://www.projectosx.com, https://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiB{censored}/discussion/ or open a bug ticket (https://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiB{censored}/tickets/) for help instead of posting a negative review about how you are unable to configure correctly. Clover EFI bootloader Web Site Updated to R2939 !!
  16. Version 2399


    This is new Chameleon of Developer AnV and Ermac.Muny speed and stability works!!!!
  17. walkman8196


    Version 2830


    Clover EFI bootloader
  18. Arobasefr


    Version r2818


    credits: apianti, asava, blusseau, slice2009
  19. TripleA

    IOS Theme

    My first Theme, hope you like it. DOWNLOAD:?http://j.gs/7465270/ios-theme-by-triplea DOWNLOAD:?http://j.gs/7465270/ios-theme-by-triplea
  20. Arobasefr

    Clover V2k

    Version r2795


    credits: Slice, Blusseau
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