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Found 294 results

  1. 1,013 downloads

    I have added DevID=0x024 to AirPortAtheros40.kext inside IO80211Family.kext->Contents->Plugins Airport works great under OSX Mavericks 10.9 with Atheros AR5BXB72!! Cheers!
  2. How can I able Graphics of Radeon HD 5xxx series on Mavericks
  3. <<< System Summary >>> ? ? > Mainboard : Acer Aspire 5742G ? ? > Chipset : Intel HM55 ? ? > Processor : Intel Core i3 370M @ 2400 ? MHz ? ? > Physical Memory : 2048 ?MB ?(1 x 2048 DDR3-SDRAM ) ? ? > Video Card : Intel? HD Graphics ? ? > Hard Disk : Western Digital WD5000BPVT-22HXZT3 ATA Device (500GB) ? ? > DVD-Rom Drive : PIONEER DVD-RW DVRTD11RS ? ? > Network Card : Broadcom NetLink BCM57780 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe ? ? > Network Card : Broadcom BCM43227 802.11b/g/n ? Is there any good guide to install and enable all of my stuff?
  4. ? hi there, I hope I have posted this in the correct place.? ? I am having a great deal of trouble with my hackintosh that I have recently built. I have got the apple side of things installed on a separate hard drive to my windows, and that all works fine, give or take a few minor errors. the trouble that i am having now is that my windows 8 side that is on a different internal hard drive is just giving me errors after errors. ? here are some of the symptoms: - unable to load itunes, the icon on the task bar appears if it loading up and then stops and goes back to how it looked if i hadn't clicked it. - norton 360, once clicked it instantly says 'Norton 360 has stopped working'. - unable to load most of my apps, music, video, etc. the loading page appears with the symbol for about 5-10 seconds and then goes back to my start screen. - unable to open pc settings. i wanted to carry out system restores, however like my app, it displays the cog symbol, then after 5-10 seconds goes back to the start screen. - unable to run trouble shooter, displays an error message saying it ran into a problem, therefore i have to close. ? these are just some of the symptoms i have when i am able to access windows. ? getting onto this screen is very difficult. when i start my computer, i have to access the boot options, and then select the option called Windows Boot Manager. for some reason this has been partitioned on my mac os HDD (mavericks), however when it loads it launched my windows side, and obviously runs my windows drive. if i am successful, i can type my password in and i am greeted with my start screen. alternatlively i sometime encounter a message saying: ? The User Profile Service failed the sign-in. ? The remote procedure call failed and did not execute. ? i then select OK, and the login screen appears a second time. this time if i type my password in and enter, i am usually greeted with what seems like the installation process for windows. it says stuff like 'Hi' and 'Getting Your Apps Ready'. i have followed this through to no avail, and it simply reboots my machine. ? to get around this i have managed to install my Windows 8 installation DVD, selected the advanced options and entered command prompt. from here i have typed in bootrec/fixmbr. at this point i reboot my machine, boot from the Windows Boot Manager partition and that usually allows me to access my desktop. ? If i was to boot from the HDD that windows is installed on, i get an error message saying; 'No operating system was found' and then it says to press ctrl, alt and delete to restart my computer. ? when i boot from the windows 8 DVD, i also have the ability to refresh my pc or even restore my pc. i have attempted to run both of these to no success. i get errors messages saying the drive you have selected is locked. please unlock it, etc. ? now i am completely stuck??? my mac side is fine, and i can access that by inserting my Uni****t?USB and selecting mavericks from the list. however i need my windows side working. ? If anyone knows how to resolve trhis without losing my data i will be truly thankful if not, i will have to simply reformat the drive and re-install windows i guess? im not sure how to do this though?? ? many thanks in advance, and please can someone help me with these issues!
  5. Hi There, Firstly I want to apologise if this is posted in the wrong thread. I am currently in the process of building my first Hackintosh Computer, and as the thread title suggests, My progress so far is displaying the apple logo after I select my Uni****t flash drive from the chimera screen. Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this and to get to the installation screen? Here is the hardware that I'm currently running: CPU: Intel i7-3820 Graphics: AMD Radeon 7970 Motherboard: Asus P9X79 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 (2x8GB) 1600MHz HardDrive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB Sata Drive Power: Corsair TX650M Power Supply many thanks for help in advance
  6. Hi everybody ? I successfully installed Mountain Lion (10.8.3) on my HP Pavilion DV6. Everything works perfectly except the VGA; I have a Radeon 7470M (1GB GDDR5). I'd like not to use a patched DSDT (because I don't know how it works and I don't know if is possible to run a patched DSDT with a Chimera Bootloader), so I've tried ATI7000Controller.kext with "GraphicEnabler=Yes" bootflag, without success. ? Suggestions? I've read that with this version of OS X (10.8.3), ATI 7xxx cards are fully supported. Thank you in advance.
  7. Dear, ? I am trying to install my Echo Audio Gina20 in my hackintosh, but so far I haven't got it to work. This is the card: ? Someone has made a special driver (kext) for it to get it to work in Mac os X 10.6.X. I've installed that driver, but the card isn't recognized?at all. ? This is the driver I am using:?https://sites.google.com/site/echodriverosx/ ? Can someone give me some tips, so I can get my card to work? ? Thanks in advance, ? EvilID
  8. Seems this will be a minimal problematic laptop, have downgraded/upgraded/Linux/etc; I am hoping to Run SL and Pro Tools in hopes it will help to do this at home as I am in school for PT Certification but I have been out of college for 20 years and last semester was a scary sneak peak into how bad I am at learning on Macs. I have read a few instructions but then someone always says there are two steps or something and I believe that they are just so much more knowledgeable that they assume that I will know what they left out. I will be ordering the SL disc in a few days and taking a crack at this, but this has to be a very popular laptop that someone can tell me how nice and easy it was to 'tosh it and what steps they took. Thanks, hope I can do something nice for whomever helps or points to the "latest" simple but detailed instructions.
  9. Hello OSx86! ? This is my first hackintosh attempt! ? If someone could point me in the right direction and show me what I am doing, I am a A+ certified PC Tech so im not totally oblivious to the subject. Below are my specs, I do not care what version of OSx I have to run as long as its newer than Lion. ? AMD FX-4100 OC'd (4.4GHz) Gigabyte 970A-D3 MOB Seagate 2TB HDD Mushkin 1333 MHz 16GB Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Cooler Master 500 Watt PSU (don't think this matters) ? Thanks to everyone willing to help, I've tried before but have never been successful. Really need this to work for using XCode in school.
  10. I've installed OSX Mavericks on my Laptop but I don't know how to install drivers. (with this tutorial:?http://www.{censored}.com/374-U{censored}-install-os-x-mavericks-any-supported-intel-based-pc.html) My computer is : HP Pavillon g6-2342sf (D2F93EA) Please hep me! (and my trackpad don't work) Audio driver, Internet driver, Graphics driver etc.. I haven't network, sound and I can only start the computer with this: -x?IGPEnabler=No cpus=1 ? :'( Help me please!
  11. Hello Everyone, ? This Full List of Hardwares e.g Motherboard ,Audio,Ethernet,Wifi,Graphics which are natively Supported in Mac OS X or needs ?patches to activate them through kexts,DSDT,Kernel Flags etc. ? This Forum contains lots of similar questions e.g. These are My System Specs are supported ??? so there is an answer for those Question .this my little effort to Save your time in creating post/thread waiting for reply/answer bcoz we can't make up for you waiting ,time means alot . plz read before buying/building/creating hackintosh . ? ? Note : It does not mean that the hardware not listed here does not work with OSX, this table means that the hardware listed here works out of box with OSX or it is easier to make it work with OSX. ? When you buy new, you should always consider components in-order from top->bottom as the components from top of the table would be the one added recently and would be compatible with the latest version of OSX. Also, make sure the components you select here according to your budget are compatible with each other, that is the motherboard you select should be compatible with the processor you select. One way to make sure of it is to see the socket of the processor eg : 1150,1155,1156 ?and your ?motherboard should have the same socket support.? ? Bios: As per we know UEFI Bios Motherboard and laptops their Bios are fully comaptible with OSX but Some of Vendor's Like Asus,MSI,Asrock have Locked Bios for their own so that are not supported then you need to patch you Bios..in the Latest Intel Chipsets 8 Series Board's Bios of Most of Vendor's are not locked means you don't need to do anything? ? ? ? Processor (CPU): - 1st, 2nd (SandyBridge), 3rd (IvyBridge) and 4th generation (Haswell) Intel Core i series processors are supported including 2011 socket SandyBridge-E/EN/EP and IvyBridge-E/EN/EP Core i7/Xeon cpus. Simply, Core2Duo / Core2Quad / 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation Core i3, i5, i7 / Xeon 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, E3, E5, E7 processors are supported. ? - AMD processors are not supported but by using Patched Kernel ?AMD is fully supported . ? Motherboard: - Please read with attention and do not continuously ask questions about your motherboard compatibility. ? - Most of UEFI/Non-UEFI Intel chipset motherboards are supported. Simply, chipsets from 945G to C6xx are supported. Common chips are 945, 965, 975, P35, P43, P45, P55, G31, G41, G43, X58, H61, HM65, HM67, H67, P67, Z68, Z77, X79, Z87 and C6xx. South bridges from ICH5 to newest Intel 8 Series are supported. (ICH5-6-7-8-9-10, 5-6-7-8 Series) ? - Besides the main chipset model, a motherboard has many components. Every component itself may or may not be compatible and even may be problematic for Mac OS X. Also, BIOS of the motherboard may be problematic for this OS. Because of these reasons, some motherboards will not be able to run this OS easily, they might need hard effortsin order you to make it work and some of them will never run it. Search google and try it on your computer. If a hardware is compatible with OSX, then it is compatible with Mavericks, simple as this 8-) Most of Gigabyte Motherboards are recommeded for Hackintosh bcoz they have full hackintosh support . ? Graphics (GPU): - Intel Graphics HD 3000, HD 4000 and HD 5000 are supported, the rest are not. HD 5000 driver supports HD 4200, HD 4400, HD 4600, HD 5000, HD 5100 and HD 5200. ? - nvidia vga cards from G80 core to the newest Tesla series are supported on 10.9.1. This does not mean that all of them will work of course but most of them will work with Mavericks. Simply, nvidia 8xxx / 9xxx / 1xx / 2xx / 3xx / 4xx / 5xx / 6xx / 7xx cards are supported. ? - About ATI, Mac OS X 10.9 and Clover bootloader gives us more hope and less pain about ATI support. Simply, ATI 7xxx/6xxx/5xxx/4xxx chipsets are supported but of course still more pain and less success comparing with nvidia. Mavericks has some options for ATI's including device_id injection and framebuffer override packages to make more of the ATI cards work with less pain. Still, many of the users may have to take some additional steps to use their ATI cards after installation. ? -Connectors/Ports for Connecting Monitor - They are also Main Part of OSX means shows how you have connected your Monitor with Cpu ,so following are Connectors/ports for Hackintosh:: 1.Dvi (Recommended) 2.HDMI ?(Hdmi is not fully functional in Hackintosh you need to Patch APPLEHDA for Audio working ) ? 3.Thunderbolt port ?(if your Motherboard have Thunderboalt Support/port) 4.Display Port (Optional i have not tested it yet) 5.VGA (As we know Mac OSX Doesn't Supports VGA for using VGA you need to patch your kexts but it's not recommeded in Mavericks by me ,,so another option is Descrete Graphic Card which allows you to use you graphics with full qe/ci). ? ? Network Devices: - Common wired and wireless network devices that are auto-detected by N{censored} Distro's. There may still be problematic chips but most of them will work OOB with Mavericks . - Intel Gigabit and Intel Pro/100 - Realtek RTL8111, 8168, 8101E, 8102E, 8131E, 8169, 8110SC, 8169SC - Atheros AR8121, 8113, 8114, 8131, 8151, 8161, 8171, 8132,8151, 8152, 8162, 8172 - Broadcom BCM5722, 5752, 5754, 5754M, 5755, 5755M, 5761, 5761e, 57780, 57781, 57785, 5784M, 5787, 5787M, 5906, 5906M, 57788, 5784M - Marvell 88E8035, 88E8036, 88E8038, 88E8039, 88E8056, 88E8001 Wireless: Some chips (ie. Atheros ar5008, Broadcom BCM4311) are natively supported by OS X. So, this is not the complete wifi support list of OS X. - Atheros AR9285, 9287, 9227 - Broadcom BCM4312, 4321, 4322, 43224, 43225, 43227, 43228, 4352 (Some of these broadcom chips need rebranding in order to work on OS X.) here is link which have full list of compatible wifi chipsets? RAM: - ?Minimum amount of RAM is 2GB,But i Recommended to use minimum 4GB. ? Sound: - Sound device is auto-detected by VoodooHDA and nearly all of the onboard sound devices are supported.if you have issue with audio like whistling ,sluttering etc. then your own onboard or externel card Kexts? Realtek ALC8XX is fully compatible with Mavericks . ? Disk Space: - Recommended minimum amount of disk space for installation is 30GB. (Software RAID installation is supported and all operations are automated for all of the bootloaders.) ? KeyBoard/Mouse: you are able to use old keyboard/mouse means PS/2 keyboards mouse but you will have some trouble with it ,so my recommendation is to USB or Wireless Keyboard/Mouse. ? Notice ::This guides doesn't means your hardware is fully supported it's compatible and able to work with ,if it's work OOB then you don't need to do anything otherwise you need to put some efforts? ? ? ? original post written by Deepak
  12. salve salve galera! então, estou precisando da ajuda de vocês. to tentando deixar operacional meu primeiro hackintosh. consegui iniciar a instalação do iATKOS L2 de boas, porem fiquei preso na tela cinza da maça também :/ como sou noob na instação to apanhando aqui e nao to conseguindo resolver. inicianizando em modo verbose acabo nessa tela aqui. https://www.dropbox.com/s/abzkyns6med8dcu/Foto%2019-01-14%2010%2030%2022.jpg as configurações da minha maquina são a da minha assinatura... Alguem sabe como faço pra resolver essa bronca? de ante mão já agradeço demais a galera que puder ajudar. VALEW!
  13. Hey, I installed N{censored}'s mountain lion on my samsung ativ 2 (np270e5v) and it worked well. I have 2 issues: 1) internet not working 2) no sound I don't really care abound sounds, since I would only use the laptop for webdesign tasks, but I must have internet to do my job. I tried MB{censored} (tried every singel driver at least once) but I faield. Searched for hm55 kexts and read a hundred tutorial but I found nothing. I would be very glad if anyone could give me some advice!
  14. Hello, my names i lucas.. I have this problem with my older customized desktop pc. Ivé installed Hazzard 10.6.2 intel/amd on my pc.(Succesful) But after restart it just hangs up at boot screen(Apple logo. No spinning). Or if i just -v -f or GraphicsEnabler=No -v -f i goes into black screen... I dont know what to do? Someone help me. ? Sorry for my poor English.. ? Spec: 3.40 Ghz 320 Gb harddisk. Intel Pentium D. 2,00 GB ram. 64 Bit. ? I dont know more because i dont have windows on it more.. (Cpuz)
  15. So I'd like to create my first Hackintosh as everyone else I'm not sure about all the compatibility-specs with this computer (Asus K50IJ) but I've seen a few threads with people with this laptop creating their own Hackintosh Machines and my files are all backed up so I thought I'd give it a shot! I've already created a 110gb partition for installation. I also downloaded and burned Nawcom's ModCD and downloaded Snow Leopard. Heres where I'm stuck: Snow Leopard is 6GB and Single Layer DVDs are as we all know 4.7 GB. I also have a 32 GB USB as another option but I am not sure how USB installations work. Can someone please guide me from here? step by step would be incredibly helpful. Thank you in advance for your time!
  16. Hi everyone, my laptop is Lenovo G470 which is listed in top ten of laptop to install Hackintosh here: The Best Hackintosh Laptops of 2012 - For Mountain Lion After setup and install more kexts, almost seems working perfectly except wireless card. My wireless is: Broadcom BCM4313, Vendor ID = 0x14e4, Device ID = 0x4727, identified by "Systeminfo version 0.5" downloaded here: http://www.osx86.net/view/1479-system_info.html I've read info in here: http://legacy.{censored}.com/wiki/index.php/Wireless_Chipset_Database to see no support for any OS X wifi feature. I've download some kexts here: http://www.osx86.net/view/2608-wifi_drivers-kexts_not_proven_to_work.html and it didn't work. I've read info here: 802.11 Linux STA driver | Broadcom to see capable of driver for linux kernel. So, please tell me the final solution for this problem: can BCM4313 wireless work with Hackintosh? if yes, how to do it? Best regard!
  17. What is that problem? Why is happen? i´m configureted the bios for the controller AHCI, and I made a bootable pendrive with? "myhack" on Vitual Mac in Virtual Box, using the OS X mavericks image ISO., and when done boot, this error happened. I have already an HD formatted in GPT format or MAC OS extended for the install The error complete: Error partising plist file Reading ramdisk image: bt(0,0)/extra/preboot.dmg unmounting:done ramdisk contains no partitions ? ? My PC: CPU: i5 3570k Motherboard: Asrock extreme 7 RAM: 8GB 2400mhz Kingston hyper-x Help me please, thanks very much ? **please write with more clarity, because i don´t undestand English very well...i´m so sorry.
  18. Hi everyone. I am experiencing so many problems with my hackintosh. Most importantly, I am using an AMD processor. When I go to customize the hard disk I created especially for Mac, it does not contain the legacy kernel I need to have to run Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my AMD Athlon processor. I am also getting freezes that never go away when I am installing it. My PS/2 mouse does not work on it!!! My USB keyboard is functional though. I am currently using iATKOS S3 V2 and Nawcom's ModCD. I am dual- booting Windows and Mac. So can I please have some help to fix these issues? Also, when I boot with rd(0,0)/Extra/modbin_kernel,?it just says "cant find rd(0,0)/Extra/modbin_kernel." All of this is just SO frustrating!! Do I have to download the Legacy Kernel from somewhere? If so, how do I enable it? Please help!! I need this to work! Thanks!
  19. MAKING A HACKINTOSH IS LIKE TO MAKE A CAKE... if you make a cake, then you put on something heavy, it will fall / if you make an hackintosh and you install kexts or something you don't have to install it wil fall... SO... LET'S START MAKING OUR HACKINTOSH! My specs: Name: Dell Inspiron 1750 19" Chipset: Intel GM45 Wireless: Broadcom 4311 (hard work to have it working on Lion!) Mouse: Synaptics Touchpad Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core @ 2.20 GHz Graphic Card: ATI Radeon HD 4330 (I've not QE/CI but there are some people that found a way to make it working....) INGREDIENTS FOR OUR CAKE: PC with Snow Leopard (10.6.6 or above) installed Mac OS X Lion (retail version someone say "Buy it on Mac App Store" you can download it from anywhere...) XMove (from {censored} site *You must be registered to download this from {censored}*) MB{censored} Lion Edition (from {censored} site *You must be registered to download this from {censored}*) A lot of patient LET'S START Access your Mac OS X 10.6.X partition and open Disk Utility. Click on your Default Partition ----------> Partition -------->and create a new partition of 8,00 GBs named Installer Wait until it finishes creating... Run the Mac OS X Lion.app (if any problems ask in comments reporting : Processor, MotherBoard and System Definition), select Continue----> Agree------> Select your SnowLeopard partition then click install... Wait until it completes copying files... ---------> Reboot when asked Start up with the snow leopard partition and run XMove... Click next until you see the Destination Select.... DO NOT SELECT THE SNOW LEOPARD PARITION NOW BUT THE "Installer" ONE! Click Next and wait.... yes... i know ... it takes a long time... IF YOU GET "Installation Failed": You have to right click on Install Mac OS X Lion.app and click Show Contents... Navigate to "Contents" --------> "SharedSupport" --------> Mount InstallESD.dmg --------> Run XMove again. Then you MUST reboot.... At Chameleon / Chimera / PCefi Bootloader home select "Installer" (with arrows) and type -v ... If you have any problem booting like mine (Bug: launchctl 20xx or USBEHCI ... etc...) then take a pic and send me on private message... I WILL REPLY TO EVERYONE! If anything goes wrong, you are between a fantastic (and FAST) language selector of Lion... Select your language then press the "Next" button... Click Next Select your Snow Leopard partition ... (if you wanna do a fresh install then click on "Utilities"------> "Disk Utility" and erase the disk...) ATTENTION! YOU CANNOT CUSTOMIZE! SO I INVITE YOU TO HAVE ANOTHER Snow Leopard partition TO MAKE IT WORKING IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG! Wait until it finishes installing... -------> Reboot.... Boot with -v flag to see if it stucks anywhere (EX: AppleYukon2: Romless Init - Get Property Failed) If something like that then send me (in private message) a pic and your specs. So, if everything has gone ok now you are between the Customizer (To set up your "MAC").... IF YOU HAVE "CONNECT A KEYBOARD TO CONTINUE": Reboot. At Chameleon Bootloader type -v -s and Enter when you have the bash shell , type in it "/sbin/mount -uw /" -------> "nano /System/Library/CoreServices/Setup\ Assistant.app/Contents/Info.plist" and find and delete these two lines <string>DeviceSection</string> <string>KeyboardTypeSection</string> Reboot. Finish Setup and ..... CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE YOUR MAC OSX 10.7 HACKBOOK! KNOWN PROBLEM IN BOTH iATKOS LX AND RETAIL: 1) Bug: launchctl.c:2408 (24957):30: (dbfd = open(g_job_overrides_db_path,.... IF YOU HAVE THE ISSUE #1 THEN DO: THE DISTRO MUST BE BURNED TO USB AND NOT TO DISK: Open your usb installer or Mac OS X partition from another disk (preferable windows) with MacDrive 8 or 9 Delete IOPCIFamily.kext and AppleACPIPlatform.kext (located in /System/Library/Extensions) and add these one (you can choose wich one, from 10.6.6 or 10.6.7 i prefer 10.6.7 , it's the nearest to 10.7.X) Link for AppleACPIPlatform.kext and IOPCIFamily.kext http://www.osx86.net/view/1481-appleacpiplatform_and_iopcifamily_10.6.7_-_10.6.6.html Reboot... IT WILL ALSO SOLVE [PCI CONFIGURATION BEGIN] ON SOME MOTHERBOARDS! PM: lorenzocascio@gmail.com Twitter: @cascio97 YouTube: @cascio97
  20. Mainboard : Gigabyte B75M D3H CPU : Celeron G1620 Graphics : Asus Radeon HD 5450 Memory : 2x4=8 GB ? Τα υπολοιπα δεν νομιζω να χ?ειαζονται (HDD, Power …) ? Μετα απο πολλες π?οσπαθειες να βαλω mac σε AMD χω?ις κανενα αποτελεσμα ( εξε?εση οτι μπο?εσα να βαλω 10.6.0 χω?ις να δουλευει ομως τιποτα) αλλαξα mainboard με τον αδε?φο μου και αγο?ασα τον celeron. Το συστημα παει τελεια εκτος το μονιμο π?οβλημα Sleep που εχουνε πολλα hackintosh. Α?χικα εβαλα?N{censored} 10.8.0?και εκανα αναβαθμιση μεσα απο το συστημα σε 10.8.5. ? Στην εγκατασταση το μονο που εβαλα ειναι η ethernet?AppleRTL8169Ethernet?που επαιξε αμεσως, το sleep enable που δεν επαιξε, και στο chameleon εβαλα iMac 12.1. Ειχα βαλει σε π?οηγουμενη εγκατασταση Mac Pro και μου εβγαλε π?οβλημα. ? Για ηχο εγκατεστησα τον?universal driver (Miikko)?του N{censored} και για εικονα?3043-AMDRadeonAccelerator&ATI5000Controller?με τα οποια ειναι ολα μια χα?α στα 1680x1050 ( ο φακελος εχει 2 kext που π?επει να γινουν εγκατασταση ενα ενα). Για NTFS με το Paragon ολα δουλευουν. Σαν ταχυτητα με τα λεφτα που εδωσα (πε?ιπου 40 euro) ειναι καλα. Ξεχασα να πω οτι εβαλα το συστημα, εκανα αναβαθμηση, και μετα εβαλα τα kexts επειδη ειναι για το 10.8.5 (άλλα δουλευουν στο 10.8.0).
  21. Hello i have an acer v3 551g-84506g50makk?and i am wondering would the parts in it be compatible for a hackintosh laptop. ? ?Processor: 4)processor amd a8 4500m apu with radeon tm hd graphics (http://www.amd.com/US/PRODUCTS/NOTEBOOK/GRAPHICS/7000M/7500M-7600M/Pages/radeon-7500m-7600m.aspx#3) RAM : 6GB DDR2 Graphics :1) amd readon hd 7640g + 7670m dual graphics 2)amd readon hd 7640g ? All references if you can )for earlier thanks)
  22. Raga ho bisogno di un consiglio, quali sono i kext migliori per questo tipo di schede audio e video: Audio: Conexant HDA Video: AMD Radeon 7500G
  23. Well, anyway - where to begin with? I am trying to finalize my Hackintosh properly - without success so far. Hence, I am writing this post to ask for your help... ? :-) ? So: I have: - MacOSX 10.8.4 -?Sapphire ATI Radeon VAPOR-X HD 7970? -?Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H ? What is working: With Chameleon I can use my Mac via the Gigabyte graphic card - but only on a "basic graphic mode" with?ATI7000Controller.kext removed and GE=No. ? With installed?ATI7000Controller.kext and GE=No it is only working in -x mode. ? With GE=Yes it shows quickly after start a?Memory allocation error. ? So: On my wish list: A working MacOS with a full support of my HD 7970. ? For any help I am thankful! ? Cheers!
  24. Hi guys, I just installed "OS X Mavericks 10.9" on my ASUS 1201N. Works everything except wifi card but is no problem. You can buy a mini usb adapter or the wifi card compatible on ebay. I have to say that the performance is good. If anyone needs anything, (atom kernel, extensions, extra folder, ...) I'll be happy to share Greetings & Happy new year for all.
  25. Hi, so I have stock 10.7 which I installed on my amd hackintosh, and the first time it booted, I got a really weird Error...it was like a checkered black and white screen with colorful pixels...I know its my graphics card, but the thing is everything works with GraphicsEnabler=No...my only problem is I only have 3mb of virtual ram, making everything laggy...if anyone can give me suggestions that would be great...but please dumb it down, I'm pretty new at this...thanks guys, I really appreciate it! PS...I know how to install kexts, but they haven't been working...except for crashing the computer, so I gotta go through my installation flash drive to terminal and remove them, but now I'm at a clean install...thanks guys!! Specs: CPU: amd 9600 2.3 GHz Ram: 4gb ddr2 GPU: xfx 8400gs 512mb ddr2 PSU: 650w corsair Mobo: Asus m3a32-mvp deluxe
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