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Found 56 results

  1. que tal, yo otra vez por estos rumbos jaajja disculpen mi problema es el siguiente, despues de instalar iAtkos L2 me di cuenta que consume demaciada bateria en windows mi bateria normalmente dura de 3 a 5 horas dependiendo como la use, pero cuando la uso con mac no me dura ni 1 horas, y noto que mi computadora se pone mas caliente de lo usual y me puse a googlear y descubri que es porque mi procesador en mac siempre esta funcionando a su maxima potencia y debo de instalar un Speedstep para que se regule el procesador y no este siempre al 100% entonces queria pedirles su ayuda e buscado muchos speedstep pero ninguno me a funcionado, queria ver si me podrian ayudar o proporcionar alguna solucion se los agradeceria mucho, porque creo que si la uso con mi bateria la hackintosh se le acabara la vida util a mi bateria muy rapido, los detalles de mi procesador son los siguientes : Intel Core i5 2410m @2.30GhZ es de segunda generacion de antemano muchas gracias
  2. Hello everyone! I've been on a couple of forums browsing and looking up answers during my installation of Lion on my desktop. Thanks to folks like you, it went off without a single issue! However my laptop is... Let's just say nowhere nearly as kind. First off, I am not using a distro. It's a App Store version of Lion. I install it using U{censored} 1.4.0. Things go ok during install, and upon booting to the desktop immediately after, the graphics card (Intel HD3000 ) is recognized perfectly, the resolution is set correctly out of the box. I have to install a kext for my wireless (Atheros AR5B93) to get it working, and it works perfectly after that. I install a VooDooHDA kext for sound, again, works perfectly. At this point, aside from sleep functionality, I have a perfectly good install of OS X it would seem. But not quite. Here are my issues. If I try to boot without the U{censored}/Lion USB in my laptop, it gives a boot error and doesn't even try to start up. If I use ANY boot loader, doesn't matter which, it causes a kernel panic without fail, every time, no matter what flags are used. I can live with having to boot via USB, however I would obviously prefer to not have to do that. Would love some help here! I have searched high and low, every solution I have found, does not work with this machine. But what I really need help with, is getting 10.7.4 to work. I cannot install it via update, combo, or even installing a friend's copy straight from the App Store (My copy is 10.7.3, his is 10.7.4 ). Attempting to install 10.7.4 any way shape or form, causes a kernel panic. In verbose mode, it gets to a Synaptics PS/2 line, and hangs. It gives no error following that, it just hangs indefinitely. If I don't use verbose mode, it kernel panics. If I update 10.7.3 to 10.7.4, it installs, then wants to reboot, and does the same. I can't seem to find any solution to either of these errors, and would love if you guys can maybe help? Thanks! Lenovo G570 Intel i3 2.3GHz 8GB RAM Intel HD3000 graphics
  3. I just installed Iatkos L2.. Everything works fine. But i can't find a Wireless kext.. I've got an Broadcom 802.11 Network adapter. Can someone help me.? Thanks Kind Regards
  4. Hi and thanks for taking the time to read an contribute to this thread. I recently built a very powerful Hackintosh Tower and was blown away by how easy it is to do now thanks to Forums like this one and a few others. So before I get started let me compliment everyone from this and other communities for contributing and making this such a rich information resource. Now onto my issue.. I have now turned my focus to get my Lenovo ThinkPad T61p turned into a completely working system. as of today I have it up and running with Lion 10.7 installed although it will only boot from the USB stick I created and doesnt seem to like any Bootloaders I have installed. Inaddition I dont seem to see many people that have posted Kext's or DSDT's that seem to work with the T61p. I have a found a few Kext files that get the Keyboard working but I would like to see if anyone out there may be willing to respond with either a great link to follow or simply send me the Kext Files or DSDT. My config is the Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz and 3 Gb RAM. I dont believe I have the NVidia version as It's an older model. I appologize as this is not 100% complete info as I am at work posting this and the Laptop is at home. I will better update once I am home but wanted to see if I can get anyone in the mean time with some good info for me. Every response is appreciated and let me thank you now in advance!
  5. I have a Lenovo G560, 0679 model with Core i5 450M, Geforce 310M, 4GB RAM, HM55 Nortbridge. It works pretty much perfectly with OS X (10.6.8, all latest updates), with the Kextpack from here and the Synaptics Pack i have pretty much everything working. Only the Ethernet and Webcam (why? wtf? I didn't even install a driver for it!) will not work with x64, but i386 is all dandy: WLAN, Ethernet, Webcam, VGA-out, Multimedia-Keys, Brightness/Volume-Keys, Sleep (only with charger unplugged, but i simply unplug it, send it to sleep and plug it back in!), GPU (CI,QE, the works), Powerbutton, reboot etc... I only have these mods to plain vanilla (used iB{censored} to install) - Whitelist BIOS v2.15 (if I ever see the need for faster Broadcom WLAN!) - VoodooHDA2.7.2 (Audio), RealtekR1000.kext (Ethernet), IO80211Family 3.1.2 (WLAN), AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext/ApplePS2Controller (1.1.5) (Touchpad/Keyboard) and VoodooBattery.kext (fixes sleep or shutdown, can't remember) in /S/L/E - FakeSMC 3.1.0 rev493, IntelThermal 1.0 (/E/E) oh, and there's Kext_MSRTools.kext in /L/E, dunno how that got there! The only issue is that it disconnects USB-devices when it goes to sleep, but i think that's a hardware issue, since Windows 7 also does that (i have perfect triple boot with Ubuntu 11.10, took me some work to get there! ;-) ...and also Speedstep does not work. I just noticed this because I ran Cinebench/Geekbench on Windows and OSX and the OSX result is less than half! Everything in OSX tells me I have a 2.4 GHz Core i5, just like it's supposed to be, but apparently in reality it constantly runs at the lowest Speedstep setting (1.2 GHz from what I gathered), not speed-cycling at all! The Bus MHz is reported wrong in most tools (not anymore in Apples CPU prefpane since I upgraded Chameleon to the latest 2.1), CPU-X tells me the CPU's Code Name is "Unknown" and that it sits in a Socket 778 (it's PGA988), it also tells me the multiplier is x0.0 (i have set busratio=18 in the bootflags!) and the bus Speed is 8450 MHz, while the FSB is 33800 MHz. Also, apparently it can run 16 Threads on its 2 cores! ;-) In the system log AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement says the Turbo Bus Ratio is 0000.. The P/C-States in SMC Profiler look fine (MHz is good, Potency is all 0, Transition/Bus Master latency is all 10, PERF_CTL and PERF_STATE contain varying values for the individual states - Is that supposed to look like that? So how do I get Speedstep working? I've searched and read around a lot and I don't know which path I should take, there's all kinds of approaches: Patching the DSDT? How would I go about that, I have no clue, I just took the DSDT from the Kextpack above (which might have been from a slightly different machine!). I do have DSDTSE here to edit and generate my own DSDTs... Or patching AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement? If yes: How??? Or would VoodooPstate.kext, VoodooPower.kext or VoodooPowerMini.kext be a better approach? I did try installing VoodooPstate.kext, but the VoodooPstate controller (and System Profiler) say it's not loaded... And what about the IntelThermal-Plugin from FakeSMC? Can I modify this to give me Speedstep? I'm willing to work hard to get this one 100% running, and I'm *that* close!.. Would be great if any of the skilled people could help me by just telling me HOW... <:-) Thanks in advance (in general to everyone here bringing OSX to regular PCs! ;-).. Okay, I just checked, MSRtools installs the Kext_MSRTools.kext into /L/E MSRtools btw reports the MHz correctly as 1.2GHz (current and doesn't change ever, max. is listed as 2.4GHz) the other stuff it says: Speedstep: on TM1: on TM2: off Threshold, FORCEPR#, Out of spec, Custom Trigger 0/1: Not Tripped Tj Max Guess: 100 Celsius, Core Temp TjMax - varies Trigger0/1 Temp: TjMax - 0.0 (100.0 guess) Manual Throttle: Disabled 50.0% Target Mult: 0.0, Target Voltage: 0.2V Actual Mult: 0.0 Actual Voltage 0.844V
  6. PLS HELP ME !!! HOW TO INSTALL MAC OS X ON LENOVO Y550 ?!?! :confused:
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