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Found 37 results

  1. Hi I have installed successfully iakos l2 on my system. I am a newbie i can patiently work on. but i have no experience in solving these type of problem can anyone help me?. I have tried to install many drivers. i don't know whether i want to clean all those? I have no symptoms of LAN/Ethernet. I can't able to connect to internet. The LAN connectivity line glows as it was connected. (LAN cable works on my lap hence there is no problem on LAN cable). Sound: when i try to open a mp3 file with Quick time i am getting an error message "The document "filename.mp4" could not be opened. an unknown error occurred(-101)" the same message i am getting for the mp3 files too. when i open mp3 in vlc it play but i am unable to hear sound. My system is with 945GC intel board. 2GB RAM. 250GB HDD. I have used the entire hard disk for the mac. I have installed with Chameleon boot loader. If anyone have solution please guide in the step by step method so that i can easily understand.
  2. My build is as follows; 2x4GB DDR3 1333mHz Ram ECS- H61H2-M2 -Mother board i7 2600 - CPU ATI HD 5670 - GPU I have a hackintosh on this build and have many (little) but annoying problems.. First, when I'm watching youtube to audio crackles. and the voodooHDA prefrence isn't active and doesn't detect me green line out, only HDMI (monitor) Next, I get 1-2 kernal panics upon booting. all going back to CPU x (x = number from 0-8) Finally the volume control on my keyboard don't work for my speakers but do for my headphones.. Please ask any other information if you need to. Help would be loved, so I don't go back to Win 7.
  3. iFreek

    Seltsames Problem!

    Hallo Leute! Ich habe ein Dell Latitude D620 und folgendes Problem: Normalerweise wird meine Grafikkarte (Intel GMA950) direkt nach der Installation nicht erkannt. Ich habe nur Ton, Internet, etc. Ich benutze den Bootloader für den D620 von Leppy700m. Wenn ich nun aber den Chameleon-Bootloader installiere habe ich kein Ton mehr, aber dafür funktioniert dann plötzlich die Grafik-Unterstützung. Versteht irgendjemand das Problem? Bitte helft mir schnell, sodass ich Grafik und Audio habe! Gruß Marius
  4. Hi all ! I'm fairly new to Mac OS X. I'm a web developer in need of a VM with OSX for testing purposes. I installed it using Virtualbox and the Soul Dev Team pre-installed VM but I have no sound and I am stuck to 1024x768. They have a link pointing here for drivers but I must confess I have absolutely no idea what I should get to make it work. Think you could help me ?
  5. I have been trying to install mac on my laptop during nearly 1 month. Today i archieved!, but i have problems with SOUND, NETWORK, RAM, VIDEOCARD... But the first thing i would like to solve is SOUND. This is my laptop ENTS11HR-2314G50Mnkk | Product Model I tried with different kext and nothing happend. The last one i tried....kernel panic. So, anyone can recomend me some kext to check? and...how can i repair the kernel panic? I tried with -x -s but i can't... I will continue reading, but i'm very noob and i don't know how to do some things. If anyone knows any kexts for network, videocard..it would be very helpful! sorry for my poor english! thanks!
  6. I have successfully installed snow leopard on my dv7-3085dx but my audio is not working. I followed the iB{censored} plus MB{censored} tutorial step by step but sound still not working. I also have to boot with -x cpus=1 and have not been able to boot with -v busratio=12 cpus=1. Also my wireless card does not work and a couple of usb ports on the left side but from what I've read this can not be fixed.
  7. Hi guys, Recently I've build a new Hackintosh for myself and used a Gigabyte GA-Z68P-DS3 (rev. 2.1) motherboard for it. Everything is basically OK except for the audio part. The original 1.0 revision of the Gigabyte GA-Z68P-DS3 used Realtek ALC889, but the later revisions don't specify what audio they use. As most of the Z68-based motherboards use the same ALC889, I assume my Gigabyte GA-Z68P-DS3 (rev. 2.1) also continues to use it. I personally use MB{censored} to install OS X 10.7.3 Lion from the Mac App Store and a pre-edited DSDT form {censored}'s DSDT database, so to enabling sound for ALC889 should be easy, but... Even if check the "ALC8xxHDA", "AppleHDA Rollback", "ALC889" (from the "Non-DSDT HDAEnabler") or any combination of them I still don't get any trace of sound. The system profiler shows audio devices, but there are none of sound input or output devices in the "Sound" section of System Preferences. Any help?
  8. Hey, In short: Sound stutters when my AMD CPU is idling. Need a fix! Well I've got a perfect installation of 10.5.8 running on my HP laptop. It has an AMD Turion64 X2 1.8Ghz CPU, 4GB Ram and an Nvidia 8800GT. All working fantastic! ...until you run the laptop from the battery. Doing so will cause the audio to stutter and skip chronically when the CPU is idling. Moving the mouse cures the problem, and while Idlehalt=0 fixes the problem, it results in severe overheating. I'm sure it's to do with incorrect CPU values. My Busratio is 9, my FSB is 200 and the CPU is 1800Mhz. I've booted with 'busratio=9 fsb=200000000' but it's made no difference. I've got VoodooHDA installed - that improved the quality of my audio, but not the stuttering. Any help? Thank you!
  9. Hallo, ich nutze den kX Audio Treiber unter Lion 10.7 Mein Problem: Die beiden Dienstprogramme "kX AC97" und "kX Manager" hüpfen zwar im Dock, öffnen sich sonst aber nicht. Würde gern mein Subwoofer zum schallen bekommen. Weiß jemand, wie und ob man Programme übers Terminal starten kann? Bei Linux bekommt man so wenigstens eine Fehlerausgabe. Vielleicht kann mir auch jemand erklären, wie ich kX mit dem Terminal-Programm "kxctrl" einstellen kann. Finde dazu einfach kein Manual.
  10. Hello Guys, i already installed iAtkos L2 10.7.2, and have a problem whit my Genius Sound Maker Value 5.1. i have installed the driver CMI8738 for my sound card and this NOT WORKING!!! Sorry for my bad english and Thanks for read
  11. I have an alienware m17x r2. I have got 10.6.6 running on it but no sound. How do i get sound?? What kexts do i use?
  12. I have installed Mac OSX Snow Leopard iAtkos S3 10.6.3 Ver.2 (Intel only) , I have a ga-p35-ds3 mb with 8 channels alc889a audio controller. On installation I checked for sound "voodoo hda". In the back panel (directly in mb) I have connected a 5.1 system, in the front pannel (from my case) I have connected my speakers. The speakers are ok, on win7 I have no problems with them. The sound works ok, the only problem is a annoying background rustling sound. How can I fix this? Anyone else had this problem? I turned to 0 the input gain from line-out (green rear) and the annoying sound vanished from my headphones. I have the problem with the annoying sound when I switch to my 5.1 system.
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