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Found 91 results

  1. I am getting the Boot0: Error and I have tried to boot from disk but the apple boot screen wont go away. The loading circle just keeps on spinning and spinning and nothing will happen. I have already changes the windows partition to active and added the Mac OS entry to the (windows) bootloader with EasyBCD. Please help.
  2. Hey guys, I've been trying pretty desperately the last couple of days to dual boot my Asus K52F with Win7 and OSX. So far I've failed with Lion and Snow Leopard, so I figured I'd skip a level down and attempt Tiger. I obtained an ISO version of 10.4.6, burned it to a dvd and using the most current version of iB{censored}, I Booted the new dvd (labeled Mac OSX x86 Install in iB{censored}). It attempts for a few seconds, but than loads the message "You must restart your computer... blahblahblah". Behind it, the error log reads: Panic (cpu 0 caller 0x563ebd) unable to find driver for this platform:\"ACPI\".\n"@ /SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1504.15.2/iokit/kernel/ioplatformexpert.cpp:1387 Kernel Version: Darwin Kernel 10.8.0 My computer's stats is asfollows: Intel Pentium CPU P6100 @ 2.0 GHz 8 GB RAM current OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Motherboard: ASUSTek K52F 1.0 Bridge: Havendale/Clarkdale. SouthBridge: Intel HM55 CPU socket: socket 989 rPGA Am I missing something or is this a complete lost cause. Any help at all is appreciated. Help!? Installing Tiger10.4.6 on Asus K52F. Boot Error
  3. KWorld PVR-TV 7131SE ??????

    Help, i don't know english, but i need this kext, from tv card.. it's possible see tv on a hackingtosh (Lion 10.7.3) whit pci tv card? .. if i need a external software, please tell me which?, sorry if this post its misplaced.. Thanks!!
  4. Hello ... I have a problem with the wireless network card that is: tp-link wn-442g which is connected by usb ... My operating system is: Mac OSx 10.7.2 Lion my system: Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z Intel core i5 2500k 4Gb DDR3 1600 Kingston Asus EAH6850 GDDR5 ... Do you know any driver or someway to install the network card? Thank you
  5. OK Please oh Help me!!!

    :mad: OK so I just installed Mac OS X 10.6.6i By Leo Hazard OS X torrent here: Download SL 10 6 6i by Hazard Torrent - KickassTorrents ok well it did install succeeded screen . So I recognized my built-in ethernet was not working whatever I bought an adapter LAN to USB and it works fine ok getting to the point. When I used software update to get Combo Update 10.6.8 and waited for it to download and rebooted I got a stupid annoying kernel panic. Why is this happening? I did on the boot loader pmVersion=0 but it stays 4 ever and I want mac on my PC, what can I do to fix this? I know my PC is 100% compatible with OSx86 Specs: 1. Manufacture SONY VAIO 2. Model VPCF136FM/B 3. Intel i7 :cool: CPU SSE2 & SSE & 1-8 blah 4. 6Gb RAM 5.NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 310M / GT 425M GPU 6. A DVD Drive 7. EH :mad: failed hard disk (I have done update even before the disk failed) So can anyone help me? what can I do? Use Apple's Retail DVD and {censored}'s iB{censored} or what?
  6. I need someone's help! install iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 on my acer aspire 5542, does not work on wifi and ethernet, and install almost every kext that is in the page and there is no result, I really need internet on my mac. I have a atheros HB95/HB93(AR5B93), and also one called 43225 broadcom wireless, which is the nose which wifi and ethernet, friends need your help please!! me neither does the audio, the notebook camera and microphone of the notebook as well. also I have one called: LAN (BCM5784M) need help please friends. I hope someone's help, for the love of god, I need internet to work in photoshop please do not ignore me, help me have pity! thanks from Argentina: D
  7. Asus K50IJ

    Alguem me ajuda a instalar o snow leopard no meu pc? gostava bastante de ter mac os x e ubuntu a correr na minha maquina.. (MacOS so por causa do software da adobe) Obrigado..
  8. help me please

    hellow people i need help of all of you i want to install mac os x lion 10.7 on my intel based pc my configuration is as follows intel core 2 duo 2.4Ghz (e4600) 2gb+ 1gb ram (667 Mhz) jetway (intel chip set) mother board 320GB seagate sata hard disk 7200rpm ps2 keyboard+mouse sony dvd rom 52x nvidia GT 220 (1 gb )graphics and i have mac lion cd and also have mac's .dmg file so now tell me how can i install mac os on my pc currently i am running windows 7 (32 bit plzz tell me thanx in advance
  9. Hi, i am samrat,from india.... Recently i got a keen interest in installing a MAC OS in my Windows supported PC... So,i started to Google around to gather some info to install mac.....i understood that i need to approve 3 things before staring the installation process.... 1. My Processor Should be a SSE2 supported... 2. Then My Mother-Board Should support the MAC OS... 3. Then I need a MAC distribution... /*------------MY SYSTEM CONFIGURATION----------*/ /*------------PROCESSOR----------*/ /*------------MOTHER BOARD----------*/ . /*------------RAM MEMORY----------*/ I saw this below link suggesting that DG41RQ supports perfectly.... OSx86 I DOWNLOADED THE MAC DISTRO...FROM iAtkos s3 Snow Leopard 10.6.3 intel (download torrent) - TPB after downloading & making a ISO DVD..when booting.... the 1st screen displays... then after pressing any key.... then after waiting for few sec..... error at the corner..... EBIOS read error : media error Block 0x8489e0 sector 0 plz help guyz...Thanks in advance
  10. Amilo Pi 2550

    hi all, I have an Amilo Pi 2550 with a iatkos v7 installed. Before had tried older versions but I jumped hardware error and could not run the install until I put the iatkos v7. Once I had the DVD with the normal install iatkos v7 remove the Windows partition and put there the OS, leaving there the Linux and MAC. The entire installation process was bin worked around the keyboard and mouse. Once finished the installation process I get off and I put her grub MBR and run in normal mode the screen goes MAC logo and loading, wait 7 seconds or so and put on a screen like squares of brown and no I can see nothing and has then wait 10 seconds and starts dating a music that I can not remove. I go into recovery mode and I can not write to the text terminal. My laptop: Name: Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 2550 Graphic card: ATI Radeon 2400 What do I have to do now to solve this problem? Is there a more recent version of Hackintosh to upgrade?
  11. Ayuda Lenovo G550

    Hola Amigos de Kext Bueno Tengo mi Lenovo G550 Dual Core T4300 / 2.10 Ghz 3 Gb de Ram Tengo la version 10.6.8.de Mac Universal el Problema es que no capto la lan , el video no capta al 100%, La Bateria no la Reconoce y otros detalles qu pueden esperar.. Si Alguien me Brindara Una Ayuda se lo Agradeceria
  12. I have Vmworkstation with a Snow Leopard 10.6.4 image. Now i want to install the new software 10.6.8. I have heard that i first have to install something on 10.6.4. Could someone help me ?
  13. Mother board EFI and Mac

    Hello, I wish boot vanilla mac, without efi emulation. To that's, I have setup UEFI to replace my bios on my hardware. But mac is specific. Is Universale EFI and not normal EFI, and the DVD seam not be detected as bootable. Then I wish know where I can get patch to patch tianocore to boot Mac. Or EFI x64 application to boot it. Now 20% of motherbaord have EFI, due to 3TB hdd limitation. Thanks.
  14. Install Mac OSX Lion on Asus K50IJ

    Hi Guys, Can anyone help me with the installation of Mac OSX Lion on my laptop? I have an ASUS K50IJ. I have tried to install it but the installer displayed that it cannot be installed on this machine and the displayed cause was: "K50IJ". Thank you a lot! Best Regards, Andrei
  15. Has anyone succeed to install OS X on an AMD powered machine so far? I've been a Mac geek for two decades, and a friend asked me to help him install Snow Leopard on a HP Pavillion DV-8000 with a Turion CPU inside. AFAIK, all bootROMs available are Intel only. So, does any of you nerds know, if there is a way? TIA
  16. hy guys im new on mac but its not that difficult to learn it....i have installed kalyway mac os but i have a problem with the desktop resolution. i have nvidia 8500gt and when i go to system preferences and click to "display" my screen turns blue and i cant do anything else than reinstalling the mac os...any help? plz im starting to like mac...ps: when ive installed it i have checked the nvinject 512 ...why cant i change the res.? ive learned something...if in case that the blue screen turns again dont do anything, just unplug the computer power cable and then plug in again..