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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I've had my hackintosh running stable for about half a day but I can't get more than one monitor to detect. I've installed all necessary kexts with MB{censored} as well as the latest nvidia web drivers and cuda drivers, but the problem still remains. I have my three monitors plugged in (they all work fine) one through dvi, vga and hdmi. They all worked fin in windows yesterday so I doubt its a monitor issue. With all three plugged in, when I boot my mobo displays the full screen logo on my vga monitor by default which is fine, then OS X continues to boot using the vga monitor, then I can login and use the system normally, but even when I go into display preferences I can't get the other two monitors to detect. When I unplug the dvi monitor the screen flashes and when I plug it in again the screen flashes and goes back to normal, then dvi monitor shows the wallpaper and task bar at the top but it's greyed out and the monitor still refuses to show up in display preferences. And I have no hope trying to get the hdmi to work at all. I'm going to get a dvi to hdmi but in the meantime I at least want to two working. When I boot with only the DVI or HDMI or both monitor plugged in the full screen mobo logo shows fine, the chimera boot loader looks fine, then the apple logo shows up fine then the loading bar gets to about half way when the screen goes black ad the monitor displays the no signal sign. Thanks in advance, Royce
  2. Version 1.1


    Fully working VANILLA yosemite on 10.10.1 - DSDT/ ALL EXTRA with settings + EXTENSIONS, wifi working with AES, bt working with magic mouse audio working with internal speakers, headphones, mic, hdmi output, 3GB NVIDIA 560GTX working - you must install latest nvidia WEB DRIVER, keyboard lightning working also ENJOY!!! NOTES! to installation osx - boot with flags: nv_disable=1 dart=0 darkwake=0 igpenabler=no GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=0 after installation and 10.10.1 update: - install chimera from latest MB{censored}, also trim if you have an ssd disk - replace extra with extra from this package (include also DSDT file) use this flags: kext-dev-mode=1 nvda_drv=1 PCIRootUID=0 - GENERATE NEW SMBIOS serial with chameleon wizard!!!! - install all extensions with kext utility - repair permissions enjoy fully working 10.10.1 (only display brightness not working, but i use free SHADES app) my specs: intel i7 2630QM Nvidia GTX 560M 3GB / no 3d display Qualcomm Atheros 9285 wifi/bt bgn audio - ALC 269 USB 3 WORKING!
  3. hello guys i install Yosemite.hackintosh zone and the process of installashing was easy every things works my problem is that my (rear pink) jack for input is not shown in input just the (front pink) is shown -> see the attached pic BTW "Sound" works fine "Sound" kext was automatically installed by the process of installing the system and they use voodoo kext? ? my spec : system: 10.10.1 (14B25) motherboard: asus p8h61 cpu : intel i3 2120 gpu: nvidia geforce gt430 "Sound" :?Realtek® ALC 887 ethernet:?Realtek® 8111E
  4. Version 1.2


    FULLY WORKING ALC269 audio for ASUS G74SX with SPEAKERS, MIC, HEADPHONES and also HDMI on YOSEMITE 10.10.1 ALSO must use for anybody who used my previous kexts and audio wont work
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