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Found 11 results

  1. Version 1


    Atheros AR5B195 (AR9285+AR3011 Combo) El Capitan & Yosemity half size mini pci express combo wifi + bluetooth working great on el capitan unzip it just drag & drop on System/Library/Extentions On el capitan S/L/E are hidden so you needed to unhide them first also kext utility 2.6.4 is need before restart.... thanks to all devs i only upload them in on place for easy finding... by nikkpap
  2. Version 1.0


    Requirements: Yosemite install app from apple store 1. Partition drive, GUID table, HFS+J 2. Create installer using OSX Yosemite chameleon and select your <installer> drive as target and following: installer > chameleon 2.3snv-r2510 driver kext > audio > voodooHDA driver kext > autres-misc > laptop ps2, laptop batterie, usb3.0 fakesmc > fakesmc 3. Hit Install 4. Using Kext wizard install ACPM.kext to <installer>/S/L/E 5. Copy whole Extra folder and replace the one on your <installer> drive 6. Using Chameleon wizard generate your own SMBios file (MPB8.3 is recommended) and save it to <installer>/Extra folder 7. Boot from your installer drive using -v -f option 8. Install yosemite 9. Boot to your previous OSX installation and run the OSX Yosemite chameleon again and now select your new Yosemite OS as target and this: post installer > chameleon 2.3snv-r2510 driver kext > audio > voodooHDA driver kext > autres-misc > laptop ps2, laptop batterie, usb3.0 fakesmc > fakesmc 10. Copy whole Extra folder from <installer> and replace the one on your <Yosemite OS> drive 11. Using Kext wizard install ACPM.kext and ALXEthernet.kext to <Yosemite OS>/S/L/E 12. Boot from your Yosemite OS using -v -f 13. Using Kext wizard repair permissions and rebuild cache. 14. Reboot. No flags needed anymore Enjoy PS: In case of kernel panic (CPU) install NullCPM but it should be ok. Attached ACPM is patched. Working: everything but see below. Not working: stock wifi module > use compatible one, sleep not tested (i don't use it), imessage (NVram still not patched).
  3. Version 1.0


    here i the latest DSDT patched for Dell 7537 Intel 4500U+intel HD 4400+1080P laptop can be used for 10.11 and (tested working) need a port injector to get USB fully functionality
  4. mohmmed188

    ATI HD 7770

    Version 1.2.8


    ATI AMD HD 7770
  5. Version 10.10 (14A389)


    Patched OSInstaller framework to allow installation on MBR partition. OSInstall.mpkg patch is not needed for MBR installation, it's patched to remove minimum RAM and supported platform checks. credits go to oldnapalm
  6. Version 2.6.5


    OS X 10.10 Yosemite DP7 & PB4 AppleHDA IDT 92HD87B1/3 (111D 76D1) Patched for CCE GT335Pro. It may not work on other systems. Add layout 12 to your DSDT or use HDAEnabler... HDMI audio requires DSDT edits as well. WARNING Only install AppleSNBGraphicsFB if you're having problems outputting video through HDMI. The one inside these zips adds support for VGA and removes the first HDMI, leaving only VGA, LVDS and HDMI2. So, if your HDMI outputs video normally, don't install the Framebuffer. To solve HDMI audio-only problems, DSDT edits should be enough. Name: IDT 92HD87B1/3 | DevID: 111D | CodecID: 76D1 | Layout: 12
  7. Version 2399


    This is new Chameleon of Developer AnV and Ermac.Muny speed and stability works!!!!
  8. Version 1.2.7 10.10


    This version is mainly based on Yosemite Developer Preview and Beta.I hope to work and on Gold Master version Yosemite.Original post Zenith432
  9. Version 265.88


    This AppleHDA is testing on Yosemite and Mavericks.But on Mavericks don't work. Credit by:Mirone
  10. WarDoctor

    Clover V2

    Version R2758


    fixes 10.10 boot logo
  11. 2,301 downloads

    Yosemite brings new AppleHDA which one cant be correctly patched by Simple AppleHDA Patcher (bin-patch). Solution for masochist who still using patched AppleHDA... install this kext and add Kext-Dev flag to boot arg. 1. Open Terminal 2. Paste this into Terminal window "open /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist" 3. Add flag in correct place (look at screenshot) flag "kext-dev-mode=1" 4. Save changes. 5. Reboot DSDT/Clover Layout injection still needed. --- https://www.facebook.com/VanillaX86
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