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Found 10 results

  1. Does anybody have solution for this
  2. Olá a todos, sou novato em Fóruns e no assunto Hackintosh. Em primeiro lugar, me desculpem se criei esse tópico em lugar inapropriado. Minhas experiencias com hackintosh foram poucas, instalei o OS em uma PCChips A31G e em um Netbook PHN 10A-R123WS, então alguma noção. Compre a Placa mãe GAB-75M-D3H Gigabyte e tenho as seguinte configurações: Socket: LGA1155 Chipset: Intel® B75 Express Chipset ?duio: Realtek ALC887 codec Rede: Realtek GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit) ____________________ O guia abaixo: HCL 10.8.1 - OSx86 Segui essas configurações para a Bios da placa: How to set up the UEFI of your Hackintosh's Gigabyte motherboard De acordo com o link abaixo, acredito que seja possível rodar o sistema em minha placa: Hackintosh GAB75MD3H - Hackintosh World ____________________ Obs: Acredito que a minha placa mãe, tenha placa gráfica onboard e acredito que não seja compativel. Tenho a Placa gráfica Xfx geforce 8500 gt Fatality 512mb, mas tambem não sei se ela é compativel, pelo menos não encontrei nada sobre. ____________________ Tenho as as distros iAtkos S3 (DVD), iAtkos L1(DVD), iAtkos ML2 (Pen Drive) e Retail 10.7.3(DVD). Instalei a versão S3, mas não consegui dar boot, o sistema não da Kernel Panic, mas reinicia logo a pós aparecer a mensagem "Inicializando darwin 86x" (Algo parecido). Não consegui nem entrar na tela de instal das versões L1, ML2 e 10.7.3. ____________________ Resumindo: Queria começar do zero, e preciso de ajuda, se alguém puder me ajudar, ficarei grato!
  3. Here is my laptop: ====================================================== Asus K43SA CPU Core i5-2450M @ 2.50GHz Motherboard K43SA (Intel HM65 chipset) Memory 4 GB ( Samsung DDR3 1333MHz ) Storage WDC WD5000BPVT-80HXZT3 ( 500 GB / 5400 RPM ) Graphic ATI Radeon HD 6730M ( 2 GB ) Display LG LGD02F8 ( 14 '' ) Audio ALC269 @ Intel 6 Series Chipset HDA Ethernet RTL8168E PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC Wireless AR9285 ====================================================== Installing was quick and esay,but making the devices work drives me crazy. Fortunately, ethernet,wireless and audio works fine for me, now the biggest problem is how to make HD 6730m work. I've searched and searched a lot but found no one with this device succeeded driving it. What happened to my computer is when you make no changes (after installing), the graphic card was recognised as some 3Mb(GDDR) device . No QE/CI and resolution fixed in 1024x768. When I tried to put dsdt.aml in /E/E, system was able to boot but at the time when login window should appear,the whole screen became TOTALLY BLACK,just like the computer is powered off(but everything is running fine except display). What I've learned from people with the same HD6730 who have also do these things is that when you has another display( via VGA)?things were all fine ( QE/CI, resolution 1366x768 available, etc) there and the laptop screen just not work. I use chameleon for Windows to load OS X. There is another message I heard yesterday is that Chameleon just not support HD 6730m graphic card. Anybody who can give me some advice or help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. EvanAlmighty214

    Help! 10.7.3 Crash after bootloader

    I had lion 10.7.3 running but the 32bit apps were not working so I got this kernel(http://www.osx86.net/view/3538-amd_lion_64-bit_kernel.html) and replaced the old one with it and now it just crashes to a black screen after the boot loader. I have a amd fx 8120, gtx 660, 8gb Ram. I used -v, -v -x, -v npci=0x2000, -v -nossse3bit and nothing will work. Please help me!
  5. Installazione effettuata con Iatkos L2 usando i seguenti flag: npci=0x3000 Configurazione: Motherboard: Asrock Conroe 1333-D667 R1.0 CPU: E6850 Intel Core2Duo 3.0ghz Ram: 2x2gb 667mhz (Riconosciuti 3.2gb su Windows 7 e Ubuntu per limitazioni Mobo, 4gb non so come su Lion) Scheda Video: Geforce GTS450 1GB (Graphicsenabler=yes - "Driver" Nvidia Cuda) Scheda Audio: M-Audio Delta 66 (Con "Driver" Envy24) Wireless: D-Link DWL-G122 (Con "Driver" Ralink) Ho poi usato Champlist per sistemare vari settaggi tipo SMBios. Come Bootloader usavo Chameleon, poi sono passato a Chimera. Ecco qualche screenshot: http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/3208/schermata052456057alle1.png http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/3208/schermata052456057alle1.png http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/3208/schermata052456057alle1.png http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/3208/schermata052456057alle1.png EDIT: unica nota negativa è che non riesco a loggarmi in icloud e nell'app store... non è un grosso problema EDIT 08/11/2012: Oggi ho trovato la voglia di reinstallare Iatkos L2. Ho usato poi Aggiornamento Software per aggiornare a 10.7.5 e tutto sembra funzionare benissimo. Ho poi usato l'ultimo MB{censored} per ML dato che contiene una patch per abilitare OpenCL sulle schede video Fermi (ho una Geforce GTS450) e (con grande stupore) ha funzionato! Ora l'unico problema è che ogni volta che provo ad andare in full screen con i giochi oppure con Youtube (da Chrome) il sistema si blocca (riesco a muovere il mouse ma lo schermo rimane o nero, o bianco) Il driver envy24 per la scheda m-audio purtroppo non funziona più e anche App sore e iCloud continuano ahimè a non funzionare.
  6. RedEG6

    updating to 10.7.5

    i would definitely call my 10.7.3 Lion OSx86 install perfect (well some minor cosmetic glitches which can be overlooked). everything is working as it should. i'm tempted to update to 10.7.5. is it necessary? if so, any precautions i should take and/or files/folders to backup in case everything goes to hell after the update? thanks!
  7. ok so i followed the guide (http://www.osx86.net...ar-perfect.html) and after running the install i can get into lion, but after install and running step 8-10 after the reboot it wont start, i'll post more detailed information later today, but basically i either get one of two problems, either i get a waiting for root device when i run boot with arch=i386 -v, or arch=i386 rd=disk0 (or 0s2 which is what it says in disk utility after the install), or i get a KP for AppleInterCPUPowermanagement, not sure if its something im doing wrong, basically i can re-install Lion and get back in but cant reboot. the baseimage i used was 10.7.3 not sure if that is causing the problem i havent been able to get my hands on a 10.7 vanilla image. boot flags look correct in com.apple.boot.plist (i think that is right followed from iAtKos) i installed lion again and this time i didn't run through step 8-10 and install chameleon and if i boot using the lionUSBinstaller key and select my lion install it boots no problem! so I'm guessing the issue is with whatever the script does to configure the boot loader/copying files etc..now mind me I'm totally new at this and have zero idea what I'm doing..not sure how to configure so i can boot from the hd instead of using the usb stick installer key, if you need more machine specs let me know can i just install chameleon and then copy the Extra folder, mach_kernel, boot.efi etc.. to the HD from the USB key? i really dont want to have to install Lion again since im on my 8th install so far... i also posted up and tried to get throught as much as i could in the following thread as well for the Inspiron 1525. Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon - OSx86 10.7 (Lion) - InsanelyMac Forum any help would be appreciated since im trying to re-learn how all this works since i havent touched a mac since system 7
  8. Hello to all. These are few considerations and help requests on my hackintosh travelling, when finished I will post it into the guide/tutorials. First of all don't ask me how to do something because I'm really new to hackintosh world (I'm studing it) and surely your questions will end in silent answering. Hope you all don't mind but I'm really just "copying" what I see from other users exp. --- My questions are at last lines of this thread, would you like to help me? --- With this guide I've done a Lion 10.7.3 installation into an ASUS N53SM-S1096V using these kexts<-reference color. I did a dual MBR boot Windows 7 (pre-installed) / Lion 10.7.3 with U{censored} on USB pen drive. Steps (I could make mistakes so keep an eye on updates on this thread) done are: My laptop came with a 750GB HD splitted into 3 partitions: 25GB recovery / 279GB OS Windows / 394GB DATA so I used the DATA partition to Lion. Better if you erase it (NOT the HD!) if you got files into or maybe you would like to shrink it. Create the U{censored} USB pen with Lion installation inside. Copy the Lion MBR patch files on the USB pen drive<-reference color. This patch is exential for the dual MBR boot! Copy the kexts into System/Library/Extentions folder. Keep in mind that I found that this is not the standard use of kexts. (Can't you see it? Google "Terminal show hidden files finder") Copy the others Extra folder's files to the USB's Extra folder. Change BIOS specs. Enable AHCI (default) - Change boot options and select USB (Plug pen drive before turning on the laptop) Save and restart. U{censored} starts, select the pen drive, I've got some errors because I didn't noticed to delete the sound kext. If you got errors use boot flags as written here. I used PCIRootUID=0 -v and everything gone well. (Do NOT use the USB3 port) After a lot of verbose there will be the Lion installation. Please consider to initialize the partition made before in Win7 for Lion -> HFS+ Journaled File System. (How? Look up the toolbar "Instruments|Disk Utility") Install Lion. After restart (Keep the USB pen plugged) select the new Lion partition showed up by U{censored} at boot. It will start the setup which will gone bad because it will say that "Before you begin there is no keyboard connected to your computer. Please connect your keyboard". This is the solution (#This are comments do not type it#): Reboot into U{censored} USB pen drive Lion installation. Look up, toolbar "Terminal" and type cd /Volumes/INSERT-YOUR-LION-DRIVE-NAME/var/db #Press Enter# touch .AppleSetupDone #Press Enter# resetpassword #Press Enter# Will appear a window, select your Lion drive and change root password. [*]Now reboot and at U{censored} boot option screen select the Lion drive (NOT the USB pen) and it will start, log on as root (type "root" as user name) and go to System Preferences and change your username or create a new one. [*]Now you got Lion running! ++++ DSDT ++++ DSDTSE / DSDT Editor ++++ KEXTS ++++ Under Win7: I run DSDTSE and DSDT Editor they worked fine. DSDT has no errors, 10 warnings, 10 remarks and 2080 optimizations under Windows, I'm attaching the extracted DSDT. MY DSDT IS HERE IF YOU WANT TO HELP ME. Under Lion: I run DSDTSE, doesn't work problems on software path. DSDT Editor worked after I installed the Java update for Lion. DSDT has no errors, 10 warnings, 10 remarks and 8 optimizations under Lion. *** CONSIDERATIONS *** Brief list: Overall seems very quick Lion. Trackpad works with the two fingers scrollfeat. Display has high resolution I feel that Lion uses the Intel HD3000 graphic card. *** PROBLEMS *** These are problems added as they come. Network: On System Preferences the Ethernet is enabled and seems functional but when I plugged the RJ45 it is still on "No connection available", not working. Also NO WI-FI. Untested web camera. No soundcard. *** TO DO - QUESTIONS FOR YOU READER *** Understand if above problems can be resolved with the MB{censored}. One day there will be Nvidia 630M support... NO BOOTLOADER YET INSTALLED. I cannot boot without the USB U{censored} pen. How can I install a bootloader, is it possible to do with Chameleon Wizard? Chimera or Chamaleon? Or what? Can somebody help me to understand where is something wrong into DSDT? Why my network cards don't work? UPDATE 1: I decided to reinstall the LION 10.7.3 11D50 with no luck, it sounds very weird to say but I got problems on booting from the U{censored} install, sometimes it runs sometimes it stucks. (Tried with different USB pendrives) Once a time I got it to run and I installed Lion (webcam was working when installation ask me a profile picture!). I couldn't get the trackpad and the keyboard to work so I used USBexternals one. My problem now is that I cannot boot Lion again... While having the "boot=0 error" I restarted the U{censored} installation, in this way I could resolve the boot error thru Terminal but I can't go on. There is something wrong but I don't know where. I'll keep you update as soon as I resolve the issues, best regards guys. UPDATE 2: Finally I arrived to the installation screen but I'm stuck on language selection window as the keyboard and mouse don't work (just the cursor is moving also using external mouse and keyboard don't solve). NOTE: I decide to reinstall Lion because: USB pendrives plugged kernel panic - No wireless networks revealed/sensing - Mic always on causing feedback from speakers. WHAT I'VE DONE SO FAR after the steps posted above in my first post, with this configuration **My laptop came with a 750GB HD splitted into 3 partitions: 25GB recovery / 279GB OS Windows / 394GB DATA so I used the DATA partition to Lion.** : - Installed U{censored} Lion 10.7.3 11D50 on USB pendrives (two for better testing) - Booted with U{censored} original pendrive with flags (-v) get: "Still waiting for root device" - Booted with U{censored} original pendrive with flags (PCIRootUID=0 -v) get: "Still waiting for root device" - Booted with U{censored} original pendrive with flags (PCIRootUID=0 -v UseKernelCache=Yes) get: KernelPanic - Booted with U{censored} original pendrive with flags (PCIRootUID=0 -v -f) get: "Still waiting for root device" - Changed the /Extra content with the files linked on my first post booted U{censored} get: No theme on bootloader just prompt lines with selection options, (-v) run and stuck on language window with no mouse and keyboard. UPDATE 3: QUICK UPDATE:The user Vishwas is woking on it. I stop the work as I'm in need to have a fully working machine for my university courses so I decided to remain with WIN7.* On my calendar I will start again to study DSDT and Kexts editing on July so be patient or try it yourself. I will contact Vishwas to update his results in this thread. Also if you have luck installing Lion on MBR partitions in this laptop please post it here! Stay tuned ;-) THANK YOU ALL! More to come...
  9. hallowman

    intel gma 950 solution

    Hi guys My card is gma 950 (27a2) its working on Lion 10.7.2 , 10.7.3 also works snow leo 10.6.3, 10.6.8 I ve made a tutorial about how to doin it.. hope it helps you
  10. Hello all. I installed the update to version 10.7.3 to iATKOS l2 with this guide: Official iATKOS Forum ? View topic - iATKOS L2 + 10.7.3 update . Everything worked. But after loading the various drivers and kexts looading I see a screen like the image attached, stuck, without giving me the opportunity to continue the installation. Where is the problem? Also starting in verbose you can not understand anything because the problem is after the boot!