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Found 17 results

  1. Version Patched VoodooHDA kext


    ALC888 and ALC888s enabler for MSI motherboards
  2. Version ATHEROS PACK 10.7 - 10.9


    Hola aqui les dejo una solucion que encontre despues de tanto hurgar en internet para poder configurar la tarjeta wi fi de mi laptop en Maverick funciona correctamente espero que sea de ayuda para muchos.
  3. Hi, so I have stock 10.7 which I installed on my amd hackintosh, and the first time it booted, I got a really weird Error...it was like a checkered black and white screen with colorful pixels...I know its my graphics card, but the thing is everything works with GraphicsEnabler=No...my only problem is I only have 3mb of virtual ram, making everything laggy...if anyone can give me suggestions that would be great...but please dumb it down, I'm pretty new at this...thanks guys, I really appreciate it! PS...I know how to install kexts, but they haven't been working...except for crashing the computer, so I gotta go through my installation flash drive to terminal and remove them, but now I'm at a clean install...thanks guys!! Specs: CPU: amd 9600 2.3 GHz Ram: 4gb ddr2 GPU: xfx 8400gs 512mb ddr2 PSU: 650w corsair Mobo: Asus m3a32-mvp deluxe
  4. Hi, I'm having a problem where after loading the kexts, the system just reboots. Like, it just reboots. Without any errors, just a reboot. ? I've tried it with several different kernels and even using retail with?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C27hb_IbLPk?with the same result. I've even tried loading iATKOS L2 with a patched AMD kernel and using N{censored}'s 10.7.3 V2 with a LOT of bootflags. ? EDIT: I remember that N{censored} 10.8.2 works, but I'd prefer having QE/CI. ? Any suggestions? ? Specs: 2GB DDR2 RAM AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+ 2.71GHz NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT
  5. Version 1.0


    All you need to get your 6510b working with Lion 10.7.5 I used the 10.7.2 installer, updated to 10.7.5 So, lets say you install 10.7, you can install 10.7.5 update and apply the pack. Patched DSDT, the Chameleon configuration works fine, I would leave it as it is, running two months without any errors/KP, almost always on. Everything works great, exept sleep, as always, but its possible to get it working, I just never bothered, I don't use sleep anyways, my laptop is always on. This pack includes everything to get it working smoothly. Copy the contents of Extra folder to your Chameleon Extra folder and the S/L/E folder contents to /System/Library/Extensions, replace the anything what already exists, rebuild kext cache and reboot. (After reboot you can remove "Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext" from Extensions folder and rebuild kext cache again, AppleDecrypt.kext does its job now, faster. Can be used on any Lion system.) Backlight also works. WIFI works, I use a different WIFI card than the stock one, Google for 6510b wifi whitelist BIOS and replace the BIOS with the modded one to allow any WIFI card to be used. Graphics work, never freezes, no KP. So this also includes working driver for X3100 (0x2a02), without mouse lag, random freezes or KP's. Extract all the AppleIntel* files and try, should work on any X3100 (But it may require working and tweaked powermanagement/speedstep, witch can be a reason for freezes.) Cheapest and best working hackintosh...hackbook I ever had. (:
  6. I've been trying to boot a Mavericks USB installer I created with MyHack, but the installer crashes?just as the screen is about to change to the grey screen with the apple logo (post log begins and scrolls through a bunch of plist files and/or kext's and then the screen goes black (no shutdown, nothing).? The screen then just sits there completely black with a signal, but no X.
  7. i was having trouble with open gl in lion on gma965 but i got it working perfect. make sure you have not touched/modded original kexts in sys/lib/ext any intel graphics kext if so i suggest fresh install of lion and this solution here is a solution for anyone having trouble take the AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext from any snow leo install s/l/e and overwrite/install it on lion s/l/e use kext wizard. attached is mine from snowleo it worked for me so try it the original lion AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext. save it if you like but not necessary repair perm after with kext wizard reboot with boot flags: arch=i386 -v (so your 32bit) then should work perf accelerated graphics,dvd,perfect AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext.zip
  8. How to Upgrade SL to Lion 10.6.8 to 10.7 now i am installed on my pc snow leopard 10.6.8 but i will upgrade to lion 10.7, but i don't understand starting from where if i start to upgrade i have pc with speck CPU : AMD Athlon X2 +4400 Mobo : Supports AMD Socket AM3/AM2+/AM2: • AMD Phenom FX/Phenom processors • Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 / Sempron processors • Chipset • AMD™ 790GX Chipset + AMD™SB750 Chipset • Hyper Transport Bus • HT 3.0 • Memory • Dual Channel DDR3/DDR2 memory technology • 4 * 240-pin DDR3 DIMM slots & 2 * 240-pin DDR2 DIMM slots • Supports DDR3 1333/1066 non-ECC ,un-buffered memory • Supports DDR2 1066/800 non-ECC ,un-buffered memory • DDR3 Max.8GB, DDR2 Max.4GB, • Expansion Slots • 2 * 32-bit PCI slots • 2 * PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots by 8-LANE • 2 * PCI Express x1 slots • Storage AMD™SB750 Southbridge Chipset : • 6 * Serial ATA2 3Gb/s connectors • Supports HDDs with RAID 0, 1,5,10,JBOD functions • 1 * Ultra DMA 133 / 100 / 66 IDE connector • Audio • Realtek ALC888 HD Audio CODEC with 8-Channel • Ethernet LAN • Realtek RTL8111CVC PCI Express Gigabit LAN for HA08 COMBO • Realtek RTL8111D PCI Express Gigabit LAN for HA08 COMBOD • USB • Embedded 12 * USB 2.0/1.1 • Special Features • Advanced Power Design that supports the latest Socket AM3 CPU • Support* ACPI S3 & CPU Smart FAN & D.I.Y Switch x3 • Rear Panel I / O • 4 * USB 2.0/1.1 ports • 1 * PS/2 mouse port • 1 * PS/2 keyboard port • 1 * VGA port & 1 * DVI port • 1 * Coaxial Out & 1 * Optical Out • 1 * HDMI port • 1 * RJ-45 port • 1 * Audio I / O ports • 1 * e-SATA port • Internal I / O • 4 * USB 2.0/1.1 headers for 8 USB 2.0/1.1 ports • CPU / Chassis Fan connectors • 1 * 8-pin ATX 12V Power connector • 1 * 24-pin ATX Power connector • 1 * COM header & 1 * IR header • CD / AUX Audio in • 1 * Ultra DMA 133 / 100 / 66 IDE connector • 1 * HDMI_SPDIF header • BIOS • AMI 8MB DIP Flash ROM • Form Factor • ATX Form Factor (305x245mm) Grapich : HIS ATI Radeon HD 5450 Memory : 2 GB Sorry My English not good Thanks Regard Baguz
  9. Ok so I've been at this for weeks. I want to dual boot windows 7 and lion on my asus laptop. I partitioned using disk utility 2 partitions, both MBR. Installed SL first, then Lion, then I installed Windows 7. I then flagged my Lion partition as "Active" using terminal and then downloaded a standalone installer package of chameleon, pointed it to my Lion partition, and hit "install." When I reboot my computer, I don't see the chameleon installer, I get a boot0 error. I know this has to do with manually installing that boot file, but that doesn't work either because I can only boot into my U{censored} installer with the flags -v -f -x, and it prevents me from even using a usb mouse, so I can't get into terminal. I've tried everything, and if I manage to get a boot loader onto my Lion partition, I can only click it, and then the apple logo flashes, and it re boots endlessly. I'm starting to think that I can't dual boot because this is getting sickening, any input would be much obliged! PLEASE!
  10. Hello, i am very new to this even though i partly got 10.6 in virtualbox to work. I have a mini itx board from Asus here with a Atom Cpu on board and i want to install 10.7 Lion on it. I could really need it for some work purposes. First of all, is it possible to install Lion on it and second, what do i have to do to get it to work. It is a Asus A3TN7A-I Board with an intel Atom cpu. If someone please could help me with this. Best regards Stephan
  11. I am trying a lot of kext but without success, am I alone with this graphic card? I am tired to use snow leopard... I mean I know this graphic card works very well on 10.6, but I want the 10.7 ati 4650 kext, I tried ati 4xxx kext, and many other kext, but did not work. HELP!
  12. I installed iatkos l2 in gigabyte h61m-usb3-b3 + cpu intel cori3-2100 OSX installed successfully but when reboot the system and set -v switch to bootloader, system freeze at : ITEIT87x: found ITE IT8728F any idea or solution? Thanks
  13. Hello, I want to build a Hackintosh Pro. I would like it to be around $500 - $800, be compatible with 10.7, 10.8 (when it is released) and have decent performance when compared to real Macs. I am thinking of possibly using a AMD processor in since a AMD Lion kernel has been released. I will only do this if a 10.8 kernel will be released and if it is not extremely buggy. I would like it to have firewire and USB 3. (I would like it to have Thunderbolt too but from what I know, there are no PC motherboards that have that feature). I would like the graphics card to be capable of video editing in iMovie and Final Cut. I would like to have a hard drive that is 1.5 TB. I want to buy the components from Amazon.
  14. hi i have a packard bell easynote intel pentium p6200 radeon HD 6650m 4gb ram 64bit. lm and want to boot mac osx 10.5 i have a recovery dvd from my Imac witch bootloader should i use or can i boot 10.7 from a usb stick please help i am so pissed off because i cant buy me a macbook air all i want is mac osx on a laptop please help :(:( ps. a full tut i also accsept
  15. Hello Guys I´ve got a running 10.6.6i (by hazard) on my sony vaio vpcf1. Now i try to install 10.7. I use Iatkos L1 (pci configuration begins) , iatkos l2 (even the same). I´ve tried to boot with iB{censored}, iB{censored}LE , with different bootflags compinations , also npci=0x2000! But nothing else happened as the pci configuration begins problem ! Is a kext needet (do copy to iB{censored} dvd or something else) to make npci=0x2000 works? How can i modifi the iatkos L1,L2 dvd or the iB{censored}(LE) dvd with my kexts (which are working fine with 10.6.6i ) ? Or are there other trouble shooting things i´ve could do? Because nothing that i´ve found by google is working for me. If i update to 10.6.8 there is the same problem (pci configuration begins) I want to use final cut pro X but its runnable as soon as 10.6.7! I hope someone can help me. Thanks and sorry for ma baaaaad english
  16. Hello Forum, I´ve got a question can I install any OS X (10.5-10.7) on my System? My System: AMD Phenom X4 9650 Abit A-N78HD HD 5770 6GB RAM SATA Samsung 500 GB In another forum someone say me, i could use iPC OSX86 10.5.6 So I tested it but before the Installer appears i get the error: nfs_boot_init failure What means that, i am new in the world of mac on Pc. Can someone help me with little tutorial or something else ??? Sorry for my english
  17. hellow people i need help of all of you i want to install mac os x lion 10.7 on my intel based pc my configuration is as follows intel core 2 duo 2.4Ghz (e4600) 2gb+ 1gb ram (667 Mhz) jetway (intel chip set) mother board 320GB seagate sata hard disk 7200rpm ps2 keyboard+mouse sony dvd rom 52x nvidia GT 220 (1 gb )graphics and i have mac lion cd and also have mac's .dmg file so now tell me how can i install mac os on my pc currently i am running windows 7 (32 bit plzz tell me thanx in advance
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