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Found 1 result

  1. I have a Lenovo G560, 0679 model with Core i5 450M, Geforce 310M, 4GB RAM, HM55 Nortbridge. It works pretty much perfectly with OS X (10.6.8, all latest updates), with the Kextpack from here and the Synaptics Pack i have pretty much everything working. Only the Ethernet and Webcam (why? wtf? I didn't even install a driver for it!) will not work with x64, but i386 is all dandy: WLAN, Ethernet, Webcam, VGA-out, Multimedia-Keys, Brightness/Volume-Keys, Sleep (only with charger unplugged, but i simply unplug it, send it to sleep and plug it back in!), GPU (CI,QE, the works), Powerbutton, reboot etc... I only have these mods to plain vanilla (used iB{censored} to install) - Whitelist BIOS v2.15 (if I ever see the need for faster Broadcom WLAN!) - VoodooHDA2.7.2 (Audio), RealtekR1000.kext (Ethernet), IO80211Family 3.1.2 (WLAN), AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext/ApplePS2Controller (1.1.5) (Touchpad/Keyboard) and VoodooBattery.kext (fixes sleep or shutdown, can't remember) in /S/L/E - FakeSMC 3.1.0 rev493, IntelThermal 1.0 (/E/E) oh, and there's Kext_MSRTools.kext in /L/E, dunno how that got there! The only issue is that it disconnects USB-devices when it goes to sleep, but i think that's a hardware issue, since Windows 7 also does that (i have perfect triple boot with Ubuntu 11.10, took me some work to get there! ;-) ...and also Speedstep does not work. I just noticed this because I ran Cinebench/Geekbench on Windows and OSX and the OSX result is less than half! Everything in OSX tells me I have a 2.4 GHz Core i5, just like it's supposed to be, but apparently in reality it constantly runs at the lowest Speedstep setting (1.2 GHz from what I gathered), not speed-cycling at all! The Bus MHz is reported wrong in most tools (not anymore in Apples CPU prefpane since I upgraded Chameleon to the latest 2.1), CPU-X tells me the CPU's Code Name is "Unknown" and that it sits in a Socket 778 (it's PGA988), it also tells me the multiplier is x0.0 (i have set busratio=18 in the bootflags!) and the bus Speed is 8450 MHz, while the FSB is 33800 MHz. Also, apparently it can run 16 Threads on its 2 cores! ;-) In the system log AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement says the Turbo Bus Ratio is 0000.. The P/C-States in SMC Profiler look fine (MHz is good, Potency is all 0, Transition/Bus Master latency is all 10, PERF_CTL and PERF_STATE contain varying values for the individual states - Is that supposed to look like that? So how do I get Speedstep working? I've searched and read around a lot and I don't know which path I should take, there's all kinds of approaches: Patching the DSDT? How would I go about that, I have no clue, I just took the DSDT from the Kextpack above (which might have been from a slightly different machine!). I do have DSDTSE here to edit and generate my own DSDTs... Or patching AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement? If yes: How??? Or would VoodooPstate.kext, VoodooPower.kext or VoodooPowerMini.kext be a better approach? I did try installing VoodooPstate.kext, but the VoodooPstate controller (and System Profiler) say it's not loaded... And what about the IntelThermal-Plugin from FakeSMC? Can I modify this to give me Speedstep? I'm willing to work hard to get this one 100% running, and I'm *that* close!.. Would be great if any of the skilled people could help me by just telling me HOW... <:-) Thanks in advance (in general to everyone here bringing OSX to regular PCs! ;-).. Okay, I just checked, MSRtools installs the Kext_MSRTools.kext into /L/E MSRtools btw reports the MHz correctly as 1.2GHz (current and doesn't change ever, max. is listed as 2.4GHz) the other stuff it says: Speedstep: on TM1: on TM2: off Threshold, FORCEPR#, Out of spec, Custom Trigger 0/1: Not Tripped Tj Max Guess: 100 Celsius, Core Temp TjMax - varies Trigger0/1 Temp: TjMax - 0.0 (100.0 guess) Manual Throttle: Disabled 50.0% Target Mult: 0.0, Target Voltage: 0.2V Actual Mult: 0.0 Actual Voltage 0.844V
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