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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I've just installed Mountain Lion (iAtkos ML2) on my Acer Aspire 5732Z laptop, which uses a ATI HD 4570 graphic card (512Mb). All functions run so good except the graphics. Mac doesn't recognise it, and I don't have QE/CI, so the system go 'slow', and things like LaunchPad, or watch a HD video on Youtube are a problem. I have been looking for a kext for ML but I don't find anything, only one, but you need to connect a external monitor, and this is a problem because I use my laptop out of my home. If you could help me ^^
  2. Hi! I've Mavericks on my laptop by using N{censored} distro. Everything is OK except Graphics Acceleration and SpeedStep from CPU (is running 2,20Ghz all the time and it waste a lot of energy). I've read that it solves configuring the DSDT, but all tutorials are so technical and I don't understand the majority of words (also I'm Spanish, so I don't speak English completely). If you could help me, I would be very pleased.? My hardware: Acer Mainboard (Aspire 5732Z) Intel Core 2 Duo T4400 2,20Ghz 4Gb RAM DDR3 ATI HD4570 ?
  3. My system: Dell Studio 1558 Intel Core i5 430m 4GB DDR3 RAM Dell Mini 1501 (Broadcomm rebranded) - WLAN Realtek RT8XXX LAN IDT Audio What's working?: Network(Ethernet + WLAN), QE/CE with my graphics card, audio, DVD drive, touchpad, keyboard, basically everything I use(Chrome, Photoshop, PHPStorm, MAMP,...). Installation guide: 1) Download and burn Nawcom's Boot CD to a DVD/CD. 2) Download Hazard 10.6.6i and burn it to a DVD 3) In BIOS perform the necessary changes (AHCI) 4) Insert from the Nawcom's boot CD, now eject and put the Hazard DVD in the drive. Type -v to boot in Verbose mode. If you get an error(/Kernel Panic) try booting in safe mode by typing -v -x. 4,5) The Hazard DVD should recognise multiple devices (touchpad, audio, keyboard, LAN, WLAN) and should already tick them @ customize screen 5) Open disk utility and install on a new partition(I used Master Boot Record MBR, GUID should work but not confirmed). 6) During installation press Customize and choose as Bootloader Chameleon RC5 and additional option Ethernet Built-in. GraphicsEnabler will be automatically ticked (if not tick it). You should also tick "Aty_init" which is under the graphics section. 7) After installation you should get a "garbage screen" similar to this: If that happens(which it SHOULD it means the driver/kext for your graphics card doesn't work). Easily fixable by following this method (Thanks to Leo90 for posting the method for the Dell 1555): 1) Boot into safemode by using -v -x 2) Under /System/Library/Extensions delete Atiframebuffer.kext and Ati4600controller.kext 3) Install Atiframebuffer.kext and Ati4600controller.kext that I have posted below 4) Repair permissions with the osx86 Tool or any other kext installer 5) Go to / and delete the "boot" file. Replace it with the "boot" in the archive 6) Open /Extra and paste com.apple.boot.plist and Smbios.plist that you find in the archive 7) Reboot DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.fileserve.com/file/kgsaBMJ/Dell Studio 15XX.zip http://netload.in/datei5ZUAwm0LYC/Dell Studio 15XX.zip.htm https://rapidshare.com/files/2838564603/Dell Studio 15XX.zip http://www.multiupload.be/T554727P6V PRO's Everything works out of the box(besides the graphics card). CON's You get an ugly Apple logo: Up to the next job: HP Pavilion DV7
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