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Found 7 results

  1. I have everything installed but i can not for the life of me get my 7850 working on Yosemite. No one seem to have done it, and im pretty new to the whole hackintosh thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jacob
  2. Version 10.9


    Kexts for GV-R785OC-1GD which is Gigabyte 7850 OC 1GB. Install kexts using Kext Utility. Edit your DSDT and using the provided txt file. This guide will get you started: http://rampagedev.wordpress.com/guides/inject-your-amdati-graphic-card-into-a-dsdt/ Add DTGP method at the top of your DSDT otherwise it will not be found. Search Google for "DTGP does not exist". Change the name of the device you added the GFX0 and HDAU to from whatever it is (mine was PCE2) to PEGP (Find/Replace All). Compile and save DSDT to /Extra. If you want HDMI audio, install a patched AppleHDA for one of the ALC codecs. Boot with GraphicsEnabler=No If audio is choppy on AMD systems, open terminal and type "yes > /dev/null" and press enter. Leave terminal open and audio should be working fine. There may be other ways of doing this. Please leave feedback as to whether this works or does not work for you. I have not plugged into the DVI port yet so let me know.
  3. Доброго в?ем времени ?уток. Реб?та помогите ? такой ?итуацией.? У мен? Radeon Gigabyte?7850. ?е?колько обновлений 10.9.2 - 10.9.3 в?е было ок. У?корение работало ? флагами GE=No и ATIRadeonAcceleration.kext. По?ле ?ледующего обновлени? в?е ?летело. Самое мак?имум могу запу?тить без у?корени? графики. Подключение: карта DVI -> монитор HDMI. В некоторых ?луча?х либо черный ?кран (например GE=Yes). Либо ?ерый ?кран и мышь ? вечной загрузкой (вме?то логин ?крин). Говор?т ? новым обновлением 7850 нативно поддерживат??. ?о чет у мен? не так. Причем в ?ведени?х об оборудовании пишет?? что кек? загружен и карта определена но флаг sync вы?тавлен в no. ? Конфиг? Проце??ор: AMD FX 8350 Видеокарта: Gigabyte ATI 7850 Мат. плата Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Пам?ть Kingston DDR3-1600 - 8gb Же?ткий ди?к - SSD Intel 50gb ? Буду благодарен любой под?казке.
  4. Hi I have?powercolor radeon hd 7850 2gb and can´t get working in 10.8.4 can someone help pls?
  5. Alright, so I just installed OS X Mavericks (version 10.9) today after I had to wipe my computer a few weeks ago. I had previously gotten the kext to load for the Radeon HD 7850, but after I wiped my computer, it doesn't work anymore. I have tried adding in my device ID to AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext and ATI7000Controller.kext. I am booting with GraphicsEnabler=No (this is default). The kexts I have installed are: ? AMDSupport.kext - version: 1.20.11 - loaded: yes - dependencies: satisfied ? ATI7000Controller.kext - version: 8.10.44 - loaded: no - dependencies: incomplete (kexts loaded for these libraries are not compatible with the requested version: com.apple.kext.AMDSupport) ? AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext - version: 1.6.37 - loaded: no - dependencies: satisfied ? AMDFrameBuffer.kext - version: 1.14.21 - loaded: no - dependencies: incomplete?(kexts loaded for these libraries are not compatible with the requested version: com.apple.kext.AMDSupport) ? GPU Info: ? Bus: PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 3 MB (should be 1 GB) Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x6819 Revision ID: 0x0000 Kernel Extension Info: No kext loaded ? System Info: ? Motherboard: Biostar TA970 CPU: AMD FX-6300 GPU: XFX Radeon HD 7850 Ghost Edition 1 GB
  6. Hello all! Please help me with my problem. After last updates of 10.9.3 system was broke, couse ATIRadeonAcellerator.kext is out of date.? I restored original kext and losted acceleration. I use different flag, such as GE=N/Y and without them. People said that no need more special flags for 7580 after last update becouse 7850 supported natively. But maybe i'm doing something wrong. So help me please. I use DVI(card) -> HDMI(monitor) ? Here is my config AMD FX 8350 Gigabyte ATI 7850 Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Kingston DDR3-1600 - 8gb ?SSD Intel 50gb
  7. Version 2.0


    Install these two kexts to get full support of your AMD 7850! (AMD7000Controller.kext, AMDRadeonX4000.kext) Works great on Mavericks, Lion not tested. Please give some feedback, if you succeed!
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