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Found 7 results

  1. Hola! ? Acabo de realizar en mi hackintosh una instalación limpia de Yosemite y posteriormente la he actualizado a la última versión 10.10.5 cambiando el kernel por el correspondiente a esa versión y todo funciona correctamente como esperaba, pero tengo un ligero problema... ? Mi tarjeta gráfica es la?Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 WindForce 3X OC 4GB DDR5?(conectada por HDMI)?y desde la versión 10.10 hasta la 10.10.4 no he tenido ningún problema con ella, pero en la 10.10.5 estoy sufriendo con un pequeño fallo. ? Tengo la última versión del NVIDIA Web Driver instalado y los gráficos aparentemente funcionan de diez, el problema viene cuando abro alguna aplicación como Firefox, MB{censored}, Finder, lo que sea, da igual, que se me lagea un poco, es difícil de explicar... se queda congelado, como entre 10 y 15 segundos -unas veces más, otras menos- y luego vuelve a la normalidad... Es MUY molesto.? ? Al principio pensé que podía ser algo relacionado con el kernel, pero he probado unos cuantos y todos funcionan a la perfección excepto por el problema que os acabo de describir, que no desaparece con ninguno de ellos, con lo cual descarto que el kernel tenga la culpa. ? También he probado cambiando el SMBIOS de MacPro 3,1 a iMac 14,2 por ejemplo, pero tampoco ha funcionado. ? Estoy utilizando Chameleon como bootloader y los argumentos: -v npci=0x2000 nvda_drv=1 kext-dev-mode=1 dart=0 debug=8 (creo que no me olvido de ninguno)?y he probado otros como por ej. GraphicsEnabler=No (no tuvo absolutamente ningún efecto, así que lo eliminé). ? No sé qué más puedo deciros, eso es todo lo que sé. Ojalá podáis ayudarme! ? Salu2! ? ?
  2. I'm using Rc7 10.9 kernel on my AMD FX-4100. ? My question is how AMD kernel handle virtual machines? ? OS X virtual machine applications i.e Parallels or VMware are designed to use Intel virtual machine commands VT-x. However, AMD comes with a different virtualization technology, AMD-V. ? Should above applications still work on AMD hackintosh? Has anyone tried any virtual machines on AMD hackintosh?
  3. Hello, ? I bought a new pc, didn't want it initially for hackintosh, so I didn't check for compatibility. But now I am interested in installing it. ? I've found a kernel for my cpu, and a kext for my sound card, but I have trouble finding anything for my gpu. ? My hardware: ? CPU: AMD FX 6300 ( 6 cores ) ? GPU: ATI Radeon HD7790 2GB ? Disk: SanDisk 128GB SSD ? Sound: VIA VT2020/VT2021 ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Version 10.9


    amd fx 6300 vs nvdia GT 630 work / AMD FX kerneli nVidia ekran kartlarını destekler... tnx [bronya - Sinetek - Anv] Rc7 10.9 kernel LuxMark 2.1 Test İntel i7 3820 --------> other Testresults ------> LuxMark 2.1 Download ------> Bonus ---> wallpaper OsX 10.9 vs Win 8.1 AMD FX pc http://youtu.be/14oXFMIzd_s What's new = https://www.facebook.com/sufi.semerkand
  5. I have tried to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my AMD system, but no luck. Everytime I try to boot the Install DVD a get a kernel panic. I used iAtkos S3 v2 and Hazard 10.6.6i. My system: Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 (Capable of EFI and BIOS) CPU: AMD FX 4100 (4x 4.4Ghz) RAM: 12GB DDR3 1333 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6450 from Sapphire with 1GB of RAM Please help:(
  6. Hi, This is not really a guide literally, actually this is a success story. But I've named it as some people may google it n find it useful. As I've googled for this n landed on irrelevant posts. I'm not a developer/hacker/anything close to it. I'm a musician and I know the hardcore details of a operating system is almost 'limit tense to ZERO'. I usually be online very rarely. My hackintosh performing superb (rock solid), thanks to osx86.net, Nawcom, Iatkos, Chamelion, Apple and many other communities and people for their valuable downloads and posts. 1. My hardware, a. Processor - AMD FX 6100 (Socket AM3+) b. Motherboard - ASUS M5A78L-M-LE (780G Chipset) [update 9/5/2013: Successful on motherboard ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3] c. RAM - 4GB DDR3 (1600,corsair) d. Graphics - ATI Radeon HD 5450 (PCIe, 1GB VRAM) [update 9/5/2013: Successful with ATI Radeon 6450 (1GB) and ATI Radeon 6670 (2GB)] e. 500GB Segate HDD n Samsung SATA DVD RW 2. OS Used, Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 (may be 10.6.0) retail DVD 10.6.8 Combo update downloaded from Apple support 3. What've I used (Hackintosh/osx86 things) to install it, a. Nawcom's mod CD (an older version, Probably 0.3.2) b. Iatkos S3 V2 10.6.3 installation disc c. Chamelion wizard d. Chamelion v2.0 rc4 r684 bootloader e. Nawcom's legacy kernel Installer 10.8 all of these available in here at osx86.net, f. GParted live CD (A small linux distro for partitioning) 4. What I've done, I'll first describe the final successful procedure, then I'll discuss about previous stumbles. a. BIOS Setting: i. legacy support for USB=Enable and Speed=Full Speed ii. Boot priority DVD first then HDD iii.SATA controller mode AHCI for all ports iv.CPU unlocker mode=Disabled v. CPU core = 6core on manually. b. Deleted all partition using GParted live CD. c. Installed OS X 10.6 using modbin_kernel from Nawcom's mod cd [code "rd(0,0)/Extra/modbin_kernel"] d. Swapped the installer DVD with iAtkos S3 V2 DVD during reboot waited for chamelion screen and pressed F8 on it chosen boot from Hard disc installation and completed installation by filling form. d. Updated using 10.6.8 combo offline installer downloaded from apple support (DO NOT REBOOT otherwise you never can boot it again) e. Installed Chamellion v2.0 rc4 r684 using Chamellion wizard, this is the only successful bootloader for my system, Newer not compatible.I've tried 23 bootloader, 16 of which are chamelion but only 1 succeeded, this is the bootloader used in iAtkos DVD thats why I've to boot it with iAtkos instead of Nawcom after installation. f. Installed nawcom's legacy kernel 10.8 package for osx 10.6.8 g. Crossed fingers n Rebooted. Hooray! I'm on a desktop of OS X 10.6.8 Mac Pro. All components working smooth no kernel panic no-nothing wrong, just recognised cpu as unknown which I do not care about. All other Mac Professional Softwares running smoothly no problem at all.
  7. Ok, here are my specs: AMD FX-4100 CPU Asus M5A78L-M LX Plus Motherboard 8GB DDR3 Ram (2x 4GB) ATI Radeon 5670 1GB DDR5 GPU 1TB WD Hard drive I can't seem to get Snow Leopard to work. I can install it with the retail disc and Nawcom's Mod CD, but I can't get it to actually start. The furthest I've been able to get is the apple boot logo and then it restarts. I've followed different instructions on various forums and nothing seems to be working. I've also tried iAtkos and Hazard and those won't even install. I've set the BIOS to S1, disable C1, set the SATA controller to AHCI and I've also tried IDE. I've tried removing 4GB of RAM and various other settings and still nothing. I've tried various switches as well, including -v -f maxmem=2048 busratio=18 busratio=20 arch=i386 and still nothing. If anybody has any other suggestions, I would be very grateful! Thanks!
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