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Found 2 results

  1. amigo1010


    Version 2.3 svn r2437


    2436. Update pkg resource file and remove duplicated check. 2434. sync from offial SVN 2401. Fix mistake with CPU's Bus-ratio 2398. revert Acpi Patcher as for 2380, New CPUID 2395. nVidia, Intel Haswell and Ati IDs update. 2394. Add LZVN support 2391. Minor typo correct. 2390. nVidia and Intel gfx IDs update. Update languages. Apply patch: (Credits to Thomas Jansen aka tja) - Reading options from all devices during boot. The options for the boot menu are only read from the devices rd(0,0) or bt(0,0). Consequently, boot menu options (e.g. "Quiet Boot", "Timeout", etc.) in plists on other devices (like most users have) are ignored. This patch extends the list of paths to search for the options plist on all devices that can be found. Loading custom ECDT.aml, Darwin version string printing, clean boot-args, change firmware rev. to real Mac (0x0001000a), added kernel-compatibility, boot-file, boot-args, machine-signature, random-seed DT properties & some minor changes. Updated Gfx IDs. Fix error introduced with rev 2327. Add lzss compression. Merge latest Bungo's SMBIOS improvements. Typos... General updates fix and improvements by ErmaC Apply SMBIOS change by Bungo Implements and bug fix by Bit Shoveler (chucko) Fix ability to read hard-linked files on HFS partitions by meklort Update KernelPatcher Module, fix issue http://forge.voodooprojects.org/p/chameleon/issues/353/ http://forge.voodooprojects.org/p/chameleon/issues/355/ Apply zenith432 patch (Load drivers from /Library/Extensions when using '-f' with OS 10.9) http://forge.voodooprojects.org/p/chameleon/issues/352 revert changes in commit 2211 for device.c. Embedded the HDAEnabler injector from module. Add from Enoch, IVY Bridge and Haswell gfx cards support Update from 2254 to 2255 (-Added Skip flags key for GraphicsEnabler.) Update from 2248 to 2254 (- Revert back commit 2211.- Switch defined processor name to match xnu kernel name (issue 344).- Update ATi and nVidia card list.- Merge Geoff Seeley patch (Issue 59).) Update from 2246 to 2248 (- Fix issue 342 booting x86 after rev.2175 (Credits to Mario, Alex and Leon). - Add new CPU Model IDs.- General code cleanup.) Update from 2243 to 2246 (- Add boot support to 10.9 (thx oldnapalm) - Update gui Icons OS detection (ErmaC)- Update default theme Icon set (thx BlackOsx)) Update from 2235 to 2243 (- Fix issue for loop in ATI card(missed bracket). - Add Linux GPT Partition Label. - Update Languages) Update from 2234 to 2235 (- Update Nvidia and ATi card list. - Add nvda_drv=1 Kernel Flag to pkg choices list, credits to discover it goes to meklort and Rampage Dev- Update all the pkg languages.) Update from 2233 to 2234 (- Update pkg Languages - Fix menuBVR initialization - Update changelog) Update from 2231 to 2233 (Huge language update. -Add Flag choice for vdt[0] dart=0 thx bcc9 >>url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/282989-vtd0-fault-after-1082-google-hasnt-heard-of-it-any-help<<). Update from 2223 to 2231 (-Updated HDAEnabler module. -Fix invalid pointer into XML parser credits to julianpid). Update from 2203 to 2223 (-Add pre-compiled HDAEnabler module. -Update languages. -Fix Bug in the loop that look for an ATI card. -Fix menuBVR initialization problem. -Extension without kPropOSBundleRequired). Added revision 2203.
  2. Version 2.2 svn r2266


    Chameleon 2.2 svn r2266 Changelog: http://forge.voodoop...e/changes/HEAD/ Tested & Uploaded by: KemalALKIN - Gaziantep in Turkey
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