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Found 9 results

  1. Hello guys. I have recently installed OS X on my AMD PC. I used iATKOS S3 v2 and mostly all is working fine. But I have a serious issue. Whenever I insert a DVD or CD into the disk tray, OS X does not mount it. I went to Disk Utility and the disk is listed there, but it cannot be mounted onto the desktop which means I can't open it. Also, I can only boot in safe mode. If I don't type "-x", it just completely restarts the entire system. Should I try to re install OS X (again...)? I also believe I selected the correct drivers and kexts in the customization screen during the OS X installation. Please help. Thank you!
  2. Ciao ragazzi ho un gravissimo problema!!! Dopo l'installazione di N{censored} 10.7.3 v2 sul mio Pc AMD Radeon, al primo avvio di OSX 10.7.3 ottengo un Kernel Panic (ho lasciato lo screenshot a fine post). Quindi faccio il boot da DVD con inserita una chiavetta usb con dentro un altro bootloadere (questo metodo è consigliato dalla guida ufficiale di N{censored}). Infatti Mac OS X si abbia anche se con alcuni problemi (touchpad e alcuni tasti della tastiera non funzionano). Se poi provo a spegnere e poi riavviare il pc riottengo il solito Kernel Panic (anche con DVD e chiavetta usb inseriti nel computer). Avete qualche soluzione ragazzi???
  3. The problem is that Mac OS X didn't recondite any dvd connected. The DVD is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4167B ATA and its working with Windows 7 and XP. I thing its missing kext . Please help and correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. anyone here me to help out how to replace kext in dvd or .dmg image please help if you know
  5. I installed lion using this dvd previously with few issues (but had to use hackboot to boot to disc otherwise it hung at pci configuration begin phase) and my trackpad and keyboard worked fine then. Now when i boot, my trackpad doesn't work and my keyboard still works. When i boot to my lion install it complains about no USB keyboard, luckily i had one but it doesn't recognize trackpad. I tried installing a kext to system/library/extensions for trackpad (ps/2) support and i fixed permissions using disc utility, but to no avail. I used these kexts: updated Trackpad+Keyboard PS2 32/64 - Downloads - OSx86.net How can i get lion to recognize my trackpad in install dvd like it once did (what boot flags could i use) and how can i get trackpad support on the os installed on hdd?
  6. Hello everyone, I am trying to install iAtkos L2 but I am having some problems doing so. In my BIOS I set the boot priority to DvD Drive, Hard Drive, USB. When I put the DvD in it just skipped over it and booted from the Hard Drive. So I thought I did something wrong in the BIOS. I went back into the BIOS and everything looked fine. Then I set it so it only has the option to boot from the DvD Drive. At this point I got an error message saying there was no bootable media. Then I booted back into windows 7 after changing back the boot priority and open the DvD to look at the files inside. I only saw one file which was normal. I had seen the same thing with my Snow Leopard DvD that is now broken and that booted fine and I tried to install Snow Leopard. That was some time ago so I thought maybe the DvD Drive is broken. I then tried to boot with Ubuntu Live DvD and that worked fine. I don't know what is wrong. I burned the the iAtkos DvD using TransMac and a blank 4.7 DvD I read online that is how you should do it. I do not have any DvD left to try burning it again and my other hackintosh partition I reformatted to put Lion on. So I do not have access to another Mac OSX machine. I really don't know what is wrong, has anyone else had this problem. Is there a way to use my 16GB flash Drive to put iAtkos on there without a mac os? Could I use a virtual machine and put iAtkos on there and use that to put iAtkos on my USB? Could I even use linux to put iAtkos on a USB? If so can anyone give me a tutorial on how to do this? What would be easier to put iAtkos on a Virtual Machine and then put iAtkos on my USB( if possible) Or install Linux and out iAtkos on a USB that way?( If possible) If I can do any of those I really need a tutorial for the easier one. And Do I have any other options? My System Specs are: Intel Core i3 2120 2nd Generation. MSI H61M-P20 (G3) Motherboard Nvidia Geforce GTX 550Ti. 320 GB SATA HDD @ 7200 RPM
  7. hi guys, I'm new to hackintosh, I have downloaded 'MAC OS X LION 10.7.4 Installesd.dmg' from torrent. I don't know how to install it on my PC ,which already have Windows XP + Windows 7 dual boot. I want to triple boot ( XP+ 7 + Lion). Is it possible? My system specs are:- Intel Pentium 4 (model-506),2.66 GHz. SSE 1,2,3 Compatible. Mother board:- Intel D945GCNL. RAM:- 2Gb DDR2. Graphic Card :- Radeon HD 5450 DDR3. HDD :- 500Gb(for Win7) + 320Gb(for XP) ( I don't have any MAC)
  8. Can anyone explain the process of using NAWCOM via a USB to boot into a retail USB snow leopard burned DMG. I have all the essential files and images. I just need an explanation as to how i would go about this via using USB (my optical drive is broke) thansk in advance. Please be very specific.
  9. ibr4him

    Hd 6850

    Hi, Although Sapphire HD 6850 works OOB, but the apps (Geekbench, DVD Player) crash! I understand it might've been asked and answered before but I have now spent days on this and other forums searching for a working solution, but no luck still. I'd really appreciate if someone with the same card and/or willingness to help can chime in and post some/all possible solutions. I'm sure it'll help many others like me. Thanks heaps!
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