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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, after lots of test, I finally got my speed fan on my laptop with this code: ? ? ? Device (SMCD)? ? {? ? ? ? Name (_HID, "FAN00000")? ? ? ? Name (TACH, Package (0x02)? ? ? ? {? ? ? ? ? ? "System Fan",?? ? ? ? ? ? "FAN0"? ? ? ? })? ? ? ? Method (FAN0, 1, Serialized)? ? ? ? {? ? ? ? ? ? Store (\_TZ.RFAN (Arg0), Local0)? ? ? ? ? ? Return (Local0)? ? ? ? }?but the problem is it show value arround 26 to 32 rpm, how can I fix it?
  2. Hi guys I have a full working installation of Lion 10.7.2 except for 3 problems... 1) My computer It's always VERY HOT!!! Also with very light apps,and I can't modify fan speed...I think It's a DSDT problem... 2)I have a full graphic resolution with QE/CI and translucent effects but everytime I try to play 3D games they freeze or crash... 3) If I try to update to another version of Lion (10.7.4/5) or Mountain Lion my graphic card is no more recognized and I can only have full resolution without QE/CI Please help me solve these problems I'm going crazy :'(
  3. Hello. I'm running ML2 iAtkos release updated on 10.8.4, everything is working great, except the fan of my GPU Gigabyte HD6850 which is always running @75%, it's very loud!! I flashed the GPU card BIOS to fix the fan speed with EBE on Win7, but it has no impact, the fan still turning @75%... Have you ever heard about such a problem? Is there a way to fix it? Many thanks.
  4. Hello, I have recently got my hackintosh laptop running and pieced everything together besides my fan issue. When starting the laptop the fan kicks on during the boot process and never stops. I have tried numberous things involving the SSDT and DSDT even boot strings. Non have seemed to matter and it is probably because I have no idea what I'm doing. I would really appreciate some assistance on getting my fan working normally. My laptop is a Dell Vostro 3450 The laptop is running 10.8 The only specs I know off the top of my head Intel HM67 chipset Intel i5 processor Intel HD graphics 3000 8gb RAM 500gb HDD If anybody needs further details or have questions please feel free to ask. I'd love to have this issue revolved so I can begin to use my laptop to its fullest.
  5. My laptop is Dell N5110-i3, I have installed 10.7.2. Video, audio, networking are all working. But whenever I boot it up, the fan is working at maximum level, getting so noisy and the temp gets so hot. What's wrong?
  6. Hello everyone. Case and CPU fan in my System run at 100% - is there any way to control fan speed by software/BIOS? I've found some Apps for fan control, but none compatible with PC hardware it seems.
  7. Hi @ all, i have installed 10.7 and my CPU-Fan runs with 100%. On my 10.6.x this no Problem. Anyone an idea how i could fix this? My Hardware: GA-Ep43 DS3L Intel QuadCore 8 GB GeForce 9600GT ASUS WLan
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